Month: December 2015


Let’s look at legends. We have Hercules. We have Troy. We have Atlantis. We all agree that they are legends.
Troy for example was described in the Iliad. The fall of Troy was around 1100BC and the Iliad was written around 750BC. Per scholars this is enough time for it to become a myth, a legend.
This however was not the fate for the Bible and the story of Jesus Christ. Within the book of 1 Corinthians is found what is called a “creed.” This creed has been surmised through study and evaluation that it could have existed within two to five years after the crucifixion. This removes the legend theory. For there were those that still lived that would have discounted it. Examples: The Pharisees and the Roman government. Also those that had actually seen the events in the Bible and none countered the “creed.”
So if the accounts within the Bible are not myth or legend, but are in reality, facts. What does that state about Jesus? Where do you stand with Him?

An awakening is called for.

The Bible says that God would use even the evil of man to accomplish his plan. This not only goes for the actions of those like Hitler which helped enable the re-establishment of Israel, but it goes to other things.
I mean look at the title of the new Star Wars movie: “The force awakens.” Yet even now more and more are awakening to the truth about the government of this nation. There are many though that are allowing anger to cloud their judgment. It is this same type of anger that allowed Hitler to commit the horrible acts that he and his followers did.
Yes awaken, but do not awaken to anger, turn to what is righteous and true. But what is righteous and true in the world we live within today? The answer is thousands of years old and has seen the rise and fall of many governments and countries. Always at its core is that which is true. To place all others before yourself, especially if you wish to lead them.
It is this which we must awaken to. It is the teaching of Jesus Christ and all that is found within the Bible. We must honor all life, but we must be willing to defend what is right and righteous. For too long those with the power have been breaking the First Amendment of the Constitution. The government cannot form a religion. Yet the government is shoving more and more Islamic teachings into our schools to the point of making our children copy Muslim text and play Muslim songs during the presentations designed to honor the birth of Christ. Now I have no problem with Muslim practicing their religion, for that is the next part of the first amendment, but on the same lines that the does allow the government to remove Christian or Jewish symbols yet allow Islamic symbols to stay.
It is this which many are awakening too, but they are over reacting as they do. We cannot over react or we will be going the way of 1930s Germany, but a line must be drawn that cannot falter or fail.
Now, to be honest with you. I do not see this going well for Christianity. ISIS is here to stay, it is too late to remove them and any that support them in the United Stated either with full knowledge or with a mistaken understanding of what they are truly doing will most likely be held responsible for their actions by God All Mighty Himself.
There are events that need to happen, per the Bible and the way things are looking we are heading down that road. Those with eyes will see and understand at least partly to what I am referring. Understand also that God still has a purpose for the United States, if this were not so what has happened in the last eight years would not have caused the awakening to begin. God punishes those He loves to force them to change their ways, for He truly loves the people of this nation. He that spares the rod hates the child, he that chastises the child loves the child and wishes the child to grow in glory and love.
The United States is being spanked and those that are natural citizens need to realize this and turn their face to God and hear what He is trying to tell them. Soon though things are going to get much worse if we do not fully and correctly awaken. The next election will be how we show where we stand with God.
If we elect another Democrat, those that deny there is a God, then we are lost.
If we vote out of anger and elect Trump again we are lost.
If we support and vote for someone that is a servant of God then we may have a chance to redeem ourselves. Could this be Dr. Carson? Could it be Senator Cruz? Could it be Senator Paul?
These are the only three that deserve our attention and of these I personally distrust Cruz the most. Dr. Carson as shown true Christian values. While Dr. Paul as shown real fiscal knowledge and understanding. Maybe a Paul/Carson ticket?
Whatever happens this next election is extremely important to those that profess to be Christian. It is time to stand and be counted. It is time to make sure that those that have been in office for more than twelve year to be removed from power no matter the party.
Pray to God and awaken. Pray to God and vote.


