Wanna Hear a Secret?

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Well, do you?

Have you ever had someone ask you this?

If so, you probably also know that the person usually says, “promise not to tell?” So, let’s start over…

Wanna know a secret?

Will you promise to tell everybody?

(Woops, this secret must be a special one, because you need to tell it to everybody!)

OK, are you ready?  Here comes the secret:

Jesus died for you, so that by His death you might live… forever.  He died so that you can be at peace with God and live a joy-filled life through good times and bad.  He will walk with you, he will comfort you and He will guide you by His Word…

BUT: There’s a catch!

You have to respond to this in faith… and tell everybody.

So, here’s a new question…

Who will you tell next?

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