Month: April 2015

So you want to dress up for church

Early in my faith I was in the balcony of a large church. I was watching the group of people moving about below me as they looked for a good spot to sit in the pews below.
I noticed one woman waving her hand to another and I could read her lips as she said; “I love your hat.”
I said; “Really” to myself… soon after I stopped going to this church. It has since fallen on rough times and is now small compared to its heyday.
In Matthew 6: 31-32 Christ states we are not to do as the gentiles do seeking after clothes that look fancy as well as what to drink or eat. As long as we place God first our material needs will be met by Him, does that mean they have to be extravagant? No, for what it took to get them can be used to please God in some form rather than your own personal ego. Yet many churches say nothing about this lavishness.
As a result those without the money to dress up are left out of the Glory of God. So they turn their back upon God seeing these wonton people singing in all their splendor and self-glory.
This is not the way of the Lord people. This is the way of the world and is not an example of God but of humans seeking after their own selfish desires and glorification.

My Burden

My burden is for those that have asked Jesus Christ to be their Savior yet they live in the world. These are the “lukewarm” mentioned in Revelation 3:15-16.
But why are they my burden? Because I was nearly one of them, and yet I still do not believe I am free to fully say I am not one. In 2 Peter 2 the world we now live within is shown and in particular in verses 20 -22 it shows those that are the lukewarm and they are fallen away from their salvation. It is made clear that it would be better for them if they had never asked Christ into their hearts.
We are to watch out for one another, help and strengthen those within the body so they can avoid this fate yet more and more fall into the trap of the world and its rewards instead of working toward the great reward promised unto us beyond this temporal live.
Too many fall into the trap of temporal rewards not being reminded that it is not this live but the next in which we are to look for our rewards. Our lives are to be tough. We are to be despised, not only for the outside but from those within that have lost their ways, which is more than those that have not. Too often excuses are made, too often exceptions are allowed.
Do I expect what I say to be welcomed? No, but I will not back down either. I have backed down once before. I allowed the world and the lukewarm to knock me down and dishearten me, but I will no longer do so. I accept this as a pruning of my branch has is described in John 15 for I wish to bear more and sweeter fruit for God through my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.
Why? Because I wish no one to be left behind that thought themselves to be welcomed within the arms of God only to find out either on the day of the Rapture or when they stand before God during the Great White Throne Judgment that they were in reality the grey, the lukewarm for Christ. For Jesus made it clear their fate will not be one they expected and it is something that I personally never wish to witness but I know I will. I wish to know that at the very least I tried to help them for that is what we are supposed to do.

“Just go for it!”

These are the words that someone fully engrossed into a sinful life was encouraging another person to join them in their sin. When I heard this by accident on a show designed for teenagers to watch I fully understood something that has always been at the back of my mind but this gave it credence.
It is far easier to sin then it is not to sin. This is why throughout the Bible we are told to teach our children of God and of what He expects of us so they will be able to resist such temptations as this person encountered in this show. What is worse is that it actually made it to the television screen.
Too long people that profess to be “Christian” watch shows like this and allow their children to do the same. We are told to turn from sin and to gather together to strengthen ourselves so we can avoid such temptations. Is this being done now? No for if it were these shows would have never made into our homes. They would be blocked and our children would be told not to give support to these networks and to turn our attentions to better things. In time if the show actually aired it would soon be dropped due to low ratings. Instead it is watched and none truly do anything about it.
It is far too easy to fall into sinful ways then not too. The latter is an ongoing struggle for we are clearly warned in 2 Peter 2 that in the end times many that thought themselves saved will fall away into sin. Yet we can allow God to win if we so desire, but it will take courage, strength of will and a willingness to turn from such encounters as was shown in this show and it also takes courage to turn off the show and even block the network. If more do this you may be surprised at the results.

2 Peter 2: 20 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning. 21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. 22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.

