Month: June 2014

The Realization

I have been upon this world for fifty-four years. I remember the assassination of JFK. I remember sitting in the school auditorium to watch the launch of Apollo 9 as it headed off to the moon (by the way, yes man actually walked on the moon). I remember telling my first wife the day before the event actually happened that the Challenger would explode upon take off, and her waking me from a nap due to a migraine telling me that is exactly what happened. There is much I have encountered, there is much I have seen and heard, but that pales in what is to come when this corrupted body finally gives out.
A few days ago, while I was writing another post I finally came to the full acceptance that this life we live is only temporary. Now I know I have been writing as such, but for some reason it was not those posts that gave me the full and complete realization.
What did it for me was when I knew without question I could sacrifice myself for someone else. Now I have asked this of myself more than once in the five plus decades, but this was the first time I actually had the answer. When I got this answer, I knew that I was ready to fully accept moving on from this existence into the next one. The only thing that I would wish for is that it took me straight into my new, perfect and immortal body. Will this happen? I do not know, but I do know without question that I feel I can overcome my fears that are a part of my corrupted body and stand and face whatever would cause me to sacrifice myself for another fellow human being.

Immortal continued

In previous posts, I have mentioned that we all will live an immortal life. It is one of those things that is not mentioned much in Christian circles and I really do not know why. It may be they cannot get their head wrapped around such a huge bit of information. In the Bible, it is a fact that we are all promised a perfect and immortal body. As I have stated before as well is how we act in this temporary life will determine how things go beyond that point. What follows this will be speculation, but those that study science know there must be speculation as long as there are some basic facts to follow. Therefore, I will stick to the facts given and then speculate from those facts. I will not name where in the Bible I am getting this. If you really want to know, I suggest you get a Bible and start reading. (NOTE: there will be those that state that the Bible is not fact, but many elements within it have been proven through science. More so then many other theories being thrown about has fact when they are actually nothing but concepts given life because someone with a doctorate said so.)
I will start with the basics, which is humanity survives beyond Armageddon. People will continue to live their life have children and help the devastated world to recover from what just transpired. Nations will either continue or come into being and all will know that God is real as is His Son Jesus, the latter of which they will be able to see and hear in person.
Those that are called “the first resurrection” will become leaders and priest to those that are upon the earth and will do so for one thousand years and work directly with and for Jesus. This is the next step in becoming accustom to being able to live forever.
Many have lived lives upon this earth being taught and believing that this is all the life we will ever have. To me this is one of the saddest things to have ever happened. If people had been taught that through living a good life. Following the teaching of Christ and living a life, that turns you from sin. No matter which sin it was. No matter how great that sin was that if you endured through temptation. That if you were tempted to look upon those of the same sex that if you were tempted to look upon your neighbors’ wife. That if you fought this temptation and overcame it you would be considered worthy to live as a priest right beside Jesus, but not just for twenty year, not just forty, not even one hundred year, but for a thousand years. Alive, breathing, talking, living a live where the sun rises and the sets, living a life where you play with your pets, cook food for those that you love, be with someone you love.
Just think on that. You have a body that does not age. A body that does not suffer from pains of age. A body that does not fail you. That is what we are promised. Every single person that has ever lived. That is alive this very moment IS promised this body.
However, what is the catch? Well there is one. God wants your name to be written in the book of life. If it is, you have millions of years to look forward too. If it is not you still have millions of years to look forward to, but at a terrible cost. It is a cost I do not wish any to have to suffer through; please I ask you not allow yourself to miss out of the wonders that lie before all of us.
Wonders of the birth of a planet. Wonders of the beauties that lie billions upon billions of miles away from where you sit or stand at this very moment. Wonders that can only be reached by accepting the one that gave His life just so you COULD and SHOULD be able to enjoy it. Because God found that all humans are special. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that He will take upon Himself our sins so that we can STAND before GOD.

