Too many things are happening

Within the Bible we are told what to look for when the return of Christ is near one of these lessons was taught by Jesus Himself in the twenty fourth chapter of the book of Matthew. We are told to be watchful and take heed when these signs begin to not only multiple but become global in scope.
There will be wars and rumors of wars.
Nations will turn against other nations.
There will be pestilences. Possibly Ebola, amongst other things of this nature.
Earthquakes shall take place everywhere.
These are just sings of “the beginning of sorrows.”
So can we say we are in the beginning of the end? There is enough evidence to support this.
Then those that profess to be “Christian” shall be delivered up to be killed and hated. This is being done at this time. Yet here is something that needs to be noted. Whenever prophecy is made and mentioned from my experience it has to deal with the general area that surrounds Israel. Now since Christ mission was specifically for the Israelites till they rejected Him as their Savior, I still thing the area around Israel is the focal point of all glimpses of the future. That being stated, The slaughter and near genocide of Christians in the Middle East at this time points to true fulfillment of this statement by the Christ.
“And then many shall be offended, and shall betray one another and shall hate one another.”
That is a powerful statement. Why is that? Many shall be offended and shall betray one another. Is not those that hold to the PC propaganda “offended?” Is not this wording fit here?
Offended – skandalizo – I cause to stumble, cause to sin, cause to become indignant, shock, offend.
As you can see there are multiple meanings. The core meaning of the word which has to do with a falling away from God. This is happening. Then we have the “cause to sin.” This is also being seen with events like homosexual marriage. Then we have “to become indignant.”
Indignant: to become angry because of something that is wrong or not fair:
Or as in this most cases lately “appear” to be not fair.
All if not most of the meaning of this word “skandalizo” have meaning now, today.
There shall be many false prophets. The prosperity “preachers” are a prime example of this.
Matthew 24:12 – And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
Iniquity – anomia – lawlessness, iniquity, disobedience, sin.
Again this is present on all levels.
All of these actions can be seen throughout the world. Not just one country as an example Germany in the 1930s.
This is now global. This had never been seen to this extent any other time in history. Time is running out.
You need to get your house in order for we do not know when the true end will begin. For Christ will come as a thief in the night and we know not when He shall appear.

The ride

Yesterday I went on one of the rides I like to take with my wife on her days off before I return to work. On this ride I remised about the rollercoaster ride of my faith as well as other events that were caused by or help influence the direction my faith has gone.
This was inspired by the dream I posted in yesterday’s blog post. You see when I was first born again in 1985 I was a siphon soaking in the word of God and all that the Bible taught. In turn God gave my first blessing as a dreamer of dreams (Acts 2:17) and I knew that when I was old I would be witness to the return of Jesus Christ to the surface of this planet before a natural passing of my life.
I was baptized in 1986 in the First Assembly of God church which was on Highland Ave in Memphis, TN. It has since moved. From this time till 1993 I started to encounter my trials and tribulations I did not understand, for most came from within the “church” and those that I thought would support me and help me in my growth toward becoming a better and pure reflection of Jesus Christ my Savior.
This led me into a slow downward spiral in my faith and understanding. A flat spin that had my mind pressed hard against the side of the cockpit of my airplane of salvation. I lost and could not regain control as my life and faith system shattered and broke apart into thousands of pieces.
Two wives and the closure of my family business led me upon a new search of not only job security but a solid rock of faith to stand upon. Towards the end of my second marriage I hit the bottom. Was on depression pills and lost in the internet doing various things that all equaled to escapism.
As I began to struggle to be a single parent in my fifties with a preteen son I also came to realize that my thoughts were not God centered by world centered. I worried about this temporal world than about my service for God.
It was actually just before the straw that broke the camel’s back of my second marriage that my faith started to rise up. I remembered my study techniques I had taught myself and was never told by a mentor or guide as I should have been. For the Bible tells us that we are to help those within the Body of Christ to gain a strong foundation and that can only be gained by reading and fulling understanding the Bible. It was through the use of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance that I once again started the upward climb away from damnation, for I have always know that all due to free-will can reject Jesus Christ even after they have asked Him into their hearts. This was once again reaffirmed to me as I become stronger in the word when I added the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (unabridged) to my study tools. These ten volumes of in-depth study of the original Greek made it clear beyond a doubt where I need to focus my life. That was with God at the core, not the world, not me, but GOD my Creator.
During this time I knew my sin nature and I also knew from my previous experiences that I could not make the choice logically or correctly, so I left it in God’s hands. This led to my current wife. For God has made it clear he would rather we remain unmarried once we divorce unless it would lead to sin. Well it would so God led the best thing that has ever happened to me to come into my life.
She is and has been a true example of a Christian wife. She has supported me in my growth unlike the previous two had done. As a result I have grown to reflect my Savior as I have never been able to accomplish before. It is all due to God and His Son my Savior that I was saved from the brink of losing my salvation. As is shown can happen in John 15, but most refuse to see this. They choose to live in the blindness Satan has placed before them. For they would rather live of the world than of God. More live in the world than I could have ever imagined. They live a lukewarm existence which is even worse than hating God outright (Revelation 3:14-22).
These people label me as a judge, when in reality I am following 2 Timothy 4:1-5. They are like the image I see on facebook time to time of the Bible verse “Thou shall not judge…. “with the rest of the Bible verses below that is scribbled over removing the teaching that says you cannot judge if you are guilty of committing the exact same sin. In reality it is they that are guilty of judging not I.
This roller-coaster ride I have been upon and taught me that most that call themselves “Christian” are not or in danger of being broken from the vine of Christ by His Father and given to men and then to be cast into hell.
I do not make this blog post to be a voice never heard, but to be a voice in the wilderness as John the Baptist was just before Jesus Ministry nearly two thousand years ago. Most laughed and rejected His words as will. Am I saying I am a “John the Baptist?” Hardly for none shall ever equal John as a prophet, that is made clear in the Bible, but I am a voice upon the winds of the wilderness. A voice that most never hear or they as they scoff and say to themselves “it is just the wind whistling.”
Do I still struggle in my growth being a better reflection of Jesus Christ? Most definitely. The one think that I have learned the most is the more I learn of the Bible the more I see the influence of the world upon me in my lifestyle. When compared to most though it is better than most, but can it improve? ALWAYS, and any that says otherwise of themselves is not only lying to you but themselves.
There is so much I wish I could remove from my life but the way the world is now setup it is nearly impossible, but I deal with as little of those things that make people concerned of not only themselves, but of their standing within this temporal world. I care nothing for what others think of me. I know there are those that laugh at me. I have been told I am not a true Christian in my standing upon certain aspects of the Bible (btw, that is someone judging). I don’t care. I care only to please God, His Son, and my wife.
I seek to finish raising the last of my children into adulthood and pray the rest that are adults will seek me out and ask my advice upon how to become a better reflection of Jesus themselves, but I will not hold my breath for they are above the age of consent and must answer to their own action and just hope that in some way what I taught them and how I now live will cause them to think and make the right choices when it comes time to do so.
This is what this ride has been like for me and I look forward to standing before God upon that holy day that the seven seals starts to be broken. For it is made clear in Revelation 3:10 that those that overcome and stay loyal to Christ will be in a pre-tribulation rapture.
Before 2034 we shall see