All liars

In Revelation it is made clear the fate of certain types of sinners (Rev. 21:8), it is not a pleasant one.
When John penned his vision he placed more emphasis upon liars for he says “all liars.”
Liars in the Greek is pseudes psyoo-dace’; untrue, i.e. erroneous, deceitful, wicked:–false, liar.
Not only are liars considered tellers of falsehoods, but they are called wicked and they deceive. It is these people that lead others down the wrong paths. Paths they themselves know lead to sin yet they willingly do so for their own selfish wants and desires.
Many are seen nearly daily on television, many govern nations.
They are caught in their lies yet few say a word against them and many follow them eagerly into an eternal fate I wish upon no one.
We have the power to stop them, yet most would rather sit home and do nothing. This is not what stewards of Christ are to do. We are not to sit and let the liars rule our nation or our airwaves. We are to spread the Word of God and to show them the errors of their ways and to replace them with God fearing people that will honor the ways of God through the teachings of the Bible.
I am but a leaf upon the wind of the internet. I catch the eyes of a view here and there, but when they do see these words they need to act, they need to respond. They need to get out there and shout for the glory of the Lord and not allow the liars to lead more towards an eternity that will not be filled with the glories and wonders of all of God’s creation.
Liars are destine to eternal sadness. A sadness that is too horrible to even comp template. What in this temporal world is so rewarding so gratifying that you would knowingly turn your back upon God and with this same insight lead others to a fate nearly as bad if not as bad as your own?
A lack of understanding of what is in store for all with their eternal everlasting bodies that will be given to all be they a sinner or not. The only difference is where our bodies will be located. In one spot upon this planet in the backwater of the universe or throughout the entire universe exploring the magnificence of God’s power and intelligence.
So why would you willing continue to be a liar? I was one myself, but I am no more, for I have learned of the love of God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Do not seek after that which you have not earned.

Why this title? Because too many have become poor stewards to their own lives. In Luke 16 Jesus discusses poor stewardship.
In Luke 16: 11 Jesus makes this statement.
“If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?”
Jesus makes it clear that if you cannot faithful manage mammon (money) which is also “unrighteous” then who could trust you with the true riches of salvation. In actuality it appears the word “riches” was added for there is no listing of a word after “true” which in this context means that which is of God’s and thus the implication of salvation or God’s rewards.
Now people will say how do you earn salvation? You do not. It is freely given, but it is not something that stays with you it is something that must be worked upon and nourished to grow.
True salvation is not a onetime event and you are done with it. It is something that must be nurtured and grown for if you do not it will fall away from you and you will return to the world.
As Jesus was trying to show in his parable it is something that must be managed and one way of doing this is to be a good steward of the gifts that have been given unto which includes money. It must be earned as will and not give unto us as a hand out to a beggar. Yet too many today are beggars, taking that which they have not earned and as a result squander and waste it.
God looks upon them as poor stewards of the “unrighteous mammon.”
Jesus made it clear that if they are such poor stewards to this then how can He trust them to manage that which He will give unto them?

The murderer of Christianity

It is not a quick death, but a slow poisoning. The poison is not only being ingested from an outside source, but it is within the Body itself. Many that profess to be “Christians” do not live as Christians and so many fall away not seeing any difference between the secular and the non-secular.
Some buildings that call themselves “churches” are nothing more than gathering halls to spread the latest fade for the month. Self-improvement seminars, how to become wealthy lectures as well as other wonderful meetings are held at these wondrous places that say they worship God. When in reality they serve only human needs and desires, not those needs and desire that God Himself requested of us as we profess to be His children.
It is these types of behavior that shows to the world that maybe there is no God. For they are seeking what those that call themselves “Christians” seek after, but this is not what true Christians truly seek.
When those that truthfully try to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ they many times find themselves standing alone. Wondering why no one else desires what they do. They talk to others of the “body” and these folks look at them funny and make the one truly seeking after God feel awkward and uncomfortable. This usually happens early in the person growth for God and so they fall into the trap and feel they are the ones in the wrong when in reality they are the ones in the right. And so another child of God is led down the poisonous path of destruction fully unaware that they are doing so. Blinded by the material world and distractions buried within it.
Am I just spouting words out? No. How do I know this is real? Because I lived it and found myself falling from God’s grace till I nearly came to loss His protection and love. I witness it about me as I searched for a church home form mega-churches to little ones, and most were found wanting, especially the former of the two.
Yet most do not even realize they are not really living for God as one generation to the next continues the cycle of ignorance to the truth within the Bible all mainly due to the fact that none truly read it. Letting the leader of their group spout out message after message of rhetoric never acknowledging that they too have no true concept of the Bible themselves. All living the life of the Pharisees placing all but God first.
Learn the Bible. Honor God and turn from sin and do not allow sin into your places of worship unless they do so to repent and forsake the ways of the world, which we are taught within the Bible that we must do!

