God only sees us when we are clean in His eyes

Now why do I bring up this point in the title of this post. In Jeremiah 1:5 it is stated that God knew him before he was conceived. It is true that Jeremiah was a prophet, but do you not think that God knows all before they enter the womb? The implication is yes He does. This means that our souls exist and are pure before we enter the womb.
That being the case, then the moment our souls enter the body forming within the womb is a human being. This means that the aborting or killing of this child within the womb is murder.
Now let me make this perfectly clear. Due to the way people have been taught since even before Rowe vs. Wade the child within the womb is seen as not a person and so can be killed without consequences. I know many that have been through an abortion, and all ultimately feel guilt for their actions. Why? Because deep within them they know that it was a living soul within the still forming body, and it was cut off from the life it was to have.
Now here is my next point. There are those that state people are born with sin already within them. If that were so how could God know them before they were even conceived? He could not. Then to say someone is born already burdened with a sin is a lie, because God cannot see us till we have been cleaned by the blood of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ if our souls are already fraught with sin.
So now we have two major sin in the eyes of the Lord exposed for what they truly are. Something that should not be done or encouraged to happen.
Now how is this for an encouraging statement? The Bible states many times that the parents and the community are to teach all children of the Bible. This is no longer done. As a result sin has been running rampant throughout the United States of America. Those that have made it difficult to teach the Bible will have the roughest time when it is time for them to stand before God, but I feel equally as guilty beside them will be their parents for failing to teach their child of God and what is good in his eyesight. We are told to teach our children of God constantly so that when the time is right they will make an informed decision. So God can once again know us through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Too many, far too many are lost souls. For many it will be extremely difficult to walk away from the sins they have embraced. Why? Because they were never correctly taught of the Bible and its true message. Too many go about teaching a false gospel that states that they can still live within the sin and see God, but they never will unless they listen to the true message of God and stop living in their sin.
So please understand God knows you by name before you are even conceived, but after we leave the womb if not killed by the lie of abortion it is then that we are exposed to this world of sin. It is during our childhood if not taught correctly that we start to think the wrong way and ultimately start making the wrong choices after the age of accountability. All of our souls exist before they enter into the womb, so learn the truth from the Bible and do not allow those that wish to turn you away from righteousness win. God knew you once and wishes to be reunited with you, it is in your ballpark. Only you due to free will can make the move back toward the Creator of the Universe. Only by pleading to Him through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ can you ever be able to be seen by God once again. Turn your back upon your sins. Understand you cannot be born with sin already within. Also understand that at the very moment of conception your soul enters into that fertilized egg from the very feet of God who knew you and your name, and so knows that any child within the womb is a living human being.


  1. I love it!!!! So many people try to make a debate and say it’s a fetus until ___. But the shut-down of this argument is, whether or not you believe it to be a a human, who (besides God) is there to determine when the soul enters the fetus? A soul isn’t something that we can see develop at 21 weeks, because a soul is within the baby from the start. Great post!!

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