Steps in learning how to live an eternal life

This may not be what you are expecting to read, but within the Bible there are certain things we are told will take place.
1) We are told all will receive an eternal body. (John 3:16, Daniel 12:2)
2) Jesus Christ and those that are taken in the Rapture shall rule the Earth for one thousand years (Revelation 20: 4-5)
Now why do I point out these facts from within the Bible? Because they are the foundation of what I am writing today.
This temporal life we now live which at the most at this time can last just over one hundred years is the first step in this learning process. Through this life due to our sin nature we go through trials and tribulations that are designed to strengthen our minds in the teaching of the Bible. For within the Bible we are shown all we need to know to overcome this corrupt form we now live within. The reason for this is do we can show we can handle tasks that will be greater and of longer duration in the times to come beyond this temporal form.
Then if we are worthy in the eyes of God we will be called up in the rapture and we shall throw off the corrupt and put on the incorruptible and eternal body. It is at this time that one the Tribulations is over we are to co-reign with Jesus Christ upon this planet for one thousand years.
This is the second step in our growth into eternal life.
In this thousand years we shall not only learn new tasks but how to continue on in faith service unto God for one thousand years. This is ten of the lifetimes we now live with. These time will not be easy but filled with work and glory unto to God. For “reigning” is not just sitting upon a throne giving commands but actually going out into the people that are still living corrupted lives for not all shall be killed during the Tribulation.
Once this is done and the final battle with Satan takes place then we shall be truly into the eternity of our life and service unto to God. It is here that I feel we will go throughout the universe being tools and witnesses of God’s glory and so new experiences will be had joyfully by all that make this part of eternal life.
But do not think you are going there as you are now. I don’t even think that. It is an ongoing and daily struggle that is only made it through with pray, trust and faith to and in the God.

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