filled with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Ghost

I still remember the day I was bathed in the Holy Spirit. It is something I will never forget. I have felt that touch a few times since but none was as filling or rewarding as that first time. It is then that I knew without a doubt that God was real. It is then without a doubt that I knew Jesus was real and still alive yet in a different plain of reality know as Heaven with His Father. It is then that I knew Elijah and Enoch were real and still alive. Still awaiting their time that is to come that they are to be the witness against all that will be left alive after the last Christian dies halfway through the Tribulation that is to come.
It is due to this filling that I have not fallen away from God. It is due to its presence within my life that I have returned to the path that Jesus set before me to follow. A life where I know I must stay true to the Bible as it is written that tells us all is black and white and there is nothing but death for those that insist upon staying within the grey (Rev. 3: 15-16). A filling that tells me there will be those that were once children of God but have fallen away (2 Peter 2:18-22).
I know that the tingling sensation I felt that day was enough to lead me into a true discovery of the Bible. To know that I must read, must study it. Not in new version written by men of recent times but of those other men filled with the Holy Spirit themselves. Knowing that having this common sharing of this holy touch from the trinity of God placed me spiritually beside them. No longer parted by centuries of this corrupt world but brought together by a common link. A holy link tight directly to God though His Son the Lord Jesus Christ my friend and Lord.
Does this make me better than anyone else? By all means no, but what it does do is cause me to be fiery in my speech to cause those that read my words to think, to wonder and yes even desire to experience the same joy and satisfaction that has been bestowed upon me through this blessed out pouring of God’s eternal love. I beg of you to seek it out. Read the Bible, go to church and do not fall for the propaganda from those that deny there is a God. For they are not only lying to you but mostly to themselves, and for many it is to be a costly lie that will haunt them forever.