Month: January 2017

A lull in the storm

Do not become relaxed. Do not become complacent. To some degree the United States has entered into a time of where the storm of evil has been held back. However we should not stop praying, we should not stop watching and listening for acts and attacks by those that are evil.
Sin is still welcomed in this nation. The children of darkness still scream at the top of their lungs that they have been robbed of their dreams of darkness and corruption. The last act of the precursor of the little horn was again to show his disdain and hatred toward the chosen of God. Yet the true damage is already done. The last beast has risen from the sea. The beast from which the true little horn will arise is in play. The echo of the little horn has fulfilled the task given unto him in God’s eternal plan.
However the damage he has done to this nation has left a scar upon it. A festering wound that can only be healed with true repentance. A true awakening by more than those that now see the truth. The Word of God needs to be preached louder than ever. For the return of Christ is close, but before He does many will suffer and die. Both physically and spiritually.
More signs than ever before point to Jesus Christ’s soon return. He told those with eyes and those with ears what to look for and what to listen for. False prophets run rampant and cause the blind to think they are special and better than all others. Earthquakes are on the rise. There are wars and rumors of wars. Division between the races and the languages are on the rise, another aspect that the precursor was given power to do has been fulfilled.
The times of peace are behind us. Times will look to be improving but in actuality the darkness will still be just under the surface pushing and seething to rupture into the light once again only this time to totally engulf it.
All is under God’s eternal plan, but that does not mean we cannot act. Due to our free will that He bestowed unto all humanity we must take action. We must fight evil on all levels. Not just in prayer, but in denying power, money and control to those that would seek to follow their base human lusts and desires. One of which is the desire to rule, control and dominate those that they see as inferior and ignorant. This is the core desire of one party in this nation. The party that was denied its queen of darkness.
But do not be deceived. Darkness is in the other party as well and given time there will be those within that will try to twist what is right into something dark as well. This was made clear when those that sin against nature were embraced and welcomed into the fold. This is due to the festering wound that has torn this nation asunder.
This wound is an abandonment of a true understanding of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Too many hypocrites live daily in this land. Too many think they are one with God yet live within and of the world. Too many seek their rewards in the now instead of building their reward in the eternal life to come. Too many deny the true image of God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. It is due to this that when the storm returns it will be devastating and wreak havoc across the church and this nation.

What to look for when listening to false prophets

This is actually a very complicated and at times difficult thing to actually see, hear and realize.
One thing I have come to understand is that people truly do listen and accept these teachers of lies and swear it is the truth and is fact. In fact too many fall for these deceivers lies and embrace them and carry them out for others to hear.
The core element that gives these serpents power over those that chose to listen is one thing. The person that listens and chooses to follow them.
You see human nature is to seek after self-gratification, the desire to satisfy one’s own lusts and desires.
Many teach this doctrine. You can have wealth here and now. You must only seek after that which makes you happy. You must only care only for your own happiness.
You have heard these teaching stated in various ways, but all equal one think. Self-approval, self-reward, self-glory. The self.
The desire to come to work at the last minute or late, because it is inconvenient for you to come to work, and you only do it because you need money to indulge your other wants and desires. This is the self.
Taking advantage of others for your own glory and reward. This is the self.
Hording all your wealth for your own personal wants and desires in this world. This is the self.
If you find that others call themselves “Christian” live totally different then you. If those that say they are “Christian” seek to help others and you look at them and see them as blind misguided. In reality it is you that are blind and misguided and should in no way call yourself “Christian,” for in reality you aren’t.
If you hear people say that to seek after your reward here is this life is not truly seeking after God. This is real Christian teachings.
If you hear people say that Jesus will physically return to this planet and upon that day the Mt. of Olives will split in half. That is real Biblical teachings.
If someone names a day for the return of Jesus, understand that the Bible makes it clear that only God Himself knows the day of Christ return and none of the creation can know what the Creator knows. If that someone that named a day and it comes and goes without Christ, as it should happen as stated above. Yet they go and say it was a “spiritual” happening. Know that they are liars and tools and followers of the father of lies. So to them the “god” they worship is not the true God, but Lucifer, the angel that was cast out for his personal desire is to be worshipped and they are giving him his greatest desire.
Galatians 1 makes it very clear that ANY that say they are giving the good news, and profess to be saying or doing the will of God or Jesus Christ and it does not fall in line with what is written in the Bible are twice over cursed.
If they say you can get your reward now. They are cursed. If they say we are in a spiritual tribulation. They are cursed. I am not judging. I am not saying this. This is the words of the Bible and per 2 Timothy 4:1-5 I am simply reproving, rebuking and exhorting. Any that would accuse me of judging are themselves doing the judging and so it is they that most remove the timber form their eyes before they seek after my splinter.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: What is righteous anger?