Live life like there is a tomorrow (because there is)

Some understanding of the Bible has been lost over time and never truly understood and may not have been taught correctly. It is something I have tried to explain before, but few understood (Life— the free trail at eternity). Many go around both in religion and outside of it seeking through themselves a way to have immortality. If not through some type of scientific discovery through changing how the world exist through some type of cultural change. Now I do understand how this can come about. As of yet only two people have risen from the dead. The first was Lazarus who then again died and then Jesus, who then ascended into heaven so He is not here in person to see. There is also two others that have yet to experience death, they are Ezekiel and Elijah, but again it is not the time to see these two.
So people think there is only a short period in which they can be important to the world as a whole. This is one of the biggest misconceptions ever.
Our lives are being recorded in a book, each person their own book. Within it is every single action, thought and non-action we have ever done or not done as the case may be. This is being done for every single person that lived, is alive or will live. This has been done even if you never heard of God. For those that have not heard of God how they behaved will be how they make it through the next part of our immortal live. For those that have heard of God it is going to be tougher on which way you spend your immortal life. It is said it is better for those that never heard of God, and this is why it was said.
No matter what occurs every single person is promised an immortal life. So how we live our lives now IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
Living like there is no tomorrow is not the correct mentality anyone should have. Living to only please yourself is actually the worst idea ever put out there.
Live in preparation for tomorrow. A tomorrow that will allow you to see things of such wonder that they are beyond the ability of a mere mortal to even attempt to put words too.
Live not for yourself, because we are not promised any rewards in this life, but in the immortal life to come, we are promised rewards.
Live today for God and for his Son Jesus Christ who died for you upon a cross so you would not have to live an immortal life in a place no one should ever want to live in.
Understand that all that love God wants everyone to love Him as well and to join in the promised immortal reward yet to come. Do not be stuck behind in a place you do not want to be in. Turn to God and accept Him through His Son Jesus.

The reply that was not wanted

Last week I had made a comment on a fellow bloggers posting they had made about self-righteousness. We ended up exchanging a few paragraphs to each other. Then he made some assumptions about me that I know not to be true, maybe he decided I fit into a stereotype that he had come to expect from someone being Christian or not I do not know.
When I make these blogs, I try my best not to sound judgmental in any way. I have no desire to judge anyone, but I know at times that I fail, because I am human. I just want people to start to think. When you allow others to tell you how to think, how to act, how to say things you are surrendering your right as a human being. We are not sheep. It is the sheep mentality that led to World War II as people surrendered their believes and free-will to an extremely charismatic man, which in turn led to the death of approximately thirteen million people that did nothing but have a different point of view or way of life.
Yet he judged me and in a roundabout way said I was being judgmental which I was not and even stated as much to him telling him what I have just typed above. I actual feel sorry for him, yet I know if he reads this that the mere fact that I said I pitied him will upset him.
I had tried to tell him that those that truly follow the teaching of Christ try their best to be servants unto others, but not in a way that makes them someone’s butler or slave. That is not what it means to be selfless, which is one question he asked in his last reply before politely telling me not to bother to reply.
To be selfless you must not think of yourself. The words “I” and “me” need to no longer have full meaning in your life. Can anyone be fully selfless? No. It is something we are taught within the Bible to pursue though. When you are selfless, it is easier to follow the teaching of Jesus, because you are not hindered by the question “How will this affect me?” because you really no longer care if it does affect you. Me posting these blogs are not to glorify myself, that is why I do not place my name upon them. These are not for me; they are for you the person reading them. To help you learn and grow and understand, and maybe, just maybe an acceptance of Jesus into your life. Sure, there are those that do know who I am, due to Facebook links for example, but they have seen me doing post like this for a year or so now.
In addition he accused me of looking down upon others, which again is opposite of being selfless. I look at all my fellow humans as my equals. Sure, I do not like their lifestyle choices, because I know where they are heading with many of these choices. When you care for all others before yourself, you try and help them. That is what Jesus did. He went to where those that needed him the most were these were the sinners. Did he condone their sin? No. Did he go to them shouting you will burn forever if you do not change your ways? VERY MUCH A NO! Jesus stated facts as seen within the Bible.
I am stating facts, when you live your life as designed through the teaching of Christ you are not able to commit extreme sins. Yes, you will sin. We all sin. Are they murder for example? NO!! Because when you are selfless you could never kill a fellow human being. If you had enough food for only one person to live on for a week at which time they would be saved and it was between yourself or your child. The parent would die from starvation then allow their child to die. The Christian would go one-step further. If the two people were strangers, the Christian would allow themselves to die so the other person could live.
Every person has worth to God, even though they deny Him. Christians realize this and know that if they hurt another human being then they are actually hurting God.
Another thing that really got my attention was he had some impression that I was still seeking something. In his comments though he mentioned, Buddha, Moses, Muhammad and Confucius. That struck me as if he were the one seeking to find something. I know that I am willing to die for my fellow man if required. I know that if need I will have the courage to force down my fears and place myself in a position that would allow someone else to live another day if that additional day caused them to come to the realization that God is real. I know that this life we live in today is only for a short time and that the only thing truly important within it is my fellow humans that are here now seeking to find that elusive something that is beyond their reach. It is something I have found. It is something I am attempting to share. It is GOD, and with God will be ALIVE for all eternity.