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: I am so glad this is not all there is

As I have posted before this life we now live within is a test. Within it is pitfalls and heartache; happiness and joy. Things we ourselves think would be good for us God says is not, or at least not now.
Yet it still hurts, especially when you are led to believe something you had hoped for will happen and then suddenly find out there was a “mistake” made and it is not going to happen after all.
I look forward to the days when honesty will always be given. I look forward to hearing true praise for your service and not be lip service. Humans these days do not know the Bible. Humans these days do not care to truly learn it and understand it, for they would rather seek after their own goals and glory no matter the personal cost to others.
I look forward to no longer having to be around people who think they are their own god and all must bow down before them or pay the cost for not doing so. I look forward to the day when people will actually understand that as you age there is more and more responsibility to those about us and not to their own joys which makes them appear to have never left their teenage years mentally. They do not know or care to know that with age truly does come wisdom and that the source for all goodness, greatness and joy comes from God.
I just wish I could cause these people to understand that they are doing more harm to themselves then to those about them. I want to get them to truly awaken to the fact that if they continue to live with this false image they have placed themselves into is escapism for what is truly real and important.
Too many seek after their own rewards upon this earth. The bigger car, the fancy house and the luxuries that go with it. It is not being able to live in sin and think all is well and good.
It is not a belief that God gives us His rewards here upon this earth in this short time span. For the Bible makes it clear that our rewards are not here and those that have their rewards here will have less in the next and eternal life.
God said there are things we must do. God has said there are things we must not do and if we find people doing certain things we are to avoid them for their actions could poison us to our Lord.
These are the things that I seek, but time to time I forget this as we all do and it still hurts when God says “No.”
But He says it for a reason. For His glory and His goals far outweigh mine, or yours.

Confession of a screwed up middle ages man: True confusion

I have been having a hard time writing lately. Partly due to living as life upon a confusing and ever changing, ever more threatening world, partly due to going down the road so many already travel. That is not what I am meant to write. I am meant to write what comes to me. Is it from God? Only He can answer that, but what I can say is that it is what is true through what I have learned from the teachings of the Bible.
I thought of going through the sermon on the mount and yes I learned more with the reading as it should be. It has been years since I truly studied it. This is not where I was to go. That is for others to go.
I am to show my heart, my feeling, my believes. Yes inspired by the Bible and then ultimately by God.
I see the world coming ever closer to what the Bible says to watch for, and I see it and I write, but it falls upon deaf ears. It passes them by as they go through their live thinking only of themselves and their little world in their little homes. Nevertheless, it must be said. Some may listen. Some may learn and prepare themselves for what is soon to come.
Read the Bible. Follow the teaching and turn from true sin. Sin that is become “acceptable.” Sin that should never be is now welcome. On one hand we have those that say only peace is the way, but other the hand of the same people they spew out hatred against God and the children of God. Showing their true colors as they do, but those in their little worlds say nothing and do nothing.
Will they be made to walk through the death camps when this is done? Will they be made to realize that because they did not speak the horrors they will then see were all caused because they would rather turn their heads and say “others will fix it if it is wrong, I am too busy.”
I have written down my post rapture dream. It is something I fear will take place. I see things happening about us that bring us closer to them placing chips into your flesh to monitor our transaction and our very movements. I see something that I thought gone into the past of barbarity become welcome and watched and accepted. Yet those that can truly stop it say much and do nothing for they do not wish to offend. But their very actions are an offense to all that is good and right.
I know it is to happen, but if even to delay it by one day, by hour, by one minute, even by one second, just so someone will see the truth, accept what the truth is, and in so accept Jesus as his or her savior would be worth the added pain that may happen in the last second. Only God knows the answer to that; and may He receive all praise and Glory.