Month: May 2015

Where does God fit?

My pastor made an excellent point on facebook the other day. Where is the church when it comes to helping the poor and those in need? Gone are the large charity drives, gone are the charitable organizations that once flourished before World War II. Now most go to church seeking appeasement and stroking. Most that go to church live in expensive homes, drive fancy cars yet go about saying their life is terrible and a mess. Well that is why. Those that go to church have their priorities messed up. It is not “God give me give me.” It is “God what can I give what can I give.”
Today’s “Christians” have lost their way. They go to church on Sunday and believe that is all that is required of them to get into heaven. Well, per the Bible it is not. (Revelation 3:14-22; John 15 and 1 Peter 2).
Jesus made it clear it is harder for the rich to make it into heaven then it is for the poor. He also stated that if you seek your reward here in this temporal live less would be your reward in the eternal life still to come. Wouldn’t you rather have more for a few billion years then live wealthy and comfortably now for up to a hundred? I would rather have my reward come to me in the eternal life to come.
Again I must address this false teaching that has become the mainstay of most religions. Many have this image of going to heaven and sitting about doing nothing. Others have this believe that there is nothing beyond this temporal life. While even others believe you can fix your mistakes in purgatory or come back as another life form. These are all false.
If purgatory were real I would say you are living in purgatory this very minute. Are you trying to work through the sins you live with every day? Yes even though those that say they are saved still need to be ever aware that they are human and can sin for we are human and the human heart is corrupt. (Matthew 15:18-20).
Yes we are saved, but we are warned in 1 Peter 2 that we can fall back into sin and that it will be worse for us for having known Jesus’ love and salvation. I believe this with all my heart that is why I make these messages for I know there are sins still within me that need to be removed. I know that I am saved I know I am a child of God, but I listen to the word of God and know that it can be lost once again.
I do not ever wish to be a “Sunday Christian” and live in hypocrisy, thinking I am saved and going to be with God when I really am not. This however is how most that go to church are and is why charities have fallen on hard times. Why people are turning to the government and not God which is exactly what those that wish to rule over other wants. It is those that have power and wish to stay in power encourage. They love that the church no longer cares for those in need. They relish that people either do not go or once they leave forget that they have ever been till the next Sunday comes around and starts the cycle of hypocrisy all over again.
So to answer the question to the title of this post. God should be number one then everyone else second and then just maybe you. So stop trying to succeed in this life, but instead try to succeed in the life that is to come. The true existence that anyone that truly calls themselves “Christian” should seek after. Give to charities within the church, volunteer your time and money unto that which is precious to God and in return you will be given rewards beyond measure. Most likely not in this life but in the eternal life yet to come.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Only through Christ

I use to be a liar. I use to lust after women. I use to be a selfish self-centered piece of garbage. I use to think people owed me something. I had a few other sins that are even too heinous to place into this post.
Throughout my childhood and teenage years I looked at and read the Bible as well as watched movies with a Biblical theme, but I never REALLY asked Christ into my life. I was like most out there in the world, thinking myself to be a Christian but in reality I was not. I was at the most a hypocrite at the least an ignorant male. I thought myself to be a good person, but I saw more than once how I hurt others, was it intentional? Sometimes I would have to say yes.
On June 24th 1986 everything changed for me. On that night I asked Jesus Christ into my heart. On that night I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I stopped being a liar that day and I stopped be selfish and self-centered. Did I mess up? Yes I did. Did I totally stop lying? No I did not, but I was no longer the liar that I was. Living a lie within a lie to hide a lie. No that person died that night and the person I was when I was twelve returned to live within me and so lying become something that happens very rarely.
Do I still do selfish acts? Yes I do, but not to the degree that all that is important to me is me. I am quick to realize that I have done a selfish act and I feel remorse and sorrow over my actions and when possible I ask forgiveness from the person I have wronged. (Which is usually my wife). I have a conscience now where before I did not.
Not all my sins died that night. Some sins are still with me, but as each day passes these sins fall away dead and useless. It was not till a few months ago that I stopped lusting after women. As for my more heinous sins those did die that summer night in 1986, but I know for a fact that they did cross my mind once or twice in the last twenty-nine years but I turned it over to God through Christ and soon those thoughts fell away dead once again.
I know it is Satan testing me. I know it is also God pruning me and making me into not only a better servant unto Him but a better person.
I write this confession hoping it will shine a light unto to those that are like I was. Thinking they are “Christian” when in reality they are not. Through Jesus there is truly a removal of sin. You are no longer the person you once were. You are truly born again and you no longer think like you did just a short time before you asked Christ into you. I know that I become the person I was before the age of accountability took over and I fell deeper and deeper into sin. That person of sin is dead as are the sins that were within that version of me.
As I stated before. I am by no means perfect and any that say all your sins are taken from you when you are born again are not being honest; not only with you but themselves. It is an ongoing journey. One that will have no ending till God calls us unto Him.
As I said the other day to someone that posted “I thank God that I have awaken to another day.” my reply to them was “God let you wake up because you have forgotten to do something for Him.” Each day I awaken here in this temporal life I strive to understand what it is I have not done for God that makes Him say “It is not his time to come to Me.” Someday He will call me and it is then through my continued struggle to know and learn more about Him and His Son and their ways that I will know that I have done well for Him and I will look upon Him with joy and happiness, for I feel he will say unto me “You have done well.”

