The great surrender

This is shown throughout history. Any that deny this deny their very nature. Why this is, is due entirely to the act of Eve eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Each and every human seeks to please only one person: themselves. This is why certain sins are stated within the Bible as to not allowing those that perform them entrance into heaven. For they have no true understanding of surrender.
Yes I said surrender.
We must surrender our desires, our wants, and our lusts. Thus forsaking them for our own survival.
Jesus is asked what are to two greatest commandments.
The first is that we are to LOVE GOD with ALL or our heart, mind and soul.
How can we do this if our first love is ourselves?
The second greatest commandment latches on to this.
We are to love our neighbor, known as all those other humans about us, as we love ourselves!
This is what it means to surrender ourselves, first to God and then to our fellow humans.
Any that seek to dominate, control and influence “Because they know what is best.” Has not surrendered unto God and in fact seek to be their own gods.
Those that say that the unborn has no moral rights are acting as their own god. For they know what is best for the mother of this unborn life. They are in control and so are the ruler, the master, the god.
These are the actions and the words of those on the left in the United States. For they know what is best for the common person. They are what is best for the continuation of the human race. All the wording and actions of those that see themselves in their own minds as gods.
There is only one God and He sent us His Son for our salvation form enslavement to ourselves.
So turn to Jesus Christ and surrender unto everything, especially yourself.

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