A Purging

In John 15 Jesus teaches the disciples about those that are within the body of Christ. Now I have mentioned other parts of this in other postings, but now I wish to discuss the “taking away” or “purging” that God will put us through time to time.
In this discussion of Jesus the Vine He mentions that His Father is the caretaker of the vine and that he will prune the branches time to time so as to allow them to bear more fruit.
It is the pruning that this posting is about. When you prune a plant. You do not just do it once. It is a continual and ongoing task, especially during the growing season. What God wishes to prune or purge is our sins. Even though we have asked Christ into our hearts these verses within John 15 shows all that even though we are saved we continue to sin. Any and all can agree upon this as they should. If they do not agree then they have a misunderstanding of the Bible and need to be corrected and shown these verses and have them explained to them. Anyway, back on topic.
So this purging that we must continue to go through throughout our entire temporal life is something we all must endure. Sometimes it will be easy. Other times we may have to go through a terrible event to cause us to awaken and allow God to clean us and make us better for Him. The death of someone you love, your home being burned down, floods, tornadoes. These are all examples of extreme events and they all place a strain upon us and in most times a strain in our believes. It is through such things as well as the easier things like a simple argument can be things that make us change our ways in a manner that is a bless unto us and ultimately God. What is the final goal in all this is to be a better servant to God and unto all of God’s creation. We are being taught to be the co-rulers of this earth during the Thousand Year Reign of Christ, which is just another step in our eternal service to God.
It is through this purging of this sin and then that sin that God places these burdens upon us. How else could he cause us to truly learn and change? As I mentioned before it is like growing up all over again just spiritually instead of physically. Is this not why Jesus stated we must be born-again in the spirit? We come into our salivation as new-born babes that need to be nurtured and supported. So we must seek out a good church home. My personal recommendation is a small church not a large one, for it is too easy to get lost in the crowd in a large one. Then when you are a spiritual teen you start to do things on your own, but still God tests and cleans you. Then one day you can be a spiritual adult. Someone that has the knowledge and the wisdom to offer up nuggets of insight into the wonders of God’s glory until it is time that he either calls you into heaven for a short time or the Rapture itself occurs. Only time will tell whichever is to be first.

Confessions of a screwed up Middle-aged man: I was in a discussion

So the other day I was in a discussion and someone made this statement:
“I’m pretty sure Jesus would be happy to bake a cake for a gay wedding”
My reply:

“… I am sure he would as well. Then talk to them and before it was over the wedding would be cancelled and a year later both would be married to someone of the opposite sex.”

In the Bible it is made clear that Jesus dined with sinners. It is also clear as in the example of the adulteress that Jesus stated he that is without sin cast the first stone and then walked over to the woman and stated that she is to sin no more.
So I fully support my reply. I can see Jesus actually presenting a cake at a gay wedding but I can also see Him talking to all present and upon that day everyone in the room would turn from their sins and become Christian. I know with all my heart that Christ would give an interesting parable and look to the couple that were about to wed and they would see Jesus in all his glory and they would turn from their sin and would in fact call off the wedding.
For Christ said to honor all the commandments, which is not just the ten most heard, but it is every law in the book of Exodus and Leviticus presented after Moses descended from Mt. Sinai.
In this commandments it clearly states that man shall not lie with man and so is called a sin. Since the two grooms will have their eyes opened to this they will turn from their sin and live a life that will be seen as righteous in the eyes of the Christ the one that had given them their cake and told them that they cannot eat it too.

Either or?