Let’s not shake the boat… it might sink.

This is the mentality of many that call themselves “Christian.”
They are in a place of comfort. They are well off, well fed, and at easy in the place.
This is the home of the “lukewarm.” (Revelation 3: 15-16)
This is the home Jesus has made it clear you will be spit out by Him.
Yet here you sit saying: “Wow, glad this guy isn’t referring to me.”
Let’s let that last sentence sink in a moment.

God has made it clear that you MUST be HOT or even COLD, but you must never be “LUKEWARM” or “gray” as I call it.
A “gray” is someone who walks the middle ground neither embracing fully sin nor fully the commitment to Christ. Most that call themselves “Christian” in today’s world are in reality “grays.”
Your views to yourself condemn sins yet when it comes time to confront these sins you sit at home in a chair and complain and do nothing about it.
When it comes time since through your action to vote for example you say the words “I am a Christian” yet you either do not vote or vote for a group that has denied Jesus. (Matthew 10:33)
You just handed a victory to Satan, congratulations, good job.
When it comes time to follow the laws of the land as we are instructed to do in Titus 3:1 and you choose not to do so you are a “gray,” congratulations, good job.
When it comes time to get out of your chair and do something for God, you decide not to for someone else will do it instead.
No one does it as all, because it was you that was supposed to do it not someone else, you are a “gray,” congratulations, good job.
When the Rapture comes and you find yourself left behind and you begin to weep when you realize you failed God, you are a “gray,” good job.
When you find yourself getting you head sawed off with a dull knife you realize you are no longer a “gray” and are dying for your faith and believe in God. CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD ONCE AGAIN!!!!!

I challenge you to be more honest.

Now I am not saying that you the reader is lying, but I am saying you are not giving the full story. This is lying through omission, which is not correct.
As a result many that think themselves to be “Christian” in reality are not. A prime example is the Homosexual man that stood before the Supreme Court during the recent hearing about gay marriage. He held a sign saying he was both Christian and Gay, which per the Bible you cannot be both. You must choose one and abandon the other. Since he has embraced that he is gay, then he is not a “Christian.”
This is honesty, this is facts. Do I hate him for it? No, but I bet several of you reading this post just stopped and are refusing to continue to read. Those that did are in the wrong. While those that continue to read and will not verbalize and type as I just did are not being honest with themselves or those that we are commissioned to reach.
This leads people like this man down the wrong path. A path where they envision themselves living with their lover in heaven.
Again this is a misnomer. For instance Heaven is but a wait area until the time of the Rapture or the Great White Throne Judgment. We are not to live in heaven forever, this is a man-made falsify of not understanding fully the Bible. Do I know the Bible completely? No, but I know it more than those that believe these false teaching and continue to pass their errors on to others.
We are to study and know the Bible so we can be fully honest and upright with all. We are to talk to them in love and equality even though they may live in sin. For we are to counsel them on the errors of their ways so that they may grow in their faith and turn from their sins.
Will we lose all our sins immediately? No, for the most part, for we are humans and we are corrupt. Even Jesus stated in John 15 that God Himself would prune us, tearing away sin after sin so that each time as we grow in our faith we would bear new and sweeter fruit unto the Lord.
So again I challenge you. Be more honest with those you see can be reached and try to get them to understand that they must turn from all their sins even though it will take time to cast them off, but they must turn from those sins which are considered to be worse than others by the Bible itself. For to live in these you say to God that they are more important than He is and when the time comes he will say He does not know you.

