the Bible

The “Judgment” card

Time and again I hear people stating that someone is judging them when they counter what they are saying with facts from the Bible. It basically equates to using the “race” card when you throw a countering opinion against the president of the United States.
If you deal purely in facts from the Bible you are not judging. You are just stating what the Bible says. This is what makes people counter with stating you are judging them when in actuality they sense the truth in your words and so accuse you of judging them when in fact they are judging themselves. They are uncomfortable and feel cornered because deep down they sense the truth in your words.
As long as you stick with the Bible and God and state what is written within it then you are honoring God first as we are told we MUST do. (Matthew 6:33).
More and more people are placing themselves before God and they place others before God. We are told to look to God first and then we are to look to others. If God states something is a sin. Then when you place God first it IS a sin. If you say to someone “go ahead live in sin, but love God” you are telling them to serve two masters, which we are told in verse 24 of the same chapter of Matthew we are not to do. Now here someone will counter “no that verse refers to money.” I counter: is where does money come from? The world. Where does sin come from? Our WORLDLY bodies. (Matthew 15:19-20).
When you embrace sin you embrace the world (2 Corinthians 6:17). So does this mean someone is “judging” because they state these facts? No it does what it is supposed to do. Convict their conscience and make them turn from sin and live in the glory of God, but instead since they threw out the “judgment” card so they are safe to continue to live in their sinful manner, being actors that call themselves “Christian” when in fact they are hypocrites.

Our life on earth will be filled with trials

There are those that tell you to seek happiness and reward here upon the earth. This is not what the Bible teaches. The Bible says that our life will be filled with trials and tribulations. Most will be caused by other humans, some will come from God.
We are told that our reward is not of this earth and as each day goes by I came to see that to be true. I see the corruption of this earth causing once holy institutions to turn their backs upon the nation of Israel and to welcome sin into the buildings.
Those that truly follow the Christian faith tell you to turn your back upon sin and to turn to God through His Son Jesus for salvation. Yet they say you are saved but you still commit these sins. If God decided to destroy Sodom and Gaamor over these sins why are they now welcome?
The answer is they are not. If the person turns from their sin then they are welcomed into the church. Will it be easy? No, it will be a daily struggle, yet it must be done if you wish to commune with God and to receive your reward which is promised to you beyond this life.
If this institution places the sin above the person, as is being done, then they are choosing the sin over God and they shall reap their reward.
People need to be shown and taught the true value of faith. As long as there are those that say you are to receive your reward here on this earth people will be confused and led astray from the truth

Christmas is Christ, Christmas is love

People need to start remembering that Christmas is about Christ. It is only due to His gift, which was His life, and His resurrection from His death upon the cross. Without Jesus no matter what any say, those alive now most likely would not be alive.
The base nature of humanity leads to destruction not only of the individual, but also of those affected by this corruption. The United States, once filled with the teachings of Christ, was once safer than it is today. Our schools were safe, when we gathered in public areas it was safe. Evil feared to rear its head. All due to the teaching of Christ. The Bible gave us peace. Admittedly, not complete peace because we are all corrupt, but more so than today.
Now mass murderers occur nearly monthly, violent riots are starting to become commonplace. Organized and orchestrated by those that wish to cause and life in anarchy and chaos. The fear of terrorist attack lone wolf terrorist attacks happen. Why? Because God is no longer a key element in this nation, not all believe, not all that do believe do so as they should. This has always been true and always will, but the teaching of the Bible were taught and understood by all. Now it is not taught. People go about as they did in the dark ages, where mayhem and murderer were commonplace. It is this ignorance of the Bible that caused the Crusades and the hatred that has seethed on the back-burner for centuries are boiling to the top. All due to the removal of the full understanding of the Bible and its teaching of love.
It is true that there has never been true or complete peace throughout the world. However, as the Bible become accessible to everyone, violence diminished to a degree. Then God was removed and everyday violence increased. People take the word of others instead of reading and understanding the Bible themselves, as they should. This is what caused the Crusades. Some think in teaching hate and rage for that is what the person telling them says the Bible does. This is a lie. True there are wars shown in the Bible, but when you read the teaching of Christ all you learn is love for ALL humankind and when you love your fellow humans, you have no desire to harm them. So, remember that Christmas is for Christ, learn His teachings, and follow them.

True faith in God results in Love

The true message of the Bible. The true message of Jesus. The true message of the Bible is truly love.
The theme of Christ’s teachings was to love all. This is not the teaching others say. This is not the teachings even those within the church teach.
Many teach that self-glorification and self-satisfaction is the road to God. However, this is not the truth at all.
To truly love you must be willing to place all others before yourself. If you do not or cannot do this, than is what you believe really of God? The answer is no.
Do you take what men say the Bible says to be real? Have you truly read the Bible yourself?
Then how can you tell who is telling you the truth. I challenge you to pick up a Bible and read it. I challenge you to see that the words I now type are those based upon the teaching of the true Bible. I encourage you to see that what I say is true. That it is filled with the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ the living Savior of all that come to understand and accept the true. That to truly love yourself means to place ALL others before yourself and to love them no matter what they say or do.
Start with the New Testament. Once you read that then expand to the rest of the Bible. For the entire Bible aims you toward Jesus Christ.

Confession of a screwed up middle ages man: True confusion

I have been having a hard time writing lately. Partly due to living as life upon a confusing and ever changing, ever more threatening world, partly due to going down the road so many already travel. That is not what I am meant to write. I am meant to write what comes to me. Is it from God? Only He can answer that, but what I can say is that it is what is true through what I have learned from the teachings of the Bible.
I thought of going through the sermon on the mount and yes I learned more with the reading as it should be. It has been years since I truly studied it. This is not where I was to go. That is for others to go.
I am to show my heart, my feeling, my believes. Yes inspired by the Bible and then ultimately by God.
I see the world coming ever closer to what the Bible says to watch for, and I see it and I write, but it falls upon deaf ears. It passes them by as they go through their live thinking only of themselves and their little world in their little homes. Nevertheless, it must be said. Some may listen. Some may learn and prepare themselves for what is soon to come.
Read the Bible. Follow the teaching and turn from true sin. Sin that is become “acceptable.” Sin that should never be is now welcome. On one hand we have those that say only peace is the way, but other the hand of the same people they spew out hatred against God and the children of God. Showing their true colors as they do, but those in their little worlds say nothing and do nothing.
Will they be made to walk through the death camps when this is done? Will they be made to realize that because they did not speak the horrors they will then see were all caused because they would rather turn their heads and say “others will fix it if it is wrong, I am too busy.”
I have written down my post rapture dream. It is something I fear will take place. I see things happening about us that bring us closer to them placing chips into your flesh to monitor our transaction and our very movements. I see something that I thought gone into the past of barbarity become welcome and watched and accepted. Yet those that can truly stop it say much and do nothing for they do not wish to offend. But their very actions are an offense to all that is good and right.
I know it is to happen, but if even to delay it by one day, by hour, by one minute, even by one second, just so someone will see the truth, accept what the truth is, and in so accept Jesus as his or her savior would be worth the added pain that may happen in the last second. Only God knows the answer to that; and may He receive all praise and Glory.