Month: September 2014

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Found

A new day arises. The unimaginable happened. I must remember my own words that no man is meant to be alone and that this life is only a test for the real life that is to come. A life that will last billions upon billions of years as is promised within the Bible.
Why I say this is? I am 54. In a temporal life, some would call that old, but as I just stated we are to live billions of years so being 54 is nothing to a lifetime of wonder as a servant of God.
Now I have found that which I have sought often since I was a teenager. This time I sought it God’s way, not mine and so I know it is blessed and will last forever.

We are taught by Jesus that….

We are instructed not to gossip or even look toward people with maliciousness in their hearts.
You should not covet that which belongs to someone else nor steal it just because you do.
We should not live a filthy depraved life nor enter into adultery nor visit those that see their bodies.
We are told not to lie nor tell falsehoods for personal or political gain.
We are told not to be come foolish in our ways allowing others to tell us what is right and wrong for that can only be found within the Bible.
Nor are we to think we are better than anyone for this attitude could lead to murder and wonton killing.
Most important is not to use derogatory language and never to use the Lord’s name in vain.
Will me falter and fall? Yes
Will we make mistakes? Yes
Nevertheless, if we strive not to do so the better for not only us but also those who witness our actions and see that we strive to do good, and we do so for God.

Mark Chapter 7
20 And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man.
21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,
22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:
23 All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.

The empty pew

The pews are empty more and more. Sin rises. Corruption is now called good.
How can this be?
For those that can change this sit silent, raising up prayers asking God to show His glory.
They comment to themselves yet make no effort to stop it out of fear of offending those that offend God.
Would you let a bully continue to berate your child? Would you stand by and let someone murder or rape your daughter or wife?
Yet it is this same type of mentality that exist unchallenged against your church, and your God.
He left us in control of our fates and in so the fate of His church. For the church is of God and those within are the Body of Christ on earth.
If you sit and do nothing you think God is nothing and humans are more powerful than the God the creator of humans.


There was nothing but God. So God decided to create something. He thought upon it and so created a vast universe, filled with masses of different sizes spread throughout it. They were dead and devoid of anything save rock and ice.
Then He lit some of these masses and filled the universe with light called stars. This in turn created greater gravitational pulls within them that caused nearby large masses to start and orbit the newly formed suns.
And the suns heated these planets and so the ice melted and created atmospheres and water, upon some of these planets. It also causes the water to settle into low places upon these planets and land became exposed to the newly formed air. As a result, vegetation began to grow due to the fresh clean air and rains to allow them to grow.
Then God causes other masses to draw near some planets. They too began to orbit, but not about the sun, but the planets themselves. As a result, some of the planets shift slightly due to their moons and the temperature begins to shift allowing seasons to occur, which causes the plants to develop growing cycles.
Then live appeared in the oceans, and soon after many creatures left the water and lived upon the land and flew through the air.
Then God created man.

This is the first twenty-five verses of the Bible, in my interpretation of it. Surprisingly this is how many of those in science say life came to be. None on earth at this time was alive to confirm or deny these facts within the Bible.
At one time people thought the world was flat. At one time people thought the earth was the center of the universe.
We now know we are on a planet that circles a sun. One sun out of billions in a universe so vast that earth is smaller than a grain of sand within it in for comparison.
When people limit God solely to this planet they limit Him to smaller then that very grain of sand found upon the beaches of the very oceans He created. We should humble ourselves and feel the honor that He has bestowed upon us for decided to create us, for we are less than a cell within the body of an ant, which He also created.
Do not limit God; glorify how truly great He is. To do this you need to live the life He desires us to live. A life that follows the rules and laws He has set forth for us to follow within the Bible.