The “This is it” syndrome

Too many in the world and within “Christendom” have come to think that this world we now live in is all there is. Now many in the latter may challenge what I just said, but here is my challenge back at you.
Do you seek to advance yourself financially in this life? Do you seek a big house, a fancy car, and nice clothes?
Then you live in this world.
Sure we can get some items here, but once we go beyond what is necessary then you are seeking your reward from the world and not God.
Do you really need a $200,000 house in the suburbs? The answer is no you do not. Do you need to live off of a golf course? Again the answer is no you do not.
When you turn what you want into a need you are now seeking your reward here upon this earth in this temporal life. Can you take it with you to heaven, or will it go with you if by chance you make the Rapture? Again the answer is no.
Then you live in the “This is it” mentality. You have turned your back upon God and His promised rewards. That money you have is better spent elsewhere. Help feed those that are hungry not only all over the world but right down the street from where you live. Yet your fancy house is more important to you than that poor starving child. Not only starving for food, but the word of God and love.
We are to place all before ourselves. Am I perfect? By all means no. Am I guilty of making these errors myself? Yes I am, but I no longer think like that. I have learned to seek after only want is needed to shelter and care for my family. To feed them and cloth them. In time I will be able to give more and more unto those truly in need. Not a church asking for millions to build a better building, but unto those that truly are in need of it and God.
This world is not our reward and to seek out rewards here within it means we do not truly believe or have faith in God. This is something that all that call themselves need to understand. Can they truly do as the rich man was asked to do in Luke? To sell all their riches and to give it away? Even he could not do that for he has accepted this world as his reward and poor will be his reward in the eternal life to come, as yours might be as well

To live in sin is not to know God

This is basically what it says in 1 John 3:6.
Let me get you to understand how repentance works and yes I must use an extreme example to get my point across.
In Leviticus 20:13 we see one of the laws that Moses brought down for Mt. Sinai. (Once again people need to understand that it didn’t take forty days to bring down Ten Commandments but all the laws that are in Exodus through Leviticus.)
It clearly states that homosexuality is a sin so the other day when I saw a sign in front of the Supreme Court which said “I am gay and I am a Christian.” 1 John 3:6 shows that one of these statements is not true. Since the men live in sin they do not know God and so are not “Christian”
It is that simply. It is black and white. It is hot and cold. (Revelation 3:15-16)
You cannot live in a sin like this and say you know God. It is an impossibility.
Do I hate these men? By all means no I do not.
I actually pity them.
This believe they have that they can be both and thus “lukewarm” is leading them down a false and dangerous path to a fate I wish upon no one.
This message needs to get out there they need to see it more often. Then need to have this burden of this weigh upon them till they walk away from it if they truly do wish to know God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
We are told to turn from our sins not continue to live in them. Yet this is what these men are doing. Living in their sin thinking they know God when God at this time does not know them. If they leave their sin then yes He will know them and Jesus will acknowledge them, but as along as they chose the sin over God the latter will not know them at all.

Infertile Ground

When a farmer grows the same crop year after year in the same field it soon refuses to allow this crop to grow. If planted once again it withers and dies. This is the mentality of many throughout the United States. They have done the same thing over and over that they are walking dead. In a way you could call them zombies.
Those that say I will support this group because that is the way it has always been are living in this dead ground that offers nothing but death and destruction.
It is through change that life is renewed and given a foothold upon that which is nourishing and good. When a farmer starts to rotate his crops is when the ground become fertile once again and is able to give a good and bountiful harvest.
All life requires change. Even within Christianity it requires change. In John 15 even Jesus uses the growing of a plant to show this point. It clearly states that God Himself prunes the branches so that they will bear more fruit. It is this pruning that is change.
You do not sit there and say I accept Jesus into my heart and then do nothing else. Yet this is the mentality that is being given throughout this nation. Not only within the Church but other places as well. For example the welfare system is infertile ground and is causing nothing by death and destruction to rise out of it. Why? Because in many states they took away the time limits on which you could use these aids. They were never meant to be a permanent step, but a temporary one as you moved on to your next stage of change and growth.
There is one party out there that wants this not to change. They what people permanently on welfare which is nothing more than a new type of slavery and yet many willfully and gleefully walk into this lifestyle living under the delusion that they are owed something when in reality they become owned to the system. Slaves to a dead and infertile ground. Used as tools to cause riots, frustration and mayhem and yet they are so use to this lack of change that they do not see they are pawns to their new masters. Fodder in their war against change which will cause those that do change to see the truth and that the truth is found within God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ

Steps in learning how to live an eternal life

This may not be what you are expecting to read, but within the Bible there are certain things we are told will take place.
1) We are told all will receive an eternal body. (John 3:16, Daniel 12:2)
2) Jesus Christ and those that are taken in the Rapture shall rule the Earth for one thousand years (Revelation 20: 4-5)
Now why do I point out these facts from within the Bible? Because they are the foundation of what I am writing today.
This temporal life we now live which at the most at this time can last just over one hundred years is the first step in this learning process. Through this life due to our sin nature we go through trials and tribulations that are designed to strengthen our minds in the teaching of the Bible. For within the Bible we are shown all we need to know to overcome this corrupt form we now live within. The reason for this is do we can show we can handle tasks that will be greater and of longer duration in the times to come beyond this temporal form.
Then if we are worthy in the eyes of God we will be called up in the rapture and we shall throw off the corrupt and put on the incorruptible and eternal body. It is at this time that one the Tribulations is over we are to co-reign with Jesus Christ upon this planet for one thousand years.
This is the second step in our growth into eternal life.
In this thousand years we shall not only learn new tasks but how to continue on in faith service unto God for one thousand years. This is ten of the lifetimes we now live with. These time will not be easy but filled with work and glory unto to God. For “reigning” is not just sitting upon a throne giving commands but actually going out into the people that are still living corrupted lives for not all shall be killed during the Tribulation.
Once this is done and the final battle with Satan takes place then we shall be truly into the eternity of our life and service unto to God. It is here that I feel we will go throughout the universe being tools and witnesses of God’s glory and so new experiences will be had joyfully by all that make this part of eternal life.
But do not think you are going there as you are now. I don’t even think that. It is an ongoing and daily struggle that is only made it through with pray, trust and faith to and in the God.