That is a question I am now contemplating. I just blew up. I reached my limit of hearing the word of God perverted beyond recognition.
What caused Christ’s righteous anger?
His Father’s temple had been turned into a den of thieves.
The temple was designed to worship God. It was made for prayer and study and meditation upon the Word of God. The Pharisees allowed money changers and merchants of sacrificial livestock into this holy place. Why? To steal from the pilgrims that traveled long distances to fulfill their obligation to God.
The thieves you see were the Pharisees themselves, for they took a large percentage of the profits as their “fees.” It was their hypocrisy, their false interpretation of the Bible that caused His righteous anger.
Hearing the polluted garbage of the false analysis of God’s Word I just couldn’t stand back and hear it anymore.
To have God and His Son so falsely represented. To hear the Jewish people and Christians alike be denigrated and defamed any further. I just couldn’t stand by and allow it in my presence any further.
Was I right to explode?
All I know is that to hear someone say they are “Christian” and live their live and say their insight into the Word of God was so completely and absolutely opposite even a poor interpretation of the Holy Bible. To have them say with absolute conviction and sincerity that their belief were the true translation of God’s Word; when even a seven year old would question what is read in the pages of the holy manuscript compared to the statements that left this person’s mouth.
I just don’t know for sure. The part of me that knows the Bible says no, yet at the exact same time it says.
All I hear in my head is:
Galatians 1:6 – I am shocked that you are turning away so soon from God, who called you to himself through the loving mercy of Christ. You are following a different way that pretends to be the Good News 7 but is not the Good News at all. You are being fooled by those who deliberately twist the truth concerning Christ. 8 Let God’s curse fall on anyone, including us or even an angel from heaven, who preaches a different kind of Good News than the one we preached to you. 9 I say again what we have said before: If anyone preaches any other Good News than the one you welcomed, let that person be cursed.

God is to be our focus

There is an air of change in the wind. A change that Christianity can say is for the better.
However, that does not mean to be less vigilant. In fact it is just the opposite.
Too long the Christian community took our place in this nation for granted. As a result sin is on an up rise. That which is wrong and evil has become welcome and commonplace. This has not changed, nor do I see it going away anytime soon.
Within our elementary schools, boys and girls are confused about their very sex. All due to a constant onslaught from those that live in sin and desires all others to partake of their sorrow and damnation. Christians are still not allowed to talk freely in schools or in fact most of society without fear of reprisal from those who embrace sin.
Just because the winds have changed for the moment. Does not mean they turn once again against us. In fact the odds are still in favor of those who live in sin over those who strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.
It is due to taking things for granted that allowed the murderer of the unborn. Owing to not staying vigilant it allowed Obama to come to power, which resulted in the birth of ISIS. Due to not keeping our focus upon God sinners lifestyles were shoved upon those that stated they did not want it where they lived.
We cannot stop praising God. We cannot stop praying. We must take action in the world to reclaim this nation for God. To take it away from those who embrace and cherish sin.
Do not sit back just because things look better, for as long as the core is still corrupt. It will fester to the surface once again.

