Month: August 2015

There is nothing once you die.

There are those that believe this title. Then why is there life? What is the purpose? To accumulate all you can in fifty or sixty years, no matter what the cost or who you hurt to do so. Hoping that as you do your name will be a name remembered throughout history in some form. The odds of either of those things happening is extremely bad for must upon this earth. Then what is the purpose?
That mentality shows itself to be faulty and full of false hopes and dreams. Yet many try to live life in just this manner.
This is what I know to be fact from reading the Bible. Now don’t laugh, just read on and see where this is going.
The Bible says that God knows us before we are even born. So your name is already known by the One that created this entire universe, so the need to seek fame is not required.
We are all promised an eternal body, so if we get a body that is designed to live for all eternity then there is something beyond this life. A something that will last beyond this mere and short one hundred year, in fact billions upon billions of years.
This is mentioned in the Bible as well. There isn’t a lot of detail but what is certain is that heaven is just a holding area for those that have passed this life at this time until the Great White Throne Judgment occurs, and that is only for those that have served God well and loyally. Other events happen before the judgment but due to the topic of this particular post they are not necessary to go into.
Here is the bad news though. So say you are someone that has made a ton of money and left a trail of both literal and figurative bodies behind you as you excelled at your tasks. So since there is nothing beyond this life in your eyes then there is no God, no Jesus and nothing to follow this temporal existence we now live in.
Then on that day of judgement you waken and are call before God. Your life is reviewed and the trail of blood you have left behind says one thing to Him. Well there is something that will happen in your new body and it will last for decades, centuries, millennial after millennial. It is extremely warm and unpleasant and there is a lot of pain involved and it is eternal.
Is this really the type of worldly treasure you wish to give yourself?

God only sees us when we are clean in His eyes

Now why do I bring up this point in the title of this post. In Jeremiah 1:5 it is stated that God knew him before he was conceived. It is true that Jeremiah was a prophet, but do you not think that God knows all before they enter the womb? The implication is yes He does. This means that our souls exist and are pure before we enter the womb.
That being the case, then the moment our souls enter the body forming within the womb is a human being. This means that the aborting or killing of this child within the womb is murder.
Now let me make this perfectly clear. Due to the way people have been taught since even before Rowe vs. Wade the child within the womb is seen as not a person and so can be killed without consequences. I know many that have been through an abortion, and all ultimately feel guilt for their actions. Why? Because deep within them they know that it was a living soul within the still forming body, and it was cut off from the life it was to have.
Now here is my next point. There are those that state people are born with sin already within them. If that were so how could God know them before they were even conceived? He could not. Then to say someone is born already burdened with a sin is a lie, because God cannot see us till we have been cleaned by the blood of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ if our souls are already fraught with sin.
So now we have two major sin in the eyes of the Lord exposed for what they truly are. Something that should not be done or encouraged to happen.
Now how is this for an encouraging statement? The Bible states many times that the parents and the community are to teach all children of the Bible. This is no longer done. As a result sin has been running rampant throughout the United States of America. Those that have made it difficult to teach the Bible will have the roughest time when it is time for them to stand before God, but I feel equally as guilty beside them will be their parents for failing to teach their child of God and what is good in his eyesight. We are told to teach our children of God constantly so that when the time is right they will make an informed decision. So God can once again know us through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Too many, far too many are lost souls. For many it will be extremely difficult to walk away from the sins they have embraced. Why? Because they were never correctly taught of the Bible and its true message. Too many go about teaching a false gospel that states that they can still live within the sin and see God, but they never will unless they listen to the true message of God and stop living in their sin.
So please understand God knows you by name before you are even conceived, but after we leave the womb if not killed by the lie of abortion it is then that we are exposed to this world of sin. It is during our childhood if not taught correctly that we start to think the wrong way and ultimately start making the wrong choices after the age of accountability. All of our souls exist before they enter into the womb, so learn the truth from the Bible and do not allow those that wish to turn you away from righteousness win. God knew you once and wishes to be reunited with you, it is in your ballpark. Only you due to free will can make the move back toward the Creator of the Universe. Only by pleading to Him through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ can you ever be able to be seen by God once again. Turn your back upon your sins. Understand you cannot be born with sin already within. Also understand that at the very moment of conception your soul enters into that fertilized egg from the very feet of God who knew you and your name, and so knows that any child within the womb is a living human being.

