For too long Christians have been silent

When they should have stood up and marched upon Washington when abortion was legalized. Instead they set in their churches praying and saying it would get better. Instead it has gotten worse. Atheism is on the rise, people that hid their sins openly parade it for all to see. And who is truly to blame? Those that call themselves “Christian.”
Did they correctly teach their children the Bible? No they did not.
Did they correctly reach out to those that sin? No they did not.
Now we are heading quickly into a world full of sin and damnation. Something unthinkable three decades ago, but here it is.
And those that are truly responsible sit in their churches praying and saying it will get better. Sorry, that is not how it works. Yes love the sinner but hate the sin, but also teach the sinner that they are sinning.
If they say you are judging them say: No it is not me that is judging them, but the Bible says you cannot do this or do that, so it is the Bible that is judging them and so if it is the Bible doing the judging then it is God that is truly the judge, I am but His tool His instrument for I am of His Body.
Stand up for your faith and in doing so stand up for God and be counted worthy.

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