The Bible states that there will be signs that can be seen by those that know the Bible.
Now I don’t mean have the Bible memorized for those that follow the father of lies can know the Bible. This has been demonstrated many times throughout history and even in recent events. For someone that carries lies upon their lips follows him that causes all lies, yet they can quote from the Bible and make you believe they are a servant of God when by the mere fact that they spit out lies left and right shows themselves for who they really are.
To truly know the Bible first and foremost you must know God and accept that His Son the Lord Jesus Christ is the one and true Messiah. Now there are those that do accept this as well, but do not know the Bible. Why? Because they are allowing someone else to tell them what is written within it.
We are not to allow other humans to inform us what is and what is not within the Bible. This allows false prophets to rise up which is one of the signs that it is getting close to the return of Jesus.
There will be a great falling away due to those allowing others to tell them what and what is not. I encourage everyone to read the Bible and not to even take my word for what I say. Why? Because I am human. I am fallible, I can and have made mistakes. This is true of all humans for sin comes from within us not from an outside source once we reach the age of accountability. This is why it is important to not only teach ourselves the Bible but our children so that they too can see the signs and know that they must fix their ways before it is too late, especially when the age of accountability come into effect.
I know that at this time these words will fall upon deaf ears, but I feel the Holy Spirit is guiding my words today to be able to reach someone in a not too distant time where they will see one of the ultimate signs and wonder why they are still here upon this earth.
The answer to this is simple. They did not truly learn the Bible. They thought themselves prepared and ready yet they lived in sin. After the ultimate sign millions if not billions will awaken to the truth, but it will cost them dearly in what time they have left upon this current earth. They will suffer anguish and pain for that is the cost of their neglect in not learning the Bible that they must face.
So, to learn the signs you must learn the Bible. Learn what it means in the Greek for the New Testament and learn what it meant in the Hebrew for most of the Old Testament. Then come to realize that a sin is a sin if the Bible says it is and then repent of your sins, striving never to do them again, and pray unto God through the Lord Jesus Christ for your true salvation.

“Once saved always saved” verses “faith without works is dead.”

This is something that is extremely important for all to understand. The Bible does not work against itself.
So if the Bible makes it extremely clear that faith alone is not enough. How is the statement “once saved always saved” possible?
The answer is simple it is not.
This man-made doctrine would also negate the term “lukewarm,” which is exactly what those promoting this wish to have happen.
You see we are in the age of the “lukewarm,” per the book of Revelation. You see the order in which each letter to the churches by Jesus Christ in the book of Revelation is also chronological. The last church is the lukewarm church. Yes these churches can exist concurrently at this very moment, but if you really look into the situation each church reflection can been seen throughout history.
You see a “lukewarm” is someone that believes in Jesus, but lives within the world. This lifestyle is allowed to exist because of this concept of “once saved always saved.”
If you think you are saved then you are free to live however you wish, which gives those that follow this a false sense of security.
The best way to explain this is say you are in school and get an “F.” Your parents say you cannot go on any field trips until your grades improve. So here comes this great field trip to heaven, and you want to go so you defy your parents (God) and forge the permission slip to go on the trip, (by the way your signature for God is terrible so you get caught).
Do you get to make this field trip? No you don’t.
This is what “once saved always saved” is, a horrible child’s attempt to forge the name of God on the permission slip into heaven.
Yes you must have “faith.” Yes you must believe in God and that His Son is Jesus Christ. However, if you do not follow the teachings of the Bible, which is the “works” part, you are defying God and choosing yourself over Him. Since we are to love and honor God with all our heart, mind and soul, is this not a sin against God? The answer is yes.
So since the Bible states that faith without works is dead, then “once saved always saves” is death since it does not outright state you must do “works.”
NOTE: if you study the word “works” it does not mean give to charity, or volunteer, it truly means to follow the instructions in the Bible.