How the USA was designed to work

Many including Americans have a misconception of how the United States of America is supposed to work. My intent here is to shed some light on these false impressions.
Primarily the USA is in actuality 50 separate countries that have decided to work together in some aspects, but in others, they do not.
Each state or nation taxes those that live within its borders in the way that state see fit. They also established their own traffic laws, their own education systems as well as many other things. Due to the fact they have chosen to work together they have open borders within most of the lower forty-eight states. The only exception is California, which requires that you stop and have your vehicle inspected before you are allowed to enter their state/nation. So thinking that the USA is one huge nation is the biggest fallacy even propagated by the federal government.
The federal government was design to interact with foreign powers acting as a central focal point instead of each state having to deal with these foreign nations on their own. Originally, each states had their own currency. This led to problems so the states asked the federal government to make a common currency. In addition, each state has their own armies. These are the reserves, as they are known by today. They answer to the governor of that states, but there is also a federal army. It again was designed to deal with foreign powers.
Those that go to the Senate and Congress were not meant to be career politician. When the nation was younger, people had to take care of their own affairs in the states they came from. The government did not pay them; they lived off their own money. Therefore, they stayed in Washington for one maybe two terms and then had to return to their homes to keep their income going.
Since this has now changed due to industrialization and due to the fact they, someone, decided to allow the federal government to pay them they have turned into career politicians. Term limits need to be imposed upon those that go to DC since they are no longer thinking correctly. This can be and should be done on the state level, but requires those that live in these states to take action and speak up to their state representatives.
Anyway, I hope this gives some insight to those that read this on how the USA was designed to work and in some aspects still is. While in other ways it is not working as originally designed which is causing problems

It is not a license to sin

Accepting God into your life is something that changes you. I know the term has been used but it is fitting, you are born again. You shed off the way you were before you accepted God. Yes, there are times you are tempted by things you did in the old life, but if you know they are wrong you do your best not to partake of them. Sure, you will fail time to time, but as long as you realize you are not doing right and make an effort to avoid doing it again then you are on the right track.
There are those that do not believe this or feel that saying they accept God they are free to behave exactly as they always have. Well I am sorry to tell you this, but that is not true. If this is how you think, then most likely you really have not accepted God into your life.
To be born again most of who you were is gone. That person was the dead you. I am reminded of a t-shirt that was offered from the folks of “Duck Dynasty” It had a flat line that met the cross and then after that it was a heartbeat.
Being Christian is to live in the world but not be part of it. In the world people commit sins that are told to us in the Bible as being wrong. I see people and even religious organizations saying you can keep your sin and God will embrace you. Yes, God loves us all, but not the sin. As long as you continue to sin you are telling God you do not care what He wants for you. This is selfishness.
Once you have truly accepted God into your heart most of you will not want to sin, but since we are human we still will but we will become remorseful and repentant. Then we will turn to our Father and plead for his forgiveness and He will accept this because He sees that we are sincere.
What God calls sin has not changed. What human calls a sin has. God is right and humans are wrong. Turn to God and be born again.