The distraction merchants

These are those that cause you not to place God at the center of your life. They cause you to think of you and of them, but not God.
They come in the form of music, television, movies, books, sports and themselves. They tell you to do as they do. To live as they live, to think as they think. They say “I am your god, for I know better than you. I am smarter than you!”
What is sad is that people worship them, as if they are God. They do listen, and they do live their lives under the edicts of these fellow humans, which in the eyes of God are equal to those they wish to lead and master. Making of them subservient slaves to their will and command.
It has been this way for centuries. There is nothing really new here. It is just wrapped in a newer and brighter wrapping.
We know of a few of them. For some were so horrid in their actions and demands that it caused them to be remembered. A mark upon the history of humankind that due to their blemish upon it none can forget. But most of those that seek dominion over their fellows shall and have been forgotten to all of humanity. Only God knows who they are or were. Yet those alive today think that they will be remembered. However they forget that only those that slaughtered were the ones remembered.
Yes we can partake of music, TV, movies, books and sports. But only in small portions. God must be the focal point in ALL that we do. God must be thought of and present in His light as we listen to music; as we watch TV and movies; as we read books other than the Bible. God must be the statistic we think of when we observe sporting events.
This is how we are to attack the distraction merchants and give all Glory to God though His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: A letter to my new congressperson


Since you are now MY new REPRESENTATIVE. I wish to introduce myself. Why did I capitalize “my” and “representative?”
Because, that is what you have chosen to be. Your views are now officially dead. You have pledged yourself to vote for what is best for those you now are the focal point for in the congress of this nation. You do not represent the northern part of this state, but the entire state.
I saw the vote. Yes, you did receive 55.5%, but there is still the other 44.5% that you still must equally represent. For it is nearly half of all those that voted.
I am one of this minority. For in my view your party does not represent my values in anyway shape or form.
I believe ALL are equal from the point of conception till they leave their body at the end of their life in this temporal plain of existence. No matter their race or personal lifestyle choices, which includes religion or the lack there of.
That means I see abortion as murder and a same sex relationship lifestyle choice as misguided and misinformed nurturing, but that is their choice, as is mine not to agree with it. This however does not make me and those like me wrong, nor does it make those that oppose my viewpoint right. This does not mean that the federal government has a say so in the matter either. This though is the dilemma you have chosen to take on.
It is your job to weight all the views of those you have decided to represent, not govern, but act for. Not just the 55% of those that voted for you, but the entire 100%.
If a law is passed that shows bias to either side it should be changed to be equal to all. For over sixty years the trend has been against those view and beliefs that I and many like me hold sacred.
The constitution is not something to be manipulated or interpreted, not even by the Supreme Court. Technically two Justices should be impeached. For the constitution states that as long as those in the office maintain “good behavior” (Article III Section 1) they can remain in office. At this time Justice Ginsburg and Justice Sotomayor have publicly displayed BAD behavior and should be removed from office. Only someone that will follow the constitution should ever be a Justice. These rulings that have violated the constitution, but were allowed by the SCOTUS should be revisited and looked at in this light ONLY. Once looked at in this light, things like abortion and the recent marriage issue would go back to the states as they were originally being addressed.
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” 10th amendment.
Now I do realize that some states were allowing these actions, while other states were not, but that is the point. Yes we are one nation, but we are also fifty states. This again goes back to my previous topic with you about whom you represent. 45% do not agree with your party, which does not mean you can impose your party’s views and values upon this group. This is a clear violation of the constitution, and the bill of right.
“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Preamble of the Constitution
To “promote the general welfare,” is to allow ALL the ability to live as they see fit. It does not say that this group will live better than that group. It means all groups will receive equal representation is all that matters. That is why I have no issue with those that do not think as I do. Yet, especially in the last eight years, my way of thinking and living has come under attack. Lawsuits because someone does not wish to make a cake and forcing someone to make something that hurts them if not physically, spiritually is not general welfare but selective misery. Christianity is now the most persecuted religion in the world. Is this the “blessing of liberty” the founding fathers spoke of? I think not. Yet this is what is being promoted by your party. The systematic destruction of my lifestyle choice.
You have chosen to be the representative of all your constituents, and now you are there to be that in congress. Are you up to being a true representative or are you there for the 55% and what your party tells you to do and vote? It is time for you to decide or to let me know now that my viewpoint means nothing to you. If it is the latter I will do my best to have your term in the congress be as short as possible, so enjoy your two years there if that is the case.