God so loves you that He gave His only Son

That is the significance of Christmas. It is something worthy of celebration, true, but is also something to cause you to think strongly about.
For what good is it to celebrate if you do not personally know God’s Son.
To personally know God’s Son. You must not only ask Him into your heart, your mind and your soul, but you must honor why you are asking Him.
Humans are a corrupt and base creature. All that is within them is the desire to sin. This is affirmed several times throughout the Bible. Also throughout the Bible is the human desire to be selfish, self-serving and self-pleasing. All these desires lead to pain, anguish and sorrow. Yet that is not what is being taught. People are being taught that giving material objects is more important that the Son of God.
How many of us that are at least teens and at the most old people have every single present given to us at the age of seven?


That what I though. This is what being materialist means. This is what the world can give you. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
But what can Jesus Christ give you?
An eternal life is the serve of God and Jesus. This is not a fairy tale this is fact.
We are promised to see the creation of a new earth where the Oceans are gone.
We are promised to see a city so huge that it will rise into space itself.
We are promised that all our pains and sorrows will be taken away.
Will these promises happen immediately? No.
For we are required to accomplish certain goals.
The primary goal is the strive to live our lives as Jesus Christ did when He walked upon this earth before He took our place upon the cross.
Yes… took your place, my place, your parent’s place, your child’s place upon an object meant to ridicule and disgrace you as you struggled just to breath before you died in agony and pain.
We are to repent of our sins.
To repent means to turn away from, abandon, to end. That means if there is something in the Bible that is called a sin, then you must never do it again. But I tell you this. Time to time you will slip up, because you are a human and you will commit a sin. It will give you true emotional anguish if you are sincere in your belief in Jesus Christ, but if you strive again to be a reflection of Christ you will refrain from repeating this sin. This is an act of repentance.
If someone has said it is ok to live in something that is called a sin in the Bible, then they are not only committing that sin with you but have made themselves more worthy of death in the eye of God then you are as you live in this sin.
For by placing the sin above God you are disobeying God and in so doing reject God

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: The world is designed to distract

So within the last month I was reminded just how much the world is setup to distract and confuse. I moved to another area at work where the use of a radio is not as big as an issue from my previous work area. The old did have radio usage time to time, but the new area it is constant, and blaring. It made it hard for me to follow Christ’s commandment to Love God with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind.
The music literally overwhelmed my senses to the point that to actually try to get beyond the music would leave me physically drained from the effort. I mentioned the loudness to a co-worker and he suggested not only ear plugs, which I had been using, but also ear muffs. Luckily my company does provide these for me and so I got some.
It was like night and day. Yes the music was still there to a degree, but I could easily filter it out and allow my mind to once again be God focused. The distraction of the world was gone. I could perform my duties and at the same time pray and comp tinplate God and the Bible. This enabled me to once again feel the Lord’s insight into His Holy Word and understanding resumed.
While I was being distracted I could see worldly things distract me in other areas and times in my life. It is through me using my hands in the making of an item of important use and thinking upon the wonders and glory of our Creator that I could focus myself upon my goal of attempting to be a true and accurate reflection of Christ.
It allowed me to see this very act of the influence that Satan has in the most minewt elements in the world that they turn us away from where we should be focused.
How jealous of us is he that causing the littlest of things to be used to keep us from where our sight should be looking upon. How weak our human nature is, even though our soul is born-again.
We must remember that when Jesus Himself made it clear that all sin comes from within us. Yes the world will distract. Yes the world will tempt, but ultimately it is our own actions, our own thoughts that are the ultimate stumbling block. For though we are saved we still live within a corrupt and evil body and so it shall remain until we are called up in the Rapture if we are so fortunate and then given our pure and incorruptible body. It will only be then that we can truly live a sin free live.
However, though we do live in a corrupt body, which does not give us the right to remain in sin. For the Bible makes it clear that we must repent. To turn away from our sins and strive to never live in sin again.

What is more important?

