A lull in the storm

Do not become relaxed. Do not become complacent. To some degree the United States has entered into a time of where the storm of evil has been held back. However we should not stop praying, we should not stop watching and listening for acts and attacks by those that are evil.
Sin is still welcomed in this nation. The children of darkness still scream at the top of their lungs that they have been robbed of their dreams of darkness and corruption. The last act of the precursor of the little horn was again to show his disdain and hatred toward the chosen of God. Yet the true damage is already done. The last beast has risen from the sea. The beast from which the true little horn will arise is in play. The echo of the little horn has fulfilled the task given unto him in God’s eternal plan.
However the damage he has done to this nation has left a scar upon it. A festering wound that can only be healed with true repentance. A true awakening by more than those that now see the truth. The Word of God needs to be preached louder than ever. For the return of Christ is close, but before He does many will suffer and die. Both physically and spiritually.
More signs than ever before point to Jesus Christ’s soon return. He told those with eyes and those with ears what to look for and what to listen for. False prophets run rampant and cause the blind to think they are special and better than all others. Earthquakes are on the rise. There are wars and rumors of wars. Division between the races and the languages are on the rise, another aspect that the precursor was given power to do has been fulfilled.
The times of peace are behind us. Times will look to be improving but in actuality the darkness will still be just under the surface pushing and seething to rupture into the light once again only this time to totally engulf it.
All is under God’s eternal plan, but that does not mean we cannot act. Due to our free will that He bestowed unto all humanity we must take action. We must fight evil on all levels. Not just in prayer, but in denying power, money and control to those that would seek to follow their base human lusts and desires. One of which is the desire to rule, control and dominate those that they see as inferior and ignorant. This is the core desire of one party in this nation. The party that was denied its queen of darkness.
But do not be deceived. Darkness is in the other party as well and given time there will be those within that will try to twist what is right into something dark as well. This was made clear when those that sin against nature were embraced and welcomed into the fold. This is due to the festering wound that has torn this nation asunder.
This wound is an abandonment of a true understanding of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Too many hypocrites live daily in this land. Too many think they are one with God yet live within and of the world. Too many seek their rewards in the now instead of building their reward in the eternal life to come. Too many deny the true image of God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. It is due to this that when the storm returns it will be devastating and wreak havoc across the church and this nation.

One comment

  1. The churches of America have grown theologically soft with no depth of understanding. The church is filled with sheep and we need to guard ourselves from having our ears tickled. Evil is all around us and seeks to infiltrate our lives in various ways: television shows, sports, pornography, entertainment, politics, etc. What matters is the righteousness of Christ bestowed on believers and then us telling the world about our Savior. Great post. I am seeing the same writing on the wall.

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