The fall of the United States (when Christians support those that defy the teaching of the Bible or do not bother to vote at all)

All you need do is look back into history and you will see that history truly does repeat itself. In Roman, the senate was originally formed but those who represent groups with the society. This in time changed to those that had the most power and influence. Then ultimately to an emperor or as we would call it today a dictatorship. This was one problem.
Then we had the common people fall into decadence and hedonism. Those things, which the Bible call a sin, became the common place and accepted within Roman society.
Then there was the Coliseum. A place where gladiators fought to entertain and distract the populous. This then led to complacency, which allowed the Roman Army, once the best in the world, to degrade and fall apart.
This allowed outside powers to become emboldened to act to the point that they captured the city of Roman itself. Then the once great nation splintered and fell apart and the world entered into the dark-ages.
If you look about you. You will see the nation of the United States following the exact same pattern. It is something that does not need to take place. It is something that those with true power can be address. By the way, I do not mean the government.
This nation was formed for the people, and BY THE PEOPLE. It is those about you that have the power to fix this issue.
The main place that it is done is in the ballet box. You must vote your believes, not what someone says they can do. If they do not support that which is right in the Bible then they do not represent what is good for this nation.
Look not only at the person but also at the group the person ally themselves with.
To me, it is impossible to place the words “Christian” and “Democrat” together. The Democratic party support homosexuality, murder of unborn child, the removal of God from society. All this is opposite what is taught within the Bible.
Therefore, if you support a democrat you are supporting that which is against God. So to me, you really are not Christian.
I will not argue that many that are in office are not worth being there, but who keeps voting for them?
If you say no one is running against that is worth voting for. Run yourself. Trust me I have looked into it, but I am learning that you need to start at the local levels and be young. I am nearing the end of my working years. I do not have the money required to run for office on my own, nor can I get the Republican Party to give me the time of day. If I could get support, trust me I would run, in a heartbeat.
People need to start voting on how a person votes and acts and where they are in their faith. No matter the faith. For if they are closer to God then they are more worthy to run then those that deny Him.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: How do you define dating in today’s world?

Dating has changed so much just since I was in high school in the 1970s. I never truly liked having to pursue someone I was interested in getting know, but it is something that had to be done, for God made it plain that Adam should not be alone and thus made Eve.
In the ‘70s you had schools to get to meet someone or events. Now we have internet dating sites or even matchmaking services. You have a profile that someone reads, your picture for him or her to look at. Then the courage needed to type a message saying, “Hey you want to chat” or something like that.
Then you chat, through either e-mails or instant messaging, or texting each other on your phones. You get a feeling on how that person thinks feels and believes. Then you talk on the phone and see how each other sounds responds in a one on one conversation and see if they hold up.
Then you meet in person for the first time. Is this a first date? I mean really. Think on that. What if you felt really comfortable with the person you had been chatting with? What if to you they were beautiful or handsome in the picture they had presented for the world to see?
You meet them in person and they are looking great to you. You enjoy a drink, or a meal, or a walk in park or mall. Is this really the first date? You feel you know them. You enjoy their company. You see nothing negative. You see they have been honest with you and they see you have been honest with them. Is this really the first date?
In the movie “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne. He is an Americanized Irishman that is confronted with the dating practices of rural Ireland at the time the movie is made in the 1930s. In the movie they list different events that will take place a month at a time, but it all boiled down to seeing if you were compatible. Meaning shared the same likes, enjoyed the company of the other person, and mainly if you see God’s hand was present in the match between you.
Now days all that should truly matter is God’s approval. I can honestly say that was not present in my previous long-term relationships. The first time due to both being too young. The second due to deception taking place from the other side.
I guess it really does not matter what you call a first date, but I can say it is best not to rush. Why? To avoid the chance of deception. It is also important to be very honest. However, this brings up a point. How can you check the honestly of someone? I do not even have an idea how to answer that question myself. Go with your gut, which is where you know God will lead you from.
Be sure how you feel. Be sure how they feel. See if being with that other person makes you feel right. What is more important is making sure that it is a type of relationship God supports. If God calls it a sin in the Bible, it is a sin. This means it is wrong. The Bible also said to those that have been married before, that it would be best to stay single, but if you could not go without those actions that are called blessed within a marriage, but a sin outside of marriage it would be better for you to remarry so you would not live in sin.
So do what is right in the eyes of the Lord. Pray and ask for His support and favor, and it will be a blessed relationship.