This is the testament of the last Christian

My name is unimportant for I am the last of my kind upon this planet. In a few hours I am to be the center piece of the show of shows. Cameras from around the world sit about the stage I am to be taken to.
How did I get to this point? It is a sad tale, but one which needs to be stated so I am writing it down before Elijah and Enoch arrive moments after what is to take place.
It was three and a half years ago that it all began. The time of horror and destruction. When all the children vanished under the age of thirteen. Not only them but many adults vanished as well.
To be honest I and many that went to church with me thought they too would have been called up upon that day, but that was not the case at all. Instead we found ourselves still here. Bewildered and shocked that we were left behind.
I have had these three and half years to think back upon my time before the vanishing. I now know that I was a hypocrite and a liar. I did go to church, but it was just an act, motions to not to help the world but my own selfishness. I look back upon my days away from those two hours on Sunday morning. How I sped down the road not caring for the laws of man even though now I know that all laws are from Him. I think back on how rude I was to others thinking them as lower than me, not realizing that it was my duty as a Christian to place all before myself. To care for them, to help them to know that God was real, but instead I now know my action and my words made many to turn from God and now many watch on from where they live in high anticipation for what is soon to come.
These three and half years have been life changing and world changing, but it quickly deteriorated for those that like myself that finally accepted God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. When the government implanted the chips into those that followed it and its master. It is then that the chaff was exposed leaving the few like myself striving to survive as best we could. It gets hard to go without, especially when you had become spoiled upon the world, but it can be done. At least for a time, but as I am a witness to even that reaches an end.
I will not take the mark, I will not take the chip. They already know this, but they want their show. Their show to show the world that their master is the real leader of all, but I know that he is not. For I now fully accept Christ and even though it shall be painful it will not be has long as He has to suffer upon the cross and soon I will be a martyr unto God Himself and I will serve Him directly as all martyrs are promised.
I hear the footsteps heading my way now. I hear some even laughing softly, most likely they have been watching me as I scribble these notes, even though I know none shall ever read them that will understand that Jesus was and is right and real for they have fallen for the lie and embraced it.

It is not through hate but concern and you could even say love.

One of the favorite excuses used by those that are not “Christian” is that those that are hate them because they life in sin.
If someone is a true “Christian” this is furthest from the truth.
You see those that live in sin do not understand what lies ahead for them in their future. They live under the belief that this life we all now live is all there is to their existence. This is a lie. The main lie of many they have been told by others that wish for them to continue to live in sin.
This life we all live at this moment is short compared to what is promised all of us. After this life will come first the thousand year reign of Christ after the Tribulation, but even this time period that is nearly equal to ten average lifetimes is massive short. What we are promised in an eternal life. One that will last billions upon billions of years. To you now start to see why those that call themselves “Christian” are so concerned about those that live in sin.
“If we are all promised an eternal life why does it matter if some sin or not?” someone just asked. Here is the answer:
It is important because of how the billions upon billions of year will be spent. Those that follow believe in God and those that made it past the Great White Throne Judgment will be able to serve God throughout His entire creation; the universe.
Those that did not make it past the judgment well suffer what is called “the second death” They will not be physically dead, but they may as well be to those that serve God. For what is to befall them is a horror beyond any horror film ever made. Why? Because this will be real and eternal. Never end pain, agony and anguish. They will be cast into the pit of fire. A huge area upon earth that will have flames roaring out of it. Once cast within will be all that failed the Great White Throne Judgment. All that denied God. All that lived in sin. All that sought their reward within the short temporal 100 years of their first life. Within this pit will be worms that will feed upon all that are within the flames adding to their agony an agony that will last billions upon billions of year.
This is why those that are “Christian” as you to stop sinning, but have it your way. Call these words lies, call them ignorant, and call them stupid. But understand this I will cry for you when I see all that I tried to help be cast into this pit. I will weep because I begged you to listen and pleaded with you to stop. Why? Because I never wanted to suffer such a horrid fate and it will hurt me to my core.
Revelation 21: 6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. 7 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. 8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
Isaiah Chapter 66: 22 For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain. 23 And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD. 24 And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.
Any that would wish this fate upon anyone is not “Christian.”