The failure of the buildings called “Churches”

One after another that which is called “good” in the eyes of the Lord our God falls prey to popular demand. Why is this happening? It is because those places called “Churches” do not teach God.
Those that are called leadership within them do not make it known that certain things are called sins. They do this because in reality they are no longer “Churches” but businesses and if you insult or make uncomfortable those that come into your business they do not return and so their business losses money.
True Churches are not a business, but a place to worship and give praise honor and glory unto to God. It is also a place where you are taught the true Bible and true message of God. At times it will be painful, harsh and may even make some angry. Why? Because they are reacting to their guilt. A guilt that is there because what was mentioned is in their life. It is their sin and they have just been told it is wrong and they need to turn from it. This is the job of the church a.k.a. the church leadership.
However, this is not how churches these days do things, because if they make people leave how will they get their money to survive? My answer: they should not for they have turned their backs upon God and as a result we have sin running rampant upon the streets, within the government and they are starting to shove their ways into the churches. All with one purpose, to destroy God.
To them God is not real. To them Jesus did not raise form the dead. To them living in sin is preferred to living morally. Well, let me tell you a little secret. That is how it has always been. Sin has always been easier because our true enemy wishes all humanity to fail for it will allow him to be the winner and the one that is better than God.
The one who wishes you to live in sin is not your ally, or friend. God makes this clear within the Bible. True love hurts and can be punishing, but if you are not punished or made to feel guilt then you are not loved. As it says in Proverbs. The parent that spares the rod hates their child. That is how it is from God as well. Because he loves you he punishes you if you do wrong, for from it you learn respect and to be moral and to be good.
So if your “church” does not give you a sting of pain time to time then is it really a church?

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