Month: May 2014

Steel Blue

In all my life, I feel I can honestly say I have never truly seen steel blue eyes until very recently. I have seen them depicted in comic books. I have read their description in books, but to have actually seen them for real is just amazing.
I have looked into various women’s eyes more times than I would like, but I have never been lucky in that department. My two marriages both lasted around a decade. Both of them had hazel eyes. I enjoyed looking into those eyes, especially for the first one. The first girl I could call a girlfriend had blue eyes, but not much you can think of doing but playing when you are five.
Then I saw those eyes that were the brightest pale blue I have ever seen, and I wished I were a younger man. I thought I had crossed a line in my maturity the day I watched a Taylor Swift video and thought, “she would be a wonderful daughter.” Now here I am wanting to hold a young woman and just stare into her eyes and get lost in them in between kisses.
Dare I ask? I do not know.

The eternal body

What will it be like having a body that will last for all eternity? That is one of those questions that occur to me every once in a while. What will it be like? I know it will not be overweight, that I have no doubt. I know there will be no need for glasses. To live for millions of years will be interesting. Will we be able to travel throughout the universe with just a thought and suddenly we are there? That is one of those things we will have to see.
There are those that believe that the human race can in time reach the next evolutionary step, which can include an eternal body. Many of these though do not want to reach this next step through God.
The thing is it is promised to us already. Long before many even theorized the concept of the next evolutionary step is was already promised to us in a book many would deny is the truth. Even those in the church call the book of Revelation just a story.
I remember that day like it was yesterday, but I know I was nineteen at the time. I decided to go to a church that had been built directly behind my parents’ house where I still lived at the time. I will not mention which denomination. As I sat in the pew and joined in the service I wondered if I could make this my church home. Then the minister finally started to talk. The first thing out of his mouth was that Revelation was a fairy tale. I was dumbfounded. He went on to tell all those there that it was just a story filled with things can cannot happen. It is true that the event within the book of Revelation may not have happened yet, but I know the difference between fiction and prophesy.
The Bible has many prophesies. All that deal with events in the past have come true. Is there evidence that the prophesies in Revelation are starting to happen? Yes.
This then leads to those that desire for the day when we will receive our undying bodies. Bodies promised to us in the book of Revelation. Bodies that will be upon the new earth for all eternity, but there are those like me that desire to travel throughout God’s vast creation of the universe. Serving the Lord in His immense creation that is beyond measure.

The ongoing rebirth of the Church

Since Jesus made Paul his thirteen disciple, we have witnessed more than once the rebirth of the Church. Sometime it changed by the simple posting of doctrines on a door. Other times with blood being shed.
This was not the promise to Israel though. They have been promised to be the first children of God and so they have not had to go through a true rebirth. Have they been through trial? Yes, and many would say they still are.
Since we Christians have been given the blessing of becoming the thirteen tribe of God. The true essence of free will has been reinstated.
Within Revelation in the second and third chapters are letters to seven churches. Each reflects the acts of free will and their results. Be they good or bad.
This is why the Christian church as a whole has gone through these rebirths. Now we can learn from the trials of Israel. Within this nation, there have been intercession. Usually by their leader or prophet. We within the Christian church have those that have intervened. For example Martin Luther. He intervened due to the corruption within the Catholic Church and as a result, the church was reborn, once again focused on God and His Word. This rebirth is seen in Israel as well, but it is not manifested as highly as it has been for those of the Christian faith.
It is now once again time for rebirth with in the Christian church on whole. We have pedophiles hidden and protected within the Catholic Church. We have churches that support same sex marriage, abortion and greed. Many teach that we are too seek reward from God now. That God is our servant not the other way around. Many just sit by waiting for someone to say something. Mostly though when someone does say something they are ignored and called troublemakers. Seems I have heard many in the Old Testament called the same.
It is now that there is a need for a rebirth of the Church. Once again, we need to return our focus unto God and His Word. Stop burying your heads in the sand as the world falls to those that do not follow the way of the light. It is now that we must shout our faith and stand for the teachings within the Bible

A warrior lost.

