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My State of the Union

The world is falling into chaos and at this time most in the United States can do little. Why? Because most have surrendered their rights away to the government.
The United States was formed as a Constitutional Republic. It is no longer one. It has not been one since early in the twentieth century when Constitutional amendments were added.
One of the biggest was how a Senator is picked. For some reason it was decided to have them voted for by the general public. Maybe this was an anti-graft measure, but I am not sure. As it is the graft is worse than ever anyway. It would have been nice if they placed term limits on those in the congress and the senate like they did for the president. There is a bill out there right now to impose term limits and it is sorely needed. It would remove people that are there that should have left long ago. Prime examples are Pelosi and Bainer. There are others on both sides that need to go. Fresh blood needs to flow in the hallways of the Capitol. Much like those that got elected in the last election, but more need to go.
We need to return to the governing that would bring those to congress that were voted by the people of their district and they would listen to them and truly represent them. The term “career politician” should not be.
I was pleased with how Joni Ernst was in the Republican response to Mr. Obama’s State of the Union Address. Her statements gave me hope and encouragement. Unlike that of Mr. Obama’s Fantasy Island speech, by the way where is this nation he was talking about. I would like to move there, since the one I live in is a big mess. Made so mainly by those that wish to have the government run everything. Oh by the way, they call that a dictatorship or Socialist State, not a Republic.
A republic is a nation that is run BY the people and FOR the people. Not the government for the government as it now is. Where is the bills that call for a change in the way government employees are reviewed? Where is the bills that makes it possible to more easily fire them when they are caught sitting around doing nothing?
Where the bills that remove terrible teaches from our schools? Where are the bills that change our school system to allow it to complete against other nations around the world?
Do you know that Japan does better to educate their children then the USA does? Do you know that they have YEAR AROUND SCHOOLING?
Yet you say that we need this for our school to a teacher and they scoff at you and say “That’s not going to happen.” I can use quotes there because I actually heard that from a group of teachers when I suggested it to them.
We need year around schooling, ESPECIALLY in urban environments. I totally understand how the schools systems is now. Three summer months off for those that live in rural communities, because once the main livelihood of this nation was rural.
Now that is not the case. We need year around schooling. Four weeks on, two weeks off. This is still three months off. Just split up. It has been documented that when done in this fashion knowledge retention is increased so the children learn more and faster. This alone would do wonders for this nation. Yet I hear nothing on it. ANYWHERE. Why?
Also I did not like several of Mr. Obama’s suggestions:
Free community college at the expense of those that took advantage of the 529 college tuition savings fund. So taking from those that have saved for college and giving to those that did not. I don’t get it.
Saying he caused fuel prices to drop when all Liberals including him have been again fragging. Private sector oil production increased 61% while government production reduced 6%. Who is it that really help the gas prices to go down? It was the private sector. This is how this nation was originally designed to work. This is what those on the left wish to destroy. So how can you take credit for something you wish to destroy? You cannot. Free enterprise is who did it not the man in the White House.
No mention of a balanced budget amendment, WHICH is needed. He says the greatest threat to our children is “global warming” I say the greatest threat is the deficit. A deficit HE doubled and refuse to address.
We need across the board tax reform. One flat rate for everyone or one that increases form 5% to 30% with NO exemptions. No loopholes. Everyone and every company pays this tax. We do not need more “Obamacare” economics. It has destroyed the healthcare system. We have lost several businesses that have moved offshore and it is all due to taxing the rich and corporations. The state of this nation all lies at the door step of those that follow the teaching of Socialism not Republicism.
Return this nation to the people and return this nation to God.

