God so loves you that He gave His only Son

That is the significance of Christmas. It is something worthy of celebration, true, but is also something to cause you to think strongly about.
For what good is it to celebrate if you do not personally know God’s Son.
To personally know God’s Son. You must not only ask Him into your heart, your mind and your soul, but you must honor why you are asking Him.
Humans are a corrupt and base creature. All that is within them is the desire to sin. This is affirmed several times throughout the Bible. Also throughout the Bible is the human desire to be selfish, self-serving and self-pleasing. All these desires lead to pain, anguish and sorrow. Yet that is not what is being taught. People are being taught that giving material objects is more important that the Son of God.
How many of us that are at least teens and at the most old people have every single present given to us at the age of seven?


That what I though. This is what being materialist means. This is what the world can give you. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
But what can Jesus Christ give you?
An eternal life is the serve of God and Jesus. This is not a fairy tale this is fact.
We are promised to see the creation of a new earth where the Oceans are gone.
We are promised to see a city so huge that it will rise into space itself.
We are promised that all our pains and sorrows will be taken away.
Will these promises happen immediately? No.
For we are required to accomplish certain goals.
The primary goal is the strive to live our lives as Jesus Christ did when He walked upon this earth before He took our place upon the cross.
Yes… took your place, my place, your parent’s place, your child’s place upon an object meant to ridicule and disgrace you as you struggled just to breath before you died in agony and pain.
We are to repent of our sins.
To repent means to turn away from, abandon, to end. That means if there is something in the Bible that is called a sin, then you must never do it again. But I tell you this. Time to time you will slip up, because you are a human and you will commit a sin. It will give you true emotional anguish if you are sincere in your belief in Jesus Christ, but if you strive again to be a reflection of Christ you will refrain from repeating this sin. This is an act of repentance.
If someone has said it is ok to live in something that is called a sin in the Bible, then they are not only committing that sin with you but have made themselves more worthy of death in the eye of God then you are as you live in this sin.
For by placing the sin above God you are disobeying God and in so doing reject God

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