Why did I pose this question?
It is very simple. I know several within Christendom that feels it is more important to add as many names to the book of life as is possible. They have the mentality of get them in the door and get them to accept Jesus. This is extremely prevalent in Baptist. For they are of this man-made doctrine of once saved always saved. Yet I have never found anything in the Bible to support this. Now I have found in John 15, in 2 Peter 2, and Revelation 3, where there are those that were once counted in the book of life, yet they have fallen away choosing the world over God, deciding to bear no fruit, and living a lukewarm existents. All of which is made very clear that these shall be spit out thrown into the fire and wishing they had never been saved at all.
It is a clear message. It is in the Bible. There is no way to mistranslate the meanings for they are clear:
You can lose your salvation.
So what is important?
It is not just adding people to “salvation.” It is teaching them TRUE salvation, so that they will be an image of Jesus Christ their Savior. Teach those that ask God into their lives. For it is better to teach them to fish than to hand them one.

A teacher in the faith

In the Bible it is made clear that people have different tasks to do for God. This is one of those things that many have not given much effort into for several decades. As a result many wonder through their belief in God lost and rudderless at times. I knew soon after being born again that I was to be a teacher of the Bible, but due to how churches are structured and if you do not attend certain man-made institutions then you are not welcome to do the calling that God placed upon you.
This man-made mentality is actually something that goes against what God wants. Did these men that run these businesses call upon me to teach? No, it was God who called me. Who should I listen to? For too long I listened to the men, the creation of God.
As I studied the Bible more and more. Digging deeper into the meaning of the Bible I learned to add items to help me gain insight and knowledge of what is being taught with the books that are now called the Bible.
Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance launch me like I was upon a spring board deeper in the Word. Things become clearer. Then, my brother, also a born again Christian added to my growth with the New Testament Theological Dictionary, in its unabridged form it is ten volumes long. Again my insight into God grew exponentially, yet do I know everything? By all mean no, emphatically no.
Am I a better suited to be God given role? Maybe.
I have learned that men have not grown in their true understanding of God’s word. Many stuck in the dogma of this religious view verses that religious view. Some to the point of disliking the way one group thinks verses how another group thinks. An example, Catholics verse Protestants.
Most even today do not wish to truly acknowledge that Jesus added to the original Ten Commandments to make them twelve, thus matching the number of tribes of Israel.
Many do not realize that Christ ministry was to the Jews and the Jews alone. It was not until Jesus appeared to Saul who then become Paul the thirteen disciple that the teachings of the Bible expanded to the Gentiles and thus the true birth of Christianity took place at that time since most before this time were Messianic Jews.
Much of what the Bible has become watered down or twisted to allow those that go to churches to live their lives unchanged yet feel they has accomplished something for God. But this is not a reality.
The Bible clearly states that you can be a child of God through Christ, yet if you bear no fruit you can be broken off of the vine, given unto man and then cast into the fire. When Jesus speaks in this context to “fire” he is saying unto damnation, yet there are those that say this is not so, but this is what the Bible states and so is fact.
This is my job as a teacher to make people awaken to these facts and challenge them to through the Bible prove me wrong, and if I am I am fine with that. However man-made doctrines like “once saved always saved” need to end. For since John 15 clearly states that someone is of the vine of Christ, thus saved, and God sees no fruit from someone and so God Himself breaks them off and they are cast into the fire. Then there is only one conclusion, you can, once saved, become lost and damned. This is not a scare tactic as I once read by someone that believed the false man-made doctrine mentioned above, but Biblical fact. This helps to cause people to strive to becoming a better child of Christ. Is this bad to become more like Jesus? Per the Bible, the answer is no.
Do not allow man to dictate your life for Christ. Let Christ direct you.

