Confessions of a screwed up Middle-aged man: I was in a discussion

So the other day I was in a discussion and someone made this statement:
“I’m pretty sure Jesus would be happy to bake a cake for a gay wedding”
My reply:

“… I am sure he would as well. Then talk to them and before it was over the wedding would be cancelled and a year later both would be married to someone of the opposite sex.”

In the Bible it is made clear that Jesus dined with sinners. It is also clear as in the example of the adulteress that Jesus stated he that is without sin cast the first stone and then walked over to the woman and stated that she is to sin no more.
So I fully support my reply. I can see Jesus actually presenting a cake at a gay wedding but I can also see Him talking to all present and upon that day everyone in the room would turn from their sins and become Christian. I know with all my heart that Christ would give an interesting parable and look to the couple that were about to wed and they would see Jesus in all his glory and they would turn from their sin and would in fact call off the wedding.
For Christ said to honor all the commandments, which is not just the ten most heard, but it is every law in the book of Exodus and Leviticus presented after Moses descended from Mt. Sinai.
In this commandments it clearly states that man shall not lie with man and so is called a sin. Since the two grooms will have their eyes opened to this they will turn from their sin and live a life that will be seen as righteous in the eyes of the Christ the one that had given them their cake and told them that they cannot eat it too.

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