I was not old enough for the Vietnam War; by the time of the first Gulf War, I was too old. Was this for my good, or did it make me less of a person, I cannot say.
In some ways I do feel it did not allow me to mature as fast as I should, but from what I understand sometimes you can mature too quickly as war has a tendency to do. Yet again, I have been around several ex-military type that still lacking in maturity.
Now as I get closer and closer to retiring I look at my grey hair that has now become white. I wonder how much longer I will have to live in this body. A body that ages and falls apart.
In my senior year in High School they gave out that aptitude test that tell you, what they think you are best suited for. Me? They said I would make a great helicopter mechanic. It is amazing how things go full circle. Now I work for a company that manufactures helicopters. Some of which are used by the military. I have always liked aircraft. I enjoy making them. It is a very fulfilling job.
I have always been a planner, especially when it comes to traveling. Now I am planning for my ultimate trip. Not death and what lies beyond that until I get the new body promised to us all, but the traveling I have planned for my retirement years. It takes a warrior’s planning to map out finances and making choices as to where to go and when. The main factor will be the temperature though. It gets too hot, northward we will go. It gets too cold, south is the destination.
My biggest issues that has faced me to date had been getting around once I get to whatever destination I get to. I think I have solves that though, A Can-Am Spyder. That made picking what type of RV limited, but still not one hundred percent sure about that. Still time to think and plan on that, but I shall always feel like a warrior lost.

Have we forgotten this one?

One of the big things that the government is pushing is taking from those that have and giving to all those that do not. Is this this the right way to do thing? There are those that would scream yes. There are those that would scream no.
Here is how it should be looked at. You go to what you should have been taught as you grew up as I was. There is the last commandment that states: though shalt not covet.
To desire that which is not yours is what the government is telling many they must do. In the Bible in both Exodus and Deuteronomy it is spelled out in even more detail.
Deut. 5:21 Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbour’s wife, neither shalt thou covet thy neighbour’s house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or any thing that is thy neighbour’s.
To want what belongs to someone else you are coveting it. From the wife to the property and their money.
As someone once commented in another of my post this would be considered a law that is subjective. A law made by humans to satisfy a human’s desires.
When humankind thinks only of humankind then laws are made that do not truly value humankind. Man is by nature selfish and self-serving. Many may argue this point, but if you look about you at this very moment and truly look at how these rules and regulations are causing what was once a great nation and turning it into at best a second class nation.
I grew up in the cold war. I practice drills in school that made you get under your school desk to protect you from first a nuclear bomb and then tornadoes. An act especially for the former that was a futile gesture to give children some sense of safety that didn’t truly exist.
I watched the news where it showed the U.S.S.R. a country that “prided” itself for giving to all their citizens equally. For that was the true meaning of Socialism. What I saw on the news was lines of the common citizens of the nation. (By the way, we are common citizens.) What were they in line for you ask? They were standing in line to get rationed out food. Rationed out cloth to make clothes.
Simply, men in power had made laws. Laws which took from the common people and gave it not to those that were in need, but to themselves. These laws were subjective laws. These are the laws that are now being placed upon those of the United States.
Laws that are made, which cause people to think beyond their own selfishness and desires, are laws which are written by people who are thinking about something higher than humankind. They are thinking of what lies beyond this life on earth. These laws would be considered inherently good law. These are the laws this nation was founded upon. Laws that were first formulated by William Penn for the colony of Pennsylvania. William Penn who was a Quaker.
He once stated:
“Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.”
To be governed by God; Laws must be written not with humans as the goal of the law, but with God as the goal of the law. Those laws are inherently good for God is good. They are not subjective laws since placing God at the core of the law human influence is removed for the most part.
If one thinks: will this allow me to stand before God or not. It is then that the law will be formulated in the correct light that allows it to be equal and beneficial to all. It does this because it shows we are all equal under God, even if you do not believe there is a God you are still considered equal. When those that say there is no God rule, then the opposite will occur and all that is left is war, famine, and destruction.