Once again

Today the news was filled with foiled terrorist attacks and anarchist trying to disrupt the normal lives of the common person. As I have stated before both of these elements within the world’s society have only one goal in mind. Chaos which will allow their way of thinking to win. Also as I stated before they serve the same purpose, destruction of the way you live your life.
Yet most go about living this life like it will not affect them. It is sad that it takes events like that of 9/11 to cause the average person to actually turn their head and make them think for a moment. Then they just go back and live their life like they have before. Some may do so a little more carefully though.
The thing is there truly is a cure to all this disharmony. It is the teaching of Jesus Christ. If people would read them, understand them and then practice them they would soon have a better world to live within. It is a world that we had for a short time in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s in the United States.
True it was not perfect. But when dealing with humans nothing can ever be perfect. In this time frame God was known. God was celebrated. God was honored. God rewarded us with some peace.
Then those that do not honor God started to rear their heads. Slowly God has been taken from this country, and in return this nation as fallen upon hard times. Why? Because people do not honor or respect each other as they are taught to do in the Bible. Who is to blame? Those that have been removing God. Those that have been dishonoring God.
This nation was founded as a nation to worship God. Was it perfect? No. For nothing made of man can ever be perfect. But as long as this nation honored and respected God it was rewarded with some type of peace and prosperity. Now we are in hard times and it is all due to not honoring or respecting God.
It is time to return to the Bible. It is time to return God to His place within this nation. It is time to place God first and to love our neighbors as ourselves and then and only then will God reward us once again.

Who are these people??

What is to follow is a list of names. Names ALL should know if they are a citizen of the United States of America. For by knowing you understand their importance, why they are important, and why the United States is important.

Robert Oppenheimer
Christopher Jones
Captain Meriwether Lewis
Albert Einstein
Martin Luther
Amelia Earhart
Isoroku Yamamoto
Dwight D. Eisenhower
King James I
Harry S. Truman
Thomas Jefferson
Captain William Clark
Sam Houston
Christopher Columbus
William Seward
George A. Custer
Annie Oakley
Theodore Roosevelt
Abraham Lincoln
William Penn
William Bradford
Sitting Bull
Paul Revere
Ulysses S. Grant
Helen Keller

1) known as the father of the atom bomb; 2) Captain and Governor of the 1620 voyage of the Pilgrim ship Mayflower; 3) command of the expedition to explore lands of the Louisiana Purchase; 4) scientist who made the theory of relativity; 5) founded of the Lutheran Church and author of The Ninety-Five Theses; 6) first female aviator to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic; 7) command of the fleet which attacked Pearl Harbor; 8) Command of the D-Day invasion and 34th president of the United States; 9) The King who formed the commission to write a Bible that all could read; 10) 33rd president of the United States of America and ordered the use of the A-bomb two times upon Japan to bring about the end of World War II; 11) 3rd president of the United States he oversaw acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase from France; 12) 2nd in command of the expedition to explore the lands of the Louisiana Purchase; 13) General of the Texas Army as well as the 1st and 3rd president of Texas; 14) first noted discoverer of the Americas; 15) arranged the purchase of Alaska from the Russians; 16) noted Civil War hero and died in a massacre at the Little Big Horn; 17) sharpshooter who was featured in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show; 18) 26th president of the United States; 19) 16th president of the United States and signer of the Emancipation Proclamation which abolished slavery; 20) Quaker and author of governing laws for the colony of Pennsylvania, which were later used in the making of the constitution of the United States of America; 21) a signatory to the Mayflower Compact and served as Plymouth Colony Governor five times; 22) leader of the Great Sioux War of 1876; 23) most famous for alerting the Colonial militia to the approach of British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord which started the Revolutionary War; 24) 18th president of the United States and led the Union Armies to victory over the Confederacy in the American Civil War; 25) Blind and deaf educator and author who overcame disabilities to help others who were blind and deaf as well.

The hard truth part 2

Again, what is to follow may be shocking so take fair warning.
As we draw closer to the times predicted in Revelation things I once thought impossible become more and more possible. I often wondered why were those that served God and refused to take the mark upon themselves beheaded.

Revelation 20:4
And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

Now it is a reality. Christian children and men have been beheaded. Their heads placed upon stakes in celebration and filmed for the entire world to see. It is something I thought beyond humanity. Something purged from us due to the Holocaust, but I have been proven wrong. I now understand that it is possible. Especially when you are in a society that does not worship God.
As God is removed from the people, they return to hedonism. They return to a time when those with the power and the money care only for themselves and not for and I quote the “hoi pilloi”
The hoi polloi are us, the common folk. Those that struggle with the everyday. Those that are not made wealthy off of the commoner, which the person that used this term is one of those.
But who said this? A republican? No. A billionaire? No. A democrat? Yes. A democrat that also is a racist? Why yes again.