The other day my pastor posted this question on facebook:
“Should the word of God influence people’s lives or should the lives of people influence the word of God?”
This is a straight forward question and most answered correctly, which is the word of God influences people’s lives. Unfortunately not all answered this way. The answer they presented was this convoluted response that ended equally saying it was actually both.
Here is what Jesus says on this question:
Revelation 3:15-16 – I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
These are verses I keep coming to time and again as I type out my posting. Why? Because this is something not being taught within many churches today. They teach you that God and Jesus loves you and wants you, but they do not emphasize the need to grow in your faith.
Now why do I say grow in your faith? Because it is an ongoing ever changing process. Do you go from a newborn babe to an adult in one day? No you do not. It takes years. I know men that are in their fifties that still behave like they are in their early teens. It is this believe that once you reach a certain point you do not need to do anymore.
This is the furthest thing from the truth. A truth I had to learn the hard way. A truth that cost me all my personal possessions and the disillusion of my second marriage.
God makes it perfectly clear it is either black or white. There is no grey area. You follow His word and you are changed or you are not and you stay the same which is of the world.
You cannot be both of God and of the world. You cannot serve two masters.
Jesus makes it very clear the result. He would rather you be cold or black for Him then to be a grey a lukewarm. Now really try and think upon this. Jesus would rather you deny Him then to have asked Him into your life and you choose to live in the grey areas of your relationship with Him.
Here is an extreme example just to get the point across. Say someone is a striper, female or male, and becomes saved. They must now make an extremely hard choice. They must now decide to follow the entire Bible or to ignore this verse or that verse. This is equal to the adulteress which was going to be stoned and Jesus stepped in and stopped it. He then turned to the woman and said “Now go and sin no more.”
The striper who makes thousands of dollars in a week must now give up this job for a minimum salary job, because they did not bother to improve their minds to get a better paying job. Following the Bible cost them in the world, but the hardship that is to follow strengthens them and makes them ready for the next struggle. For if God wishes to use us He will place us through many trails. Each one tearing away a sin that is within us. Ever striving to become as pure as possible even though we shall fall short. It is when we live our life’s like this is when we are seen with favor form Him, for He sees that we are moving up the narrow and winding road, filled with its rocks and nails toward Him and our final reward which is an eternal life. A life that will last billions of years and all for His glory.
So to reaffirm the answer to the question my pastor posted you must be white and hot for God by letting the word of God influence how we are to live our life for Him as is prescribed for us within the word of God… the Bible.

The Pharisees dilemma

Jesus’ greatest adversary was not Rome nor was it the violent radicals that sought the removal of Rome by force. In actuality his greatest adversary was those in control of the Jewish Religion. Why? Because Christ threatened their income. Not their believes even though many of these were not as God ordained or their faith, but their greed for they had turned their back upon God to become rich.
This is still true today, but it is no longer just the high priest of the Jewish religion that are an issue, but those of the Christian faith as well. No matter the church within Christendom it is all governed by greed and money for the most part even though they may say otherwise and profess against this statement. A church organization is a business period. Of course there are a few exception as it was in the time of Christ. There are those that buck the system and do not follow the doctrines established by this group or that group.
What they do follow is the very Word of God. Too many times if you challenge the system you become a target, something to be looked down upon. Your believes are challenged and called wanting. You are even accused of judging because you stand upon the foundation of the Bible even though you know that what you say is right and true yet they try and make you stagger and fall because you words were too harsh to follow, to narrow, they want it all be on the wide path to God. A path that actually goes nowhere, because having it so wide allows more cash to flow into the business.
Yet this is the path the modern Pharisees wish all to follow for it keeps their coffers full and their months fed. They teach you the kindness of God the niceness of Jesus, but they refuse to tell of the verses that condemn and require change within a person’s soul. A change that separates you from the world. A world they wish you to stay within. A world full of lies and corruption. Not telling you that you must live a life that gives glory to God. A life in which you try not to sin and in time stop that sin then you must face a new sin that was already there but not addressed and so your journey toward Christ continues. Ever changing ever growing, having bad fruit removed with good fruit that is pleasing to God.
Yet this is not the fruit they wish you to bear. They wish you to bear the fruit of indulgence and equality for all that live in sin. Yet we are told that we must separate ourselves from it. They say our numbers must grow so that more will be saved, but it is not the people that are wishing to save but the cash. Something they can horde for themselves and live a luxurious life while those that need it most look on in suffering and sorrow. We are told we cannot serve two masters, yet many within the hierarchy of most of today’s churches have become Pharisees.
It is time for a new grassroots movement. A movement that was like that of Jesus Christ’s, for His followers were thousands of everyday people and only a couple of the Pharisees. It was a true grassroots movement. Does this mean to leave your church of your choice? By all means no, but it does mean become an active member within it. Bringing about change when it is needed and removing the chaff so that the purity of God can be seen within it.
For far too long the churches of God have been silent as those that wish to remove God from the world have been shouting, deriding and attacking not only God but Christendom as a whole. For far too long there have been no true voices shouting in our defense and it is sorely needed, especially in times when thousands of Christians are being murdered throughout the world. If today’s Pharisees will not do it then the masses must do so.