You need to have balance in your life.

We are to do things in moderation. If you were to look at a glass for those of the glass is half-full, half-empty types. Well moderation mean the glass is one forth full.
To do anything to excess is destructive, but there are those that spend more time worrying about a sporting event then they are spending it with the rest of the world about them. To have moderation is to have balance in your life. This is something we all deal with in our lives, even myself.
There are those that spend too much time at work. It is unfortunate that we have to work, but in today’s world, it is a necessity. Occasionally some must put some extra time into work, but I witness daily people that work well over the quitting time of their shift. This leads to ignoring a part of your life that needs your attention. If you do things in moderation then you have time to spend with many things that require your consideration. Time to be with your family. Time to spend in the Word and in pray. Time to help those in need. Time to keep healthy. Time to learn. Time to enjoy the beauties of nature.

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