Mountain Memories

I have loved the mountains since I was small. My father worked for a big corporation, but one of those guys that got transferred a lot. The thing is I think he took jobs that no one else would take so it would allow him to rise up the corporate chain more quickly.
The thing is it allowed me to spend my informative years in the west. I know from photo albums that I went through the Dakotas. I think I remember seeing Mount Rushmore. I know I saw mountains. Some in the distance, some up close. Sometimes even standing upon them.
I remember going to Little Big Horn and all I saw was rolling hills. I barely recollect the river at Great Falls, but I do remember the home we lived in. It was in a new suburb then. I also recall the winter and opening the front door and seeing snow all the way to the top of it due to being blown against the house. It was still very deep, my head scarcely allowed me to see over it has my older brother pushed his way out ahead of me as I followed him.
The house in Billings was older. There I got stunk by bees a lot. One thing I did enjoy was watching the planes take off from the airport which was atop a plateau next to the city. I have never truly been able to return to the west for a long period of time since I grew up. It is one of those things I truly regret.
The last time was in the west I was on I-40. It was summer and it was hot. One thing that amazed me though was where sections of the interstate either in Arizona or New Mexico that were actually build upon lava flows. It is something that people never even think twice about, but it was totally fascinating to me.
But back to the mountains. My best memories of mountains were in Salt Lake. Once again my father purchased a home in a new subdivision. The mountains were right there. Every day they were there. I loved those mountains. I would walk to school and church looking at them. They were beautiful. I would play in the field behind that house. It even had a sand dune in part of it. I learned to understand why they said Indians would bury people in ant hills. A few yard from my backyard I came upon a huge colony. It had to be a good yard in diameter. It was a fascinating and exciting time. I can honestly say I was happy. The happiest I have ever been.
I know I can never recapture those days ever again. I do wish to at the very least try to revisit some of those memories as I make new memories. Memories I know I will carry with me throughout all my live as I have carried those memories of my childhood.

Review: Xmen: Days of Future Past

Having read the Chris Clarmont storyline in the comics, I had an idea what to expect. That is not what I found. Again, I found characters out of date and reassigned to a different fate than the one in the original stories. Those that make movies are famous for do such thinks. Usually they do a good job. The plot like all the X-men movies have just thrown events at you that want you to see snap shots of the mutants’ abilities.
In this version, mutants that have people have wanted to see and see in action got their turn. Is it worth your time and money to go see? Sure why not.

Base storyline I give: 3 swords out of 5
Acting I give: 4 swords out of 5 swords.
Special effects: 4 swords out of 5.
Overall rating: 3.66 swords

Why is not God here in person?

