Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost

I still remember the day I was bathed in the Holy Spirit. It is something I will never forget. I have felt that touch a few times since but none was as filling or rewarding as that first time. It is then that I knew without a doubt that God was real. It is then without a doubt that I knew Jesus was real and still alive yet in a different plain of reality know as Heaven with His Father. It is then that I knew Elijah and Enoch were real and still alive. Still awaiting their time that is to come that they are to be the witness against all that will be left alive after the last Christian dies halfway through the Tribulation that is to come.
It is due to this filling that I have not fallen away from God. It is due to its presence within my life that I have returned to the path that Jesus set before me to follow. A life where I know I must stay true to the Bible as it is written that tells us all is black and white and there is nothing but death for those that insist upon staying within the grey (Rev. 3: 15-16). A filling that tells me there will be those that were once children of God but have fallen away (2 Peter 2:18-22).
I know that the tingling sensation I felt that day was enough to lead me into a true discovery of the Bible. To know that I must read, must study it. Not in new version written by men of recent times but of those other men filled with the Holy Spirit themselves. Knowing that having this common sharing of this holy touch from the trinity of God placed me spiritually beside them. No longer parted by centuries of this corrupt world but brought together by a common link. A holy link tight directly to God though His Son the Lord Jesus Christ my friend and Lord.
Does this make me better than anyone else? By all means no, but what it does do is cause me to be fiery in my speech to cause those that read my words to think, to wonder and yes even desire to experience the same joy and satisfaction that has been bestowed upon me through this blessed out pouring of God’s eternal love. I beg of you to seek it out. Read the Bible, go to church and do not fall for the propaganda from those that deny there is a God. For they are not only lying to you but mostly to themselves, and for many it is to be a costly lie that will haunt them forever.

The Pouring

It was a hot summer night in Memphis TN. It was June and the non-denominational church called the Rock was having a Revival. I was there alone, for my first wife did not wish to attend. So, I left her and my two sons at home.
I forget the message that night, but during it the most amazing event happened to me that it is something that I will never forget. During a part of the service as I stood praying and singing, I suddenly felt a tingling come upon me. It started at the very tip of me head and proceeded to grow throughout my body. As if a liquid of pure joy was being poured into me. I felt it cover me slowly from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. It is a feeling I have never encounter ever again, for I know it was not necessary to feel it.
The rest of the service was a blur from that moment on as the tingle continued throughout the rest of the service. I knew I had gone up to the dais and kneeled down and prayed. I knew the revival finally ended, and the tingle remained. I returned to my car and began to drive home and still the tingle continued as I shouted and praised God as I drove home hitting my head two or three times as I lifted from the driver set “leaping” for joy at receiving the bless and love of God in the form of His Holy Spirit.

A friend’s post

Today I read a friend’s post on Facebook. The more I thought on it the more it bothered me. In the first part of it he said “how does someone that calls themselves Christian act.” This is paraphrased by the way.
The word “act” which was not paraphrased bothered me.
Now I must say that he went on to state that the only way into to heaven is through Jesus and asking Jesus into your heart. This I fully agree with for those that have been exposed to Christian believes and teachings, but there are still those out there that have never heard of not only Jesus but also the Bible. For these people their actions will be how they are judged at the white throne judgment, but this is not how those that have heard of God, Jesus and the Bible will be judged at this time.

Those that have heard of the Trinity, God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost. These people must answer if they have asked Jesus into the heart and souls. Those in the United Stated have heard of the Trinity. Many believe they are Christian. Many others have turned their back upon God and denied that God even exists. There are even those that call themselves Christian but in reality are not.

When someone accepts Jesus and you ask Him into your life a real change occurs within you. You begin to change. For some a change that completely created a new person immediately. For most, it is a gradual change that can take days, months or even years to fully see how you have become a new person.

If you truly stand before God, pleading for His Son to come into your life you will see and feel the difference. There will be no need, want or desire to “act.” For you will do it because you know it is the right way to behave and act. Sure, you will slip and fall time to time, but if your faith is real, you will pick yourself up and once again continue that journey that will in time lead you first to heaven and then finally passed the white throne to an eternal life in an eternal body.