Tim Lambesis admits he is an Atheist

Anyone who tries to hire a hit-man to kill his wife is not truly Christian as this confession proves.
For those not in the know. Tim was the front-man of a Christian rock group ‘As I Lay Dying’.
There is a need for this type of music, but folks need to check where they stand in their faith before they pursue careers like this.
Another prime example is Katie Perry who started as a Christian singer and now sings about kissing other girls.

Lucky Thirteen

To be called an apostle you must be personally chosen by Jesus. When Jesus walked amongst us in the world, he chose twelve, each symbolizing the tribes of Israel. One day though there was a man that was prosecuting members of the early church, his name was Saul. He had an encounter though that would change his life. One day Jesus appeared to him in person and called him to be his apostle to the gentiles. He took a new name that day, and became known to all as Paul the thirteenth disciple of Jesus.
This to me, made those gentiles that embraced Christianity, the thirteenth tribe of Israel. Thus making the number thirteen a lucky number.

The Suicide of Hollywood

Yesterday I watched “Son of God” with my youngest son. I found several things to type about. Possibly a review, some of the things that the writers decided to place into the movie, amongst other things. What stuck out the most for me though was the lack of Hollywood. The last time Hollywood was truly present for a Biblical film was The Bible: The beginning in 1966 and even then it was not fully Hollywood. Hollywood had turned its back on God. It had embraced sensationalism, sex, scandal and drugs.
In previous decades, they gave us movies like “The Ten Commandments”, “Ben Hur”, “King of Kings”, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. In previous decades, Hollywood prospered and made producer, actor and companies rich. As a result, the money corrupted the industry and the people within it.
It return God is now showing Hollywood what is the result when humans place themselves before God. Yet they are blind to see it. They have campaigned to improve the world for humans as a result laws have been made. Laws they must follow which are making it impossible for them to make profitable motion pictures. As a result, Hollywood is dying a slow self-imposed death through laws they helped to create by placing themselves ahead of God.

The show must go on!!! What?

The pretense and showmanship is grand and fabulous. The women are in their finest attire and the men are dressed to show their opulence. They gather saying sweet nothings to one another not truly caring what the others feel or think. Truly, only caring about their own endeavors, their own desires, their own lusts.
But upon which stage does this grand drama take place? Where is the lights? Where is the scenery? How is the stage set? Has this drama been seen before?
The grand melodrama occurs weekly. Some stand staunchly while others dance about in their finery parading about thinking they are pleasing only to one when in reality they are seeking only to please those that look on about them.
There have been several times when the play was staged in the long past. Each time the stage lights failed, the make-up was shown to be more like a clown’s then professional actor. It cause those within the cast to stand up and walk out seeing the poor acting for what it was falsehoods and deceit. As it came into the light of day, the show revealed for what it really was.
A show to glorify only those within the play, yet many within the play never really knew that was what they were doing. They have been in this play since birth. They follow the script word for word. Thinking they are following it perfectly, which to a degree they are, but in fact they are not. They follow the choreography not realizing it is nothing but a show meant to shine light upon them to all those about them.
This is the weekly multimillion-dollar hit production call “Your church service”
When you gather in a church do so to Glorify God not yourself for when God is not the center that makes you the center. If the church you go to glorifies the man, speaking on the dais it is not for God. If you are there to do repeated ceremonies, you are not there for God. If you are there to make yourself look better than those about you are, it is not for God.
Matthew Chapter 6
5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.