Escapism = slavery

More and more our children are being taught to live as they feel free to do as they please. They are told to seek out what makes them happy, what is pleasing no matter the cost. They are told to live their life’s in the moment, in the temporary pleasures they receive for living life to please themselves. They seek out any type of pleasure from video games, to drugs to sex, no matter the type of the latter and embrace it and enjoy it. For all there is in this life is your own personal satisfaction. What is worse this is not only coming from outside sources but from within their own homes as well. They are not being taught right from wrong but what feels good and what does not. It makes them feel good to kill innocent animals then they start to hurt kids younger than them then they seek out guns and go into a school and kill their fellows because it feels good. Then reality sets in and the kill themselves.
They take drugs to escape from reality only to have it smack them hard in the face so they take more drugs until they are finally fully a slave to the drug and cannot escape it.
They indulge in their lusts seek after any that will please them be it of the same sex or not as they experiment as they come into puberty, and the first one that give them the thrill the seek they stick too. Filled with their lust and locked into the slavery that follows.
Those in power encourage the young to become pregnant for the lust of money as they herd them into a clinic like cattle to tear out the unborn child within them. A sacrifice to their masters: greed and control. Then they cut up the once soul filled body for its parts like what was done in olden times to be cleansed in the site of their idols, but now it is not a statue that is the idol, but a name a group that they worship making them slaves unto it.
All of this is true human nature and those in power that encourage this know this full well. They use it to entrap, ensnare, and enslave the masses so they will be free to enjoy their lust for wealth and power and control of those they look down upon. They see them as nothing but animals to be herded and so openly and brazenly lie to them not caring any longer if any knows they are lying for they fear no consequences for their actions for they are the ones in control. A slave to their lust of power.
This is what happens when you deny there is a God. This is what happens when you turn your back upon His laws given unto us by Moses, but they do not see it. They are blinded to their temporal lusts thinking this is all there is within the world. Not realizing it is a lie. Not realizing there is more than just the here and now, and as they embrace their shackles they chain others to the chains that keeps growing ever longer every day. All I can do is pray and weep and hope that someone, someone hears these words and realizes and awakens before it is too late.
2 Peter 2:19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.
John 8: 34 Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.
Here is the thing that those that wish to enslave you don’t want you to know. Through the teaching of Jesus Christ as well as the rest of the Bible, we learn what is right and what is wrong and in so doing can avoid enslavement to our sins and thus become truly free. You will think with your own mind and understand what is going on about you and you will see what is good and what is not. Will you be able to avoid all sin? No you will not but you will have the freedom to be able to turn from it and ask forgiveness when you falter and fail.
Does this mean you can still take drugs, live in lust of sexual desires be they with someone of the same or opposite sex? No you cannot. We are told to live in moderation which means we take a little of this and a little of that but it also states that some things are seen as acts that are sickening to God. Very few things are seen as an abomination to God. One is human sacrifice the other is homosexuality.
Ruth was a priestess to an idol and commit human sacrifices of babies but she repented her ways and become Jewish and was accepted by her mother-in-law after her husband was killed, a Jew she had fallen in love with. She kept her promise not to return to her sin and God rewarded her with a new husband who was the judge of the Jews at the time. She lived within the laws of God and was seen as good and rewarded.
You must turn away from you lusts and desires. It will be painful for you are being told to turn from something and or someone you have come to “love.” This “love” though is enslavement to this sin you have embraced. You must reject this lifestyle if you ever wish to be free. For at the end of your enslavement is that which I personally wish no one to have to encounter and be forced to live with for all eternity.
You must also understand this. God knew us before we were conceived. For him to know us before we were even thought of by our parents’ means we were pure and good and holy unto God. So we are not born with sin in us as those that wish to enslave us have falsely taught. We do not develop sin while we are within the womb. It is once we are out of the womb is when we are exposed to the corruption of this temporal reality. We are not held accountable for our actions till we are twelve and it is then that we start to make our choices as to whether we will sin or not. Before twelve it was our parents’ responsibility to teach us of God, the Bible and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. This is so that we would be able to discern what is right and what is wrong. This is a sin our parents will have to bare if they failed in this duty.
But once you become accountable that is when you thoughts, your desire and your actions mark you. Only you are responsible for your actions past twelve. Can your parents still advice you? Yes, but ultimately it is your decisions that cast your lot. Either into slavery under sin or unto freedom under God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

