So they accepted Christ as their Savior

Time and again I hear people say “Well, we need to lead them to Jesus.”
They say this when people like myself try to make people realize that they are living in sin. Many times they also throw out the judgment card as well. Accusing people like myself that we are judging them. (By the way: I am not judging them. I present facts from the Bible which makes them uncomfortable and convicted… they are judging themselves, or to be most accurate it is the Word of God judging them, not me).
So they have accepted God. God is now their Savior, now what?

I left the big space here for a reason.
Once someone accepts Jesus what should happen is that this person is given a mentor, a sponsor. This person should be a teacher of the word and someone that has been of the Body for some time. They should be there to answer questions. They should be there to suggest parts of the Bible in particular to read when it comes to understanding the Bible and thus God Himself as best we can do to teach them.
Now why do I say this? In my previous church this was not being done. They for example said the phrase I have in quotation marks above, but when it came time to lead, to teach they fell flat on their faces. I made an honest effort to teach, but was undermined by the pastor of church, which negated my efforts to instill the truth of God’s word into a few that needed help in their growth toward God. Now there was no ego in this desire to teach, but an honest need to shine the light of the Bible upon these babes in their faith lives.
There was major hurtles that needed to be covered quickly, but I was shutdown. One reason was because I was mixing politics with the Bible, which to me is mandatory. The constitution states that the government cannot interfere with religion, it never says religion cannot interfere with politics. If you wish to reflect God and His teaches you must interject God’s desires into politics. God is pro-life for God knew us before we were conceived. God is against sin. So if the government is for sin they are against God.
A key factor that needed to addressed. Jesus states that any that deny Him, then He shall deny them to His father. There is an official political group out there that denies God. Yet thousands that call themselves “Christian” say they are of this group or support its actions. Its actions support sin which is opposite God’s teaches. This group is the Democratic Party. So any that say they are “Christian” should leave and stop supporting this party. Yet they do not. One main reason is because they have not been correctly taught the Bible.
Now I must add these actions are not limited to the Democratic Party.
I was listening to the Republican debate the other night. One of the people ask if God talked to them. One person’s response was two statements that need to be made mention of. When stating “His faith” he went around the topic by throwing out statements like “my family is important to me” and “I love them.” Simply he evaded they answer never truly acknowledging his believe in God. He also stated that he went to a homosexual friend’s wedding. This action states that he condone this friends lifestyle and came to the steadfast scapegoat of “love the sinner, hate the sin.” Yet attending the wedding said love the sinner love the sin. If he truly loved the man as a fellow human being he would talk to him and let him know that he is living in sin. That by doing so odds are against him making into to heaven. These are the things that need to be taught to all. This goes not only for the Republican, but for his friend.
Notice I did not say they were definitely going to hell, no what I said was they reduce their chances. If the one that got married divorces his husband and no longer lives in this sin then he may make it into heaven, but as long as he lives in the sin and places the sin above God then he is receiving his reward now here in this temporal life.
These are things that need to be taught to those that ask Christ into their hearts. I know a lady who wears a cross about her neck yet she is a lesbian. This is living in a lukewarm life, and Jesus Himself said that those that live in the lukewarm he will spit from Him.
We must teach this and much much more to those that ask Jesus into their life. It is God first, meaning that if it states you need to turn from sin … then you turn from sin. If we are to honor life because God knows us before we are born then Abortion should end.
If we place people over us and count on people to provide for us then we deny God this.
It is due to this lack of knowledge of the Bible that leads many down the wrong path and they are living a lukewarm existence all because those that are called to teach do not teach.
Who will God hold accountable for those that live a lukewarm life? Those that live it yes, but also those that never taught them what is cold and what is hot, what is wrong and what is right, what is black and what is white. For it truly is just that… black and white, darkness and light. For in Christ it is within the light, and if what you are doing is seen as repulsive in the light then it is something you should not be doing.
So when someone comes to Christ it is important that they be taken under the wing of someone that knows of God, the Bible and its teachings. That way they can be taught the Bible correctly and do what is right and give honor to God.

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