My intent is to help those that ask the question in the title to think. There are those that will believe God does not exist. There are those that acknowledge God, but wonder why He is not walking amongst us right now. Is the response that follows the definitive answer to this question? I doubt it, but it is worth, at least, trying to answer.
What needs to made perfectly understood is that this is about free-will, the ability for each person to make choices. To make these choices though there needs to be an understanding of the facts in these selections. Some would be called common sense while others are reached through research and study, but they are still an act of free-will.
All of humankind are flawed. We all make decisions that hurt ourselves and/or others. It is due to this flaw that there is war, prejudice, neglect and the list goes on and on.
Does this flaw mean there is no God? No.
Free-will is this flaw, but it is a duel-edged blade.
When those with the ability to influence the masses understand that God does exist then things like laws come into being. These laws usually help people to make the right choices. On the opposite side of the coin, when God is removed from these laws horrors can take place. A prime example of this was Adolf Hitler and his inner circle. They did not believe in God, but believed man was the ultimate power on earth. As a result, laws were made that did not include God and as a result nearly 13 million people died horrible and unnecessary deaths.
When humans decide they are god, other humans die as seen not only in World War II Germany, but in ancient Rome as well. Two prime examples are Caligula and Nero. Both thought themselves to be gods. The former killed his mother, wife and slept with a horse as well as killing thousands of Christians for sport in the Coliseum. The latter burned Rome so he could make a new city named after himself, thus killing thousand more when he blamed it upon Christians.
So the very fact that humankind is here today shows there is a God, but why is he not here?
He is not here in person, because if you can believe in something that seems intangible then your belief is stronger than it is in something you can see and touch. If you can see something you can become oblivious to its meanings and purpose.
God is not here in person to allow those that wish to listen to their flawed mind and body to do so. For God is seeking the seeds from the chaff. Therefore, when the seeds are planted, within their faith, they will germinate causing new growth, as they are bathed in the light of God through knowledge and understanding. While the chaff, those that refuse to acknowledge His existence will become what they become. Some to the point of become like those before that placed themselves above God, just because they could not see God.
Humankind causes bad to happen in the world. All because humans have free-will, that is why it was called the forbidden fruit. For from this fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil God knew that only death and destruction would follow, which it has.

You need to have balance in your life.

We are to do things in moderation. If you were to look at a glass for those of the glass is half-full, half-empty types. Well moderation mean the glass is one forth full.
To do anything to excess is destructive, but there are those that spend more time worrying about a sporting event then they are spending it with the rest of the world about them. To have moderation is to have balance in your life. This is something we all deal with in our lives, even myself.
There are those that spend too much time at work. It is unfortunate that we have to work, but in today’s world, it is a necessity. Occasionally some must put some extra time into work, but I witness daily people that work well over the quitting time of their shift. This leads to ignoring a part of your life that needs your attention. If you do things in moderation then you have time to spend with many things that require your consideration. Time to be with your family. Time to spend in the Word and in pray. Time to help those in need. Time to keep healthy. Time to learn. Time to enjoy the beauties of nature.

Your mission if you should choose to accept it………… this message will never destruct especially not in 5 seconds

One thing that gets to me is this mentality within religions is that if you are not of this certain religion or come dressed into their place of worship a certain way you are something to be looked down upon. Jesus faced this same problem when he walked upon this earth in ancient Israel. It is something that I see everywhere and in every religion.

It is also wrong.

Jesus challenged the Pharisees over this behavior. Their reaction was to have Him hung upon a cross. They did not know that was his plan all along. Nor did they know He would rise from the dead three days later.

One of the main things Jesus taught and showed was that those of the faith should not sit in their little groups and hide from the world. They should not be looking down upon the world, thinking themselves better than others. That is not how it is meant to go.

Yes, there is a time when you need to stay within the church. This time is when you first come into your faith. Most have no idea what the Bible says. Therefore, they need to read it and be taught by those that have more knowledge then they do at that moment of the teaching of God and His Son.

We are not meant to stay there forever though. We are meant to become strong in the Word and our faith and then we are meant to go into the world and show the love of Jesus to others.

Too many times, I see titles to other blogs that are exclusionary. There are Bible verse; they say things like how to separate yourself from the world and other things that turn those not fully aware of God away. They see these posts and run away from God instead of toward Him.

Jesus walked amongst the sinners. He dined with them. Talked to them and taught them of the love of His Father. He was ridiculed for doing so. His reply was that they needed Him more than those that had already found God did.

If your feet are shod in the Word and you show your faith through kindness and caring. If you desire to walk among those of the world; then do it. We are the body of Jesus here on earth. If we do not share our faith by example; then many of these will have never seen what true believe and faith in something that is intangible to them, in most cases.

There is evidence that many have never even read the Bible. Especially in today’s world with the removal of God from the schools and from other places that were once available for all to see.

Don’t be a member of the religious clicks, be the Christian you were meant to be the day you knelt down and asked God into your heart and mind.