Dreams 2

How is it possible to have dreams that are so real and I have had so many. Could they be real? Just in a world, we can only access through our dreams. Quantum theory says that for each decision we make another reality is formed, taking the opposite choice, but to me that is still to limiting. I have been at the command of a rebel force that used tigers and triceratops as mounts. I have flown through the air without anything but my will. I have flown in space in a ship and battled other vessels in the blackness. I have made love to women that loved me in return, but I have usually never known them in my waking world.

The last women I dreamt of had short light brown hair. Her soft skin felt so real. Holding here slim form was as if she was right there with me at that very moment in the real world, but she was not. Our discussions had meaning that had shown events had happened in the past between her and I. The room we were in was familiar and yet I have never been there. Additionally, I do not know any slim women with short light brown hair.

I have felt a knife being buried into me back as I felt the presence of the blade within me. This took place when I was a child, not a man. By the way, I have never been stabbed.

I have witnessed the flash of a nuclear bomb exploding and then dying within its blast wave. I have seen tornadoes many of them all at the same time devastating fields and towns and then within a few days tornadoes hit actual places in the waking world.

Along these lines, once when I was a child I dreamt I was on the school playground. I was walking along the concrete curb when I slipped. As I looked down, I saw a shiny black volcanic glass rock. I picked it up and looked at it then looked up at the saddle back of the mountains that my school and home were next too. The next day this actually happened for real and as it did, I remembered my dream from the night before. Talk about deja vu.

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