The failure of the buildings called “Churches”

One after another that which is called “good” in the eyes of the Lord our God falls prey to popular demand. Why is this happening? It is because those places called “Churches” do not teach God.
Those that are called leadership within them do not make it known that certain things are called sins. They do this because in reality they are no longer “Churches” but businesses and if you insult or make uncomfortable those that come into your business they do not return and so their business losses money.
True Churches are not a business, but a place to worship and give praise honor and glory unto to God. It is also a place where you are taught the true Bible and true message of God. At times it will be painful, harsh and may even make some angry. Why? Because they are reacting to their guilt. A guilt that is there because what was mentioned is in their life. It is their sin and they have just been told it is wrong and they need to turn from it. This is the job of the church a.k.a. the church leadership.
However, this is not how churches these days do things, because if they make people leave how will they get their money to survive? My answer: they should not for they have turned their backs upon God and as a result we have sin running rampant upon the streets, within the government and they are starting to shove their ways into the churches. All with one purpose, to destroy God.
To them God is not real. To them Jesus did not raise form the dead. To them living in sin is preferred to living morally. Well, let me tell you a little secret. That is how it has always been. Sin has always been easier because our true enemy wishes all humanity to fail for it will allow him to be the winner and the one that is better than God.
The one who wishes you to live in sin is not your ally, or friend. God makes this clear within the Bible. True love hurts and can be punishing, but if you are not punished or made to feel guilt then you are not loved. As it says in Proverbs. The parent that spares the rod hates their child. That is how it is from God as well. Because he loves you he punishes you if you do wrong, for from it you learn respect and to be moral and to be good.
So if your “church” does not give you a sting of pain time to time then is it really a church?

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Do you reflect Jesus?

That is an important question. Do your daily action show that you know Christ? Do they show you know the Bible? Do you act and behave like Jesus? My answer to this question is “not perfectly but better than it was before.”
None are perfect for Christ is the only being that was perfect when He was human. He was before the universe was. He is alive and watching the world as it falls into decadence and decay.
There are still those that God knows the name of. There are still those that Jesus is waiting for them to ask Him into their life. The Holy Spirit is waiting to fill those that are willingly Disciples of Christ.
But here is the thing. He will not wait forever. The other day someone posted a poster-post on Facebook. It was excellent. It states that there was a highway to hell, but only a stairway to heaven for the anticipated traffic demands. I know they are song references, but they speak volumes.
As I posted yesterday I have come to a point where I need to just keep moving forward toward God, honoring and serving Him as best I can and not focus on the fact that more and more of those alive at this time will most likely be taking the highway and not the stairway. As I stated it would send me into a depression if I dwelt upon it too much.
I realize that I must continue to reflect Christ as best I can, but I know I shall falter time to time, for I am in an imperfect body at this time. But there will come a time when I will enter into the perfect, the immortal and I must stay focused upon that goal through Jesus Christ, then in my allotted time I will serve God and His Son for eternity somewhere in His creation, the universe.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: The fact are shown