Telling the truth will not make you popular (at first or even while you’re alive)

One thing that stands out and has been throughout humanities existence is the willingness to just go with the flow. To allow others to tell you how to live and act.
Few buck the system, and even fewer buck the system for the right reasons. Those that bucked the system and won: Galileo Galilei and Martin Luther. Those that lost: Thomas More and Joan of Arc.
Why name those that lost, you may ask? To show that if you do buck the system you may lose, but still be remembered for doing so. As a result, you can still be accomplishing that which you wish to affect.
What is more important though is when you buck the system that it be done for the right reason. If you do buck it but bad things result, you may be remembered differently. A prime example: Adolf Hitler.
This though goes back to the first part I mentioned. Those that went along for the ride thus making what was originally someone bucking the system, into the system. Those that did not speak out and say this is wrong. At the end of World War II all the survivors of the nation of Germany were ordered to go into the death camps and witness the horrors they allowed to happen. They learned on that day that they had sinned against not only God, but the rest of humanity. They knew their entire generation in that nation was cursed and guilty by proxy for all those killed in the gas chambers.
My point.
Do not follow the crowd. Be willing to stand up for what is right, even if you lose. Who knows they may put you in the history books of the future or even a movie. They did both for the four I first mentioned, plus one other. I think you know Him as the Son of God. You know…… Jesus.

What is a peacemaker?

In Strong’s Concordance, the word peacemaker means “pacificator” which is some that pacifies. Simply to bring or restore a state of peace per This means there is conflict that must be restored, but how is it restored?
You can only restore peace through strength, not only mental strength, but physical strength. Teddy Roosevelt had it stated perfectly: “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.”
Ronald Reagan showed this through action by creating a large military, which was rarely used. This resulted in the final downfall of Socialist Communism.
Now we are living in a time where the pacifist are practicing the opposite. They are shrinking the military and keep telling people they are not going to use it. As a result the military is more busy than ever and underpowered.
It is like saying not to spank a child, which results in the child rebelling, spoiled as in the saying spare the rod, and spoil the child. (BTW, NEVER USE A REED OR A BRANCH THAT IS JUST WRONG).
Jesus stated that the peacemakers are blessed. Does that mean that chaos makers are cursed?
I would say yes.

Confession of a screwed up middle ages man: True confusion

I have been having a hard time writing lately. Partly due to living as life upon a confusing and ever changing, ever more threatening world, partly due to going down the road so many already travel. That is not what I am meant to write. I am meant to write what comes to me. Is it from God? Only He can answer that, but what I can say is that it is what is true through what I have learned from the teachings of the Bible.
I thought of going through the sermon on the mount and yes I learned more with the reading as it should be. It has been years since I truly studied it. This is not where I was to go. That is for others to go.
I am to show my heart, my feeling, my believes. Yes inspired by the Bible and then ultimately by God.
I see the world coming ever closer to what the Bible says to watch for, and I see it and I write, but it falls upon deaf ears. It passes them by as they go through their live thinking only of themselves and their little world in their little homes. Nevertheless, it must be said. Some may listen. Some may learn and prepare themselves for what is soon to come.
Read the Bible. Follow the teaching and turn from true sin. Sin that is become “acceptable.” Sin that should never be is now welcome. On one hand we have those that say only peace is the way, but other the hand of the same people they spew out hatred against God and the children of God. Showing their true colors as they do, but those in their little worlds say nothing and do nothing.
Will they be made to walk through the death camps when this is done? Will they be made to realize that because they did not speak the horrors they will then see were all caused because they would rather turn their heads and say “others will fix it if it is wrong, I am too busy.”
I have written down my post rapture dream. It is something I fear will take place. I see things happening about us that bring us closer to them placing chips into your flesh to monitor our transaction and our very movements. I see something that I thought gone into the past of barbarity become welcome and watched and accepted. Yet those that can truly stop it say much and do nothing for they do not wish to offend. But their very actions are an offense to all that is good and right.
I know it is to happen, but if even to delay it by one day, by hour, by one minute, even by one second, just so someone will see the truth, accept what the truth is, and in so accept Jesus as his or her savior would be worth the added pain that may happen in the last second. Only God knows the answer to that; and may He receive all praise and Glory.