Original Message
From: Lerner Lois G [mailto:Lois.G.Lerner@irs.gov]
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 11:42 AM
Subject: Re: Suspension of Retention
Has work this morning. Got to talk to their internal “spooks.” I was going to take the train to windsor Castle, but stuff
closes early in winter so it wasn’t going to work. Instead, went Hempstead — an Edwardian English village, full of
beautiful, huge houses — which have been ruined by letting the hoi paloi live there! These people have ruined everything
with their equality push!
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The hard truth

What I am going to now type is hard. Fair warning some statements may be truly shocking.

The world is now experiencing what the liberals, atheists and politically correct have created. A world that is selfish, self-serving, self-absorbed and as a result have no conscience. When a person has no conscience murder, theft, car wrecks and a numerous other bad things happen.

At one time the world had a conscience. That conscience had a name. It was called the United States of America. Now it has been removed as it has been removed from its citizens. They have removed God the author of this conscience.

In the Middle-East a terrorist group called ISIS is committing genocide and America ignores it. This militant group has released videos that at first reminded me of Germany during World War II, but they are worse. They film themselves shooting rows of men upon the ground in the head. They show one by one people being taken to the edge of a river. Then again shot in the head just before pushing them into the river leaving a pool of blood at the shooters feet. They are beheading, men and children then placing their heads upon spikes.

Yes, this is the actions of a terrorist, but who caused this to happen? The man in the White House when he pulled out our troops too soon from Iraq, but who put that man in office? Those in America that voted for him twice.

I have never voted for him because I knew he did not have the right knowledge or experience to lead this country. Nor do those that think this nation is not the conscience of the world will ever be truly prepared to lead this nation in any level of government. To wait for the word “genocide” to come to life as a wake-up call is the last thing that should have happened, but that is how it has come about.

That is why I feel I can say the conscience of the world no longer exist. Who is the core of the conscience? God!

Return to God America. Let those in power know that Christianity is still alive within the United States of America. Make yourself heard. Become active in the affairs of this nation as it was originally meant to be. I nation for the people, BUT BY THE PEOPLE. That statement means you have to speak out and make yourself heard. Not only by the vote, but by action.

A friend’s post

Today I read a friend’s post on Facebook. The more I thought on it the more it bothered me. In the first part of it he said “how does someone that calls themselves Christian act.” This is paraphrased by the way.
The word “act” which was not paraphrased bothered me.
Now I must say that he went on to state that the only way into to heaven is through Jesus and asking Jesus into your heart. This I fully agree with for those that have been exposed to Christian believes and teachings, but there are still those out there that have never heard of not only Jesus but also the Bible. For these people their actions will be how they are judged at the white throne judgment, but this is not how those that have heard of God, Jesus and the Bible will be judged at this time.

Those that have heard of the Trinity, God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost. These people must answer if they have asked Jesus into the heart and souls. Those in the United Stated have heard of the Trinity. Many believe they are Christian. Many others have turned their back upon God and denied that God even exists. There are even those that call themselves Christian but in reality are not.

When someone accepts Jesus and you ask Him into your life a real change occurs within you. You begin to change. For some a change that completely created a new person immediately. For most, it is a gradual change that can take days, months or even years to fully see how you have become a new person.

If you truly stand before God, pleading for His Son to come into your life you will see and feel the difference. There will be no need, want or desire to “act.” For you will do it because you know it is the right way to behave and act. Sure, you will slip and fall time to time, but if your faith is real, you will pick yourself up and once again continue that journey that will in time lead you first to heaven and then finally passed the white throne to an eternal life in an eternal body.

Martyrdom looms before all that call themselves Christian.

I once wondered how the Bible could not mention by implication the USA. It mentions China, but not the US.
Those that do not believe in God would say it is because when the Bible was written the “New World” had not been fully discovered. As I see this nation falling apart about us I now start to understand that is not why.
This nation was founded upon the freedom to worship God. William Penn, a Quaker, created how this government could be setup. The principles of the separation of church and states was established to allow this freedom to worship or not too in your own way.
Now there are those that do not worship God perverting this principle to force God from the United States by using laws, which is the government. Simply they have reversed the principle upon itself. They are using it to cause the government to invade the worship of God, which is why people came here to escape from this very thing.
As I watch this nation collapse, I now understand why the United States of American will not be mentioned. It will be on the wrong side of God, which was not supposed to be.
Those that wish God to be removed are winning. I pity them. More and more I start to see that those that truly profess to be Christian will be first imprisoned, then eventually killed. I am slowly realizing that martyrdom may come to this nation.
It is happening now more than ever before in the Middle-East and this nation says little to nothing. This is wrong and needs to change before martyrdom is required here in the United States.