“God meets us where we’re at.”

This is a saying I hear a lot, but here is how I see it.
God promises all the chance to acknowledge that there is a god and He is that God (Romans 1). This is the first level of meeting. It does not offer full enlightenment, nor salvation. There are many out there that say there is a God, yet they show no other interest in their Creator. Others down right reject Him, even though they did encounter this first level, even if they do not wish to admit the truth.
Then the next level comes into play for those that wish to go to it. They see He is the one and only God and so seek to know more. They read the Bible, and some insight begins. They decide to attend a church and seek to know more. However here confusion sets in. Why? Because many within the churches follow conflicting interpretations of the Bible and so doubt and bewilderment sets in for the majority of these.
It is at this point that many seek salvation and do receive it. Yet their awareness of God and His desires are limited and lacking. Many at this point fall back into the world even though they see themselves as saved (2 Peter 2).
What many don’t understand is that when you seek salvation you are making a commitment to God and His Son, Jesus Christ the Messiah. It is here that we are required to study the Bible, not just read it, but learn it. To come to know the Word of God and in so doing come to know God Himself.
Studying means to seek the true meaning of the teachings of Jesus and His apostles. Also the interaction between the Old and the New Testaments. To know the meaning of words in the Bible as they were originally written in the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. As well as in the context it was stated in originally. This is something that takes years to accomplish, and at each stage, in the growth, God gives us more insight into Him and the truth.
The more we know the Word of God, the more we truly understand God and His plan. We realize just how small we are in His great plan, which is humbling and rewarding at the same time.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the attitude of feeling special/elect/above others

I need to start this article with a situation I have observed in my life:

At my job there are different sections of a process to make a very large product. Three to be exact.
The first two are found within the same building and the workforce coexist very well, even though you can see the divide between them. Not just physically, but in a visceral sense as well. The other section though is off by itself. Most of those workers have been at this place of employment for a long time, and they for the most part make the highest salaries, and there is good cause for this.
In the last two years though there have been layoffs and the workforce has shrunk. This has resulted, due to this being a union a shop, that some of those in the separate area have been demoted and moved into the main building with the rest of the workforce.
I like to say “hi” to folks. Its the way I am, mainly due to spending most of my live in the south. For years the office workers, who are not included within the workforce I have described above, would turn their heads or avert their eyes to avoid eye contact and thus avoid a “hi” from me. Now the people that were moved into the main building do the exact same thing. Now on some level I can understand the office personal, even though deep down I know their behavior is incorrect, but now these folks? No. they are like me. We make the same money and work on the same product. Yet they see themselves as special, above the rest of us.
Now I went through this to make a point. All of humanity is exactly the same, especially in the eyes of God. Yet there are those that see themselves as better, different, special. Above all others.
I see this from those that think humans must rule humanity. I also see it in those that feel they are special because they see themselves as being “saved.” However their actions are those of the unsaved. To be more exact. Their actions and behavior is like that of the Pharisees. Why this comparison?
Even though the Pharisees were the religious power in Jerusalem in the time Jesus first walked amongst us. They did not follow the laws set forth in the Torah. They added rituals and works to draw attention to themselves. All they sought to do was gratify themselves. Jesus called them out this, which started the ball rolling to His crucifixion and resurrection. Because both God and Jesus knew this is how they would react, for it challenged not only their authority, but their selfish lust and desires to be the focal point of the people.
Proverbs says this:
18:12 – Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.
Too many fall into this trap of haughtiness. I myself have fallen into this in the past, but I awoke to my sin and have sought to correct it.
No human is better or greater than any other. Be they the same or different if form, color or language. All humanity is equal, and any who seek to be above any other sins against God.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Opening up to the fact that you may be wrong