More than ever Christians must live as Christians

Now as I posted the other day. Many that live in the United States and go to church believing themselves to be Christian. As I pointed out this is not the case. It is time for those that truly know what is required and honestly go through the daily endeavor to strive ever forward toward being a true reflection of Jesus Christ to no longer hide in the shadows.
You sit in the shadows, due to how those in these churches that say they are Christian react to you. Yet would rather talk about the football games later in the day, or the horrify mini-series they have been watching, or even more important the titillating tale about this celebrity or that celebrity.
They are showing that they are not saved or if they were once saved have instead chosen the world over God, they are sinners. Yet we are the ones made to feel uncomfortable. This is how it has been for decades and the now rotten fruit is bearing ever worse fruit.
It is time for those that truly know Christ to make a stand. Let it be known that the true way to Christ is not through the idol worship of sports, TV and celebrities, but through standing by the Bible.
Will this lead to ostracization? Most likely.
Will this lead to leaving your church? Possibly, it led me to leave mine.
Will it cause you to look differently at people in politics? Most definitely. Like myself Franklin Graham has left the Republican Party and call ourselves unaffiliated or independent. Why? Because we see the sin running rampant in this nation.
God is already punishing this nation for turning its back upon Him.
Do you think it is by accident that a person came into the presidency that has almost singlehandedly destroyed our international relationship and our internal cultural relationships? No. This is a judgment from the All Mighty. He did this to Israel more than once. Are we any different when our ancestors professed to being true servants of Christ?
This is what people need to awaken and realize. God is real. God does punish those that disobey Him, ESPECIALLY when they still have a purpose to Him in His grand design.
This nation, formed by those that wished to honor God. Whose basic governmental design came from a Quaker clearly shows that this is a truly Christian nation, brought into existence under the grace and blessings of the Lord God All Mighty.
Any that challenge this have turned their back upon God and wish for man to rule man, which only leads to destruction and disaster.
Those of us that are truly children of God must stand up and say with a loud clear voice. That ONLY through Jesus Christ can we accomplish God’s glory for this nation. Only through standing upon the principals that are taught within the Bible and teaching them to those that have an ear to hear will we once again restore this nation.
If we fail to stand up and make ourselves known and heard then this nation will continue in its downward spiral to destruction. If that is the case we must be willing to at the very least stand for God when it comes time to choose if we shall live or die, for it shall come to that point.
Since we failed to stand for God now, we must stand for God when they ask us to renounce our faith and when we do not we will shortly be standing before the All Mighty under the altar before Him.

Tis the season for avarice and hypocrisy

“Such a blunt title from a Christian,” some are saying or thinking as they ignore this post and move on.
Well let’s break down what we are truly teaching our children as we place presents under a tree and ignore the real and true reason what this celebration was about.
Avarice is defined as a strong desire to have or get money, or material possessions. This is becoming more and more prevalent than honoring the birth of God in human form.
Stores started selling Christmas items before Halloween this year and that in itself is pathetic, but what is worse is that people actually went ahead and started buying things.
I have a step-daughter who makes statements like wanting a half a million dollar car is no big deal, and that wanting to gather more and more personal items is more important than anything else. She even thought that her personal possessions would go with her into heaven. We shot that down really fast.
Her mother and I try to get her to understand that this is not the correct way to think. However, in today’s society that is difficult when one day people look down upon Miley Cyrus for gyrating on stages with a blow up phallus, then go back to liking her music, then she proceeds to degrade Christians then makes the song “Silent Night” and again everyone praises her. That is hypocrisy.
It is this mentality of accepting things as they are that is in itself a sin against God. The person we are supposed to be honoring on December 25th. Is it really Christ’s birth day? No one truly knows the answer to this, but what is important is that we do celebrate Him coming into this realm of existence to die upon the cross for each and every person’s sins that is willing to ask Him into their heart.
Is this what we are teaching our children? I know the answer to this is no. First hand I know this.
In my mind I said we will let the presents and Santa go for a few years since they were little and then really explain to them about Jesus and what He has done for us, but did that come out as planned? No.
Now both my adult children are a mess. Am I partly to blame? Yes I am.
That is why it is extremely important to teach them of Christ ever single chance you get, and when is the greatest chance? Now in this season that should be exclusively His and His alone.
It is time to restore what one culture did long ago, so long ago I forget which one it was, but when they placed presents under the tree they would place one there that was not for any but Jesus Himself. Then after they did their own presents they would then go out and find a stranger and hand that present over to them and say that Christ wished them to have it on His birthday.
Now that is a way to honor and teach a little about the sacrifice that Christ Himself made for us all that Passover day upon the cross.
So will you return those presents not under the tree yet? Will you tell the true story of Christmas and the virgin birth?