Who is really causing the congress to look useless?

Per the Rules of the Senate, one person manages all business for the senate: that person is called the Presiding Officer, but who is the presiding officer that says want can and cannot be acted upon by the Senate?
Per Wikipedia:
“The Presiding Officer is the person who presides over the United States Senate and is charged with maintaining order and decorum, recognizing members to speak, and interpreting the Senate’s rules, practices and precedents. The Presiding Officer is a role, not an actual office; whoever is presiding at the time is the Presiding Officer.
The President pro tempore (a Senator elected to the post by the Senate at the beginning of each Congress, which since World War II by custom has been the most senior Senator of the majority party) is nominally responsible for presiding over the Senate ’in the Absence of the Vice President, or when he shall exercise the Office of the President of the United States’ (Article I, Section 3, Clause 5).”

“The most senior Senator elected to the MAJORITY party”
Gee, that is Harry Reid.

Therefore, the reason congress appears to do nothing is because Harry Reid makes it so. Over 350 bills have been sent to the Senate by the Congress and they sit and sit with no action taken.
WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vote Reid and Pelosi out of office.
Sheesh stop being so gullible people. All our problems in Washington DC are the fault of one party the Democrats.
Also there is a need to change the rules so the Majority party can not have this much power ever again.

Children as pawns of the White House Part 2


American citizens are strongly reacting to the huge influx of children crossing our boarder ILLEGALLY.
(You should never support someone breaking the law EVER. No matter their age.)
The American public is starting to realize that the man in the White House cares more for foreign children then those born here.
Understand this world. The city of Detroit is now like a third world country. United States children are starving. United States children do not know luxury. It has not happened yet, but due to the rising anger from the common citizen of the United States, I fear for foreign children’s safety. Not only from the horrors they are suffering coming to the USA, but I fear soon some of the more radical elements in this country will do something bad, which will cause more harm than good for all.
I beg you for the very safety of your children do not allow them to be pawns anymore. Keep then home. Keep them safe.
Yesterday I read parts of an email from someone that reflects those that are in power at this time. Those that are in power do not care for you or anyone that they consider “common.” They only care for themselves and money. They are “Elitist.” They seek to have a select few with power, while the rest are left to scrape for just a meeker living.
Simply they wish to turn the US into the very country you are seeking to escape.
Do not allow them to succeed.

The Lusitania and MH17 (an echo in history)

It is May 7th, 1915 the United States of America does not wish to go to war. There is troubles on the Mexican border and so the President tries to distance himself from the war in Europe.
A British cruise ship sails upon the water closing upon it destination. When suddenly it is torpedoed by a German U-boat and sinks killing 1198 passengers on board. The news of this sinking shocked the USA since 128 of the dead were Americans. Unknown to most is that the ship was caring munitions for the war in Europe, but this did not matter. 128 Americans were dead. Within two years, America joined in World War I spurred on by this sinking of this ship.
It is September 1st, 1983 The United States of America is not at war but is locked it what is called the Cold War with the U.S.S.R. There is some trouble on the Mexican border, but nothing that is too worry-some. The President is determined to make the Soviets back down and so has increase the defense budget.
A Korean Airlines Boeing 747 accidentally crosses over into Soviet airspace and is shot down killing 269 including 62 Americans. The President interrupts his vacation returns to the White House and writes a speech, which he gives to the citizens of the United States on the 5th when it is determined it was shot down. He denounces the actions of the Soviets and takes the appropriate actions, which led to the disillusion of the Soviet Republic on December 26th, 1991.
It is June 17th, 2014 the United States of America does not wish to go to war. There is trouble on the Mexican border and so the President tries to distance himself from the war in the Ukraine.
A Malaysian Boeing 777 flies in the skies at 33000 feet not even halfway to its destination. When suddenly it is hit by a Russian made Surface to Air Missile sending it falling from the sky killing 298 people on-board including 23 with USA passport. The nation waits to hear what the man in the White House will say. As of this posting, he has only mentioned it for thirty-eight seconds before campaigning, photo-ops and fund raising once again. Will two year pass before those twenty-three people see their nation act as they watch from where ever they are in time before Christ’s return?
If you do not learn from history you are destine to repeat it.