Month: August 2017

The great surrender

This is shown throughout history. Any that deny this deny their very nature. Why this is, is due entirely to the act of Eve eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Each and every human seeks to please only one person: themselves. This is why certain sins are stated within the Bible as to not allowing those that perform them entrance into heaven. For they have no true understanding of surrender.
Yes I said surrender.
We must surrender our desires, our wants, and our lusts. Thus forsaking them for our own survival.
Jesus is asked what are to two greatest commandments.
The first is that we are to LOVE GOD with ALL or our heart, mind and soul.
How can we do this if our first love is ourselves?
The second greatest commandment latches on to this.
We are to love our neighbor, known as all those other humans about us, as we love ourselves!
This is what it means to surrender ourselves, first to God and then to our fellow humans.
Any that seek to dominate, control and influence “Because they know what is best.” Has not surrendered unto God and in fact seek to be their own gods.
Those that say that the unborn has no moral rights are acting as their own god. For they know what is best for the mother of this unborn life. They are in control and so are the ruler, the master, the god.
These are the actions and the words of those on the left in the United States. For they know what is best for the common person. They are what is best for the continuation of the human race. All the wording and actions of those that see themselves in their own minds as gods.
There is only one God and He sent us His Son for our salvation form enslavement to ourselves.
So turn to Jesus Christ and surrender unto everything, especially yourself.

A full, complete and truthful form of consent

This is something that is missing from the world today. I also do not mean to consent in an act within a relationship between two people. I do mean in the ability to choose how your life will be lived.
To approach this topic we have to look at the universe including how nature itself works, especially in the area of life forms. These being complex life forms that is. Those that require two to reproduce and continue on the species. There are now those that say for humans this is now something that has always been fluid. This is a concept that does not carry any weight in how complex life forms reproduce. There is only one way in these life forms. So that means there is only one way it can be interrupted.
This topic in away was addressed by Paul the apostle to the Romans in chapter one of this book within the New Testament. In fact it goes on to state clearly the women left their nature design to seek after encounters with other women. This shows that all higher life forms even in the time of the Roman Empire considered natural order to be only in a male/female relationship which continued the species.
Why is this now in question?
The answer is simple. Humanity is no longer being taught the true science of nature. They are being taught someone’s idea of how they see nature, which leads to confusion. This misunderstanding also comes from a deeper point. How people see their very existence within the universe. We are in a time of chaos not order. Cultures thrive within order. These theorist would have you believe the opposite. As a result culture starts to fail and those that thrive within chaos start to succeed as they themselves start to impose their own form of order.
However their form of order does not help the majority. It instead feeds them, to the point of self-destruction. This has played out time and again throughout history. The Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Nazis, and the Soviets. All have risen and fallen. Usually ending in bloodshed, but no matter always failing.
True order always wins out. For when true order is allowed to occur. Humanity works within it easily and comfortably, for the most part. Even though we all mess up and all make errors we can find some comfort in our life. The source of where order comes from has been removed for the most part. The majority no longer even know where to look for some true form of order. Mainly due to those with the power to bend the ear have nearly everyone not willing to truly look to, nor even attempt to understand the source of order. In fact they go out of their way to make it where you must listen to those with degrees to show that they have proven their worth and value to the world. By dedicating their time and effort to get a piece of paper; instead of actually in-depth studying of what it is they say they know. Having themselves taken the word of others over learning what is needed themselves. Just because someone has a piece of paper that says they graduated from some university doesn’t mean they truly know anything. Most when truly challenged fail to even understand the simplest of precepts within anything worth truly knowing.
This is due to relying on others to give you that which you need to come to an understanding of. The majority do not have informed consent. You can only get informed by coming to know and understand that which you wish to know by actually reading it yourself. This not only goes for the Bible, but for the Constitution of the United States of America. Most actually think an election is won by popular vote. Dictators, those that thrive in chaos desire the popular vote. For they know it is only a matter of time until they will feast upon the flesh of the masses. A prime example: Venezuela.
One of the greatest statements within the Bible is those that are to lead never truly seek after power. It is thrust upon them and when they do have it; they only seek to serve those that they have been made to lead. This happened because they are informed of the truth and the facts.
You can only chose how you can live your life successfully if you know ALL the options. If you know the consequence both good and bad if you chose to do certain things. It is this lack of informed knowledge that has made it where there are those that now say sexuality is fluid. For they do not understand that there is only one way. They seek after their own lusts and desires. It is from these lusts that caused another statement within the Bible. That being if you harm a child that believes in God that you may as well tie a weight to your neck and throw yourself into the sea. For that death will be better than the death that awaits those that harm these children.
Read the Bible. Read the Constitution. Come to know both. No longer let others lead you around by the nose. Make your own informed consent. If you chose to live in sin then di so, but know and accept that you will not be in the eternal life that is to come. A life that is promised to all, but few shall actually find

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: a sad comment

So the other day, one of my fellow co-workers walks up to me. He says he was talking to another co-worker who said this about me:
“He is the only person here that says he is a Christian and actually acts like it. All the others that say they are do not.”
This made me speechless. Not out of pride, or shock, but in actual sorrow.
I talk to a few people at work that say they are also “Christian.” One of them seem to be doing the right thing.
About me? I know I sin. I know I am not perfect. I strive to follow the teachings of the Bible as best I can, but I still fall short.
Yet to have someone say, that I am the exception, on the good side. I would rather be the exception on the bad. Due in part to my failings as a human.
There are many that do not state they are “Christian.”
There are many that actually deny God.
But to be deemed the only one, in a place that has hundreds. This is sad.