The ultimate grassroots movement

There was this person that spoke the truth. He spoke of values and the importance to maintain and follow them.
He was hated by those in power for it jeopardized their source of income through taxes and a plotted bureaucracy.
Yet more and more came to hear what he had to say. They challenged him and tried to derail what he said but he had an answer for everything they did.
At one point thousand came to hear his words and they knew he must be removed or their entire government would collapse and they would be broke and penniless.
So they broke the laws and twisted the facts into lies. They belittled and ridiculed him. They pact the court with their own people to guarantee their victory.
They had won their battle against him not realizing that the damage was already done.
The seeds had been planted and were ready to grow, and they did when the most unexpected thing took place.
He arose from the dead and when he did that then those that followed him never feared death again. Because of this lack of fear this gave them a courage that none could even understand. As a result nearly sixty year later their government fell and yet the message of this man spread and other nations fell and out of them came new nations with new ideas based upon his teaching.
But as always people do not learn from history. They forget what has happened so another government has risen up. Thinking only of the greed and power of those within it. Not seeing that a new grassroots movement has arisen carried upon the beliefs of the one that rose from the dead. Again they think they are better than this person and again they shall learn to their dismay that those that truly follow him do not fear death and so are more courageous than they thought possible and change will come and they will falter and fall beneath the grassroots movement of Jesus once again.

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