In yesterday’s post I spelled out the need for Christians to become more involved in politics. I showed that several of the founding fathers of this nation, even though I only quoted three, felt it was mandatory for morality and virtue to be present or government would fall into chaos.
If you have not read the posting yet I strongly suggest you do so for it contains an important comparison between what the Bible asks of those that follow and have accepted Jesus Christ and a political group that has left the Bible
We are in the early stages of something that can go very badly for the short term for Christians in this nation. Will what I said cause many of you to awaken to the facts? I cannot answer that, but Jesus made it perfectly clear in Revelation 3:15-16. You must choose a side. You must be against God or for Him, you must be cold or hot, black or white and you must never, never be lukewarm for it will be worse for the lukewarm than for the cold towards God.
The formers of this nation wanted all of us to be servants of God. They knew many would not be, but I seriously doubted they expected this many to be lukewarm. We are in sad times for humanity, and it must be the Christians that step forward and make it known what is right and wrong within the world. Why? Because too many wonder in the lukewarm and not in the hot and they shall be found wanting.
Our actions, our choices in even the simplest of things decide for us upon where we will stand when the time comes.
It is my deepest wish and desire that more stand with God than not, but as each day passes I see more and more that it will not be this way and this is extremely sorrowing to realize and accept but I must or I will drive myself into despair if I think upon it too much. So many that I call friends that I fear I may never see again except if by chance I look upon them in the pity. I know that if I do see them I will weep not for myself, but for them, for once they are in the pit there is no coming out and it will last billions upon billions of years.

To be friends of the world is to be an enemy of God

Now we are told within the Bible to reprove, rebuke and exhort with use of and for the Bible (2 Timothy 4:1-5). Now I say this because there are those that call themselves “Christian” and have befriended the world. A prime example is one of the Republican Party candidates that used the adage of “love the sinner hate the sin,” but also said he attended his homosexual friend’s wedding. This person has befriended the world and so has turned his back upon God.
If he truly placed God first he would have told that friend in love that pursuing this relationship to the point of marriage is a sin to God and he should seriously rethink that relationship. This is not what was done though. He has embraced the world and his friend and in so doing he has turned his back upon God.
James 4: 4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

The ultimate grassroots movement

There was this person that spoke the truth. He spoke of values and the importance to maintain and follow them.
He was hated by those in power for it jeopardized their source of income through taxes and a plotted bureaucracy.
Yet more and more came to hear what he had to say. They challenged him and tried to derail what he said but he had an answer for everything they did.
At one point thousand came to hear his words and they knew he must be removed or their entire government would collapse and they would be broke and penniless.
So they broke the laws and twisted the facts into lies. They belittled and ridiculed him. They pact the court with their own people to guarantee their victory.
They had won their battle against him not realizing that the damage was already done.
The seeds had been planted and were ready to grow, and they did when the most unexpected thing took place.
He arose from the dead and when he did that then those that followed him never feared death again. Because of this lack of fear this gave them a courage that none could even understand. As a result nearly sixty year later their government fell and yet the message of this man spread and other nations fell and out of them came new nations with new ideas based upon his teaching.
But as always people do not learn from history. They forget what has happened so another government has risen up. Thinking only of the greed and power of those within it. Not seeing that a new grassroots movement has arisen carried upon the beliefs of the one that rose from the dead. Again they think they are better than this person and again they shall learn to their dismay that those that truly follow him do not fear death and so are more courageous than they thought possible and change will come and they will falter and fall beneath the grassroots movement of Jesus once again.

So they accepted Christ as their Savior

Time and again I hear people say “Well, we need to lead them to Jesus.”
They say this when people like myself try to make people realize that they are living in sin. Many times they also throw out the judgment card as well. Accusing people like myself that we are judging them. (By the way: I am not judging them. I present facts from the Bible which makes them uncomfortable and convicted… they are judging themselves, or to be most accurate it is the Word of God judging them, not me).
So they have accepted God. God is now their Savior, now what?