First and foremost, I must say that I have been wrong in my interpretation of the Bible in the past. For all I know I may still be wrong. Why? Because I did not study the Word of God correctly. At first I just read it. Not understanding that what I was reading was a translation made by humans. Who interpreted the Bible the way they saw it. This is shown as fact when you read the NIV Bible. It has important phrases removed or changed, which we are told in Galatians 1 not to do. However this post is not about me or those that have sinned against God by not translating the Bible correctly. It is about those that do not wish to see the truth.
I interact with many. I interrelate with Catholics, and those that think they are the “select.” I interact with atheist and homosexuals. One think that always stands out is an unwillingness to say: “I am wrong.”
I have also seen what the cause of this steadfast is. Selfishness.
They do not wish to hear that how they think of God and the Bible is wrong. Simply because they are happy with where they are with their beliefs. It allows them to live their lives the way they want.
They see that if they see the truth and accept the truth, they will have to follow the Word of God. Which will cause them to have to stop living the way they wish to live. They enjoy their sin. They live in and for their temporal happiness. Not even acknowledging that this live we now live is fleeting and simply a test to see that we will see and recognize and then follow Jesus Christ and His Father our Creator.
To them this acceptance is too humbling. They must abdicate their throne as king or queen of their own lives. Too many place the self before anything or anyone, especially God. However the Bible makes it clear that God and the teachings of the Bible are to be first in the lives of those that submit to His will. It is something too much for most to concede and accept. Which is a very sad statement when you truly realize the truth.

What is beyond this life?

This is a question many ask. This is an answer that should be a quick reply to those that call themselves “Christian,” but too few can. Which is extremely sad. Not just because they cannot respond quickly, but it is due to the fact that they themselves do not know the answer.
Here is what we do know.
First and foremost all of humanity, saint and sinner are promised an eternal body (1 Corinthians 15:53). This is a concept that most cannot get their minds around. They see this temporal existence as all there is. This goes not only for those that do not accept the Son of God as the Savior, but also for those that do.
This is why so many seek after rewards in this life. Why they seek after a huge home, an expensive car, clothes, luxuries. All those things which are temporary compared to a billion years are more important to them than their eternal life. This is why so many, who invest all into a hundred years will not see a reward in the billions of years yet to come.
At the end of the Bible these words are written:
Revelation 21: Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had disappeared. And the sea was also gone. 2 And I saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven like a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.
3 I heard a loud shout from the throne, saying, “Look, God’s home is now among his people! He will live with them, and they will be his people. God himself will be with them. 4 He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.”
The implication is there will be a new Big Bang. A new universe. A new earth. One where there is no ocean. One where God Himself will leave Heaven and live with the immortal humanity, who will be in service and worship unto Him. They will do this within the huge cubical city of New Jerusalem.
As for those that live in the now and deny God. Their reward is told about as well. A place within the pit of fire. An eternal living example of the free-will choice to deny God. Their life will be eternal pain and agony, because they sought to place themselves above God. They are there not because of a vengeful God, but because they themselves rejected God and His eternal reward of a home within New Jerusalem. When they are not serving God elsewhere in the new universe.
We also know that there will be new mortal beings that once again sin. We are but a peg in an eternal plan. The question I have. Is this how it was for the angels? Did they go through a similar temporal existence?
These are questions that should go through all Christian’s minds. For if they truly studied the Bible they would not worry or care about the here and now. For what is a hundred years in comparison to the plan of God that doesn’t even matter to a few hundred years, nor a few million. But a plan that is designed to take billions of years to seek the point of completion and perfection that can only be achieved by God through His wisdom.