I left the big space here for a reason.
Once someone accepts Jesus what should happen is that this person is given a mentor, a sponsor. This person should be a teacher of the word and someone that has been of the Body for some time. They should be there to answer questions. They should be there to suggest parts of the Bible in particular to read when it comes to understanding the Bible and thus God Himself as best we can do to teach them.
Now why do I say this? In my previous church this was not being done. They for example said the phrase I have in quotation marks above, but when it came time to lead, to teach they fell flat on their faces. I made an honest effort to teach, but was undermined by the pastor of church, which negated my efforts to instill the truth of God’s word into a few that needed help in their growth toward God. Now there was no ego in this desire to teach, but an honest need to shine the light of the Bible upon these babes in their faith lives.
There was major hurtles that needed to be covered quickly, but I was shutdown. One reason was because I was mixing politics with the Bible, which to me is mandatory. The constitution states that the government cannot interfere with religion, it never says religion cannot interfere with politics. If you wish to reflect God and His teaches you must interject God’s desires into politics. God is pro-life for God knew us before we were conceived. God is against sin. So if the government is for sin they are against God.
A key factor that needed to addressed. Jesus states that any that deny Him, then He shall deny them to His father. There is an official political group out there that denies God. Yet thousands that call themselves “Christian” say they are of this group or support its actions. Its actions support sin which is opposite God’s teaches. This group is the Democratic Party. So any that say they are “Christian” should leave and stop supporting this party. Yet they do not. One main reason is because they have not been correctly taught the Bible.
Now I must add these actions are not limited to the Democratic Party.
I was listening to the Republican debate the other night. One of the people ask if God talked to them. One person’s response was two statements that need to be made mention of. When stating “His faith” he went around the topic by throwing out statements like “my family is important to me” and “I love them.” Simply he evaded they answer never truly acknowledging his believe in God. He also stated that he went to a homosexual friend’s wedding. This action states that he condone this friends lifestyle and came to the steadfast scapegoat of “love the sinner, hate the sin.” Yet attending the wedding said love the sinner love the sin. If he truly loved the man as a fellow human being he would talk to him and let him know that he is living in sin. That by doing so odds are against him making into to heaven. These are the things that need to be taught to all. This goes not only for the Republican, but for his friend.
Notice I did not say they were definitely going to hell, no what I said was they reduce their chances. If the one that got married divorces his husband and no longer lives in this sin then he may make it into heaven, but as long as he lives in the sin and places the sin above God then he is receiving his reward now here in this temporal life.
These are things that need to be taught to those that ask Christ into their hearts. I know a lady who wears a cross about her neck yet she is a lesbian. This is living in a lukewarm life, and Jesus Himself said that those that live in the lukewarm he will spit from Him.
We must teach this and much much more to those that ask Jesus into their life. It is God first, meaning that if it states you need to turn from sin … then you turn from sin. If we are to honor life because God knows us before we are born then Abortion should end.
If we place people over us and count on people to provide for us then we deny God this.
It is due to this lack of knowledge of the Bible that leads many down the wrong path and they are living a lukewarm existence all because those that are called to teach do not teach.
Who will God hold accountable for those that live a lukewarm life? Those that live it yes, but also those that never taught them what is cold and what is hot, what is wrong and what is right, what is black and what is white. For it truly is just that… black and white, darkness and light. For in Christ it is within the light, and if what you are doing is seen as repulsive in the light then it is something you should not be doing.
So when someone comes to Christ it is important that they be taken under the wing of someone that knows of God, the Bible and its teachings. That way they can be taught the Bible correctly and do what is right and give honor to God.

For too long Christians have been silent

When they should have stood up and marched upon Washington when abortion was legalized. Instead they set in their churches praying and saying it would get better. Instead it has gotten worse. Atheism is on the rise, people that hid their sins openly parade it for all to see. And who is truly to blame? Those that call themselves “Christian.”
Did they correctly teach their children the Bible? No they did not.
Did they correctly reach out to those that sin? No they did not.
Now we are heading quickly into a world full of sin and damnation. Something unthinkable three decades ago, but here it is.
And those that are truly responsible sit in their churches praying and saying it will get better. Sorry, that is not how it works. Yes love the sinner but hate the sin, but also teach the sinner that they are sinning.
If they say you are judging them say: No it is not me that is judging them, but the Bible says you cannot do this or do that, so it is the Bible that is judging them and so if it is the Bible doing the judging then it is God that is truly the judge, I am but His tool His instrument for I am of His Body.
Stand up for your faith and in doing so stand up for God and be counted worthy.