My State of the Union

The world is falling into chaos and at this time most in the United States can do little. Why? Because most have surrendered their rights away to the government.
The United States was formed as a Constitutional Republic. It is no longer one. It has not been one since early in the twentieth century when Constitutional amendments were added.
One of the biggest was how a Senator is picked. For some reason it was decided to have them voted for by the general public. Maybe this was an anti-graft measure, but I am not sure. As it is the graft is worse than ever anyway. It would have been nice if they placed term limits on those in the congress and the senate like they did for the president. There is a bill out there right now to impose term limits and it is sorely needed. It would remove people that are there that should have left long ago. Prime examples are Pelosi and Bainer. There are others on both sides that need to go. Fresh blood needs to flow in the hallways of the Capitol. Much like those that got elected in the last election, but more need to go.
We need to return to the governing that would bring those to congress that were voted by the people of their district and they would listen to them and truly represent them. The term “career politician” should not be.
I was pleased with how Joni Ernst was in the Republican response to Mr. Obama’s State of the Union Address. Her statements gave me hope and encouragement. Unlike that of Mr. Obama’s Fantasy Island speech, by the way where is this nation he was talking about. I would like to move there, since the one I live in is a big mess. Made so mainly by those that wish to have the government run everything. Oh by the way, they call that a dictatorship or Socialist State, not a Republic.
A republic is a nation that is run BY the people and FOR the people. Not the government for the government as it now is. Where is the bills that call for a change in the way government employees are reviewed? Where is the bills that makes it possible to more easily fire them when they are caught sitting around doing nothing?
Where the bills that remove terrible teaches from our schools? Where are the bills that change our school system to allow it to complete against other nations around the world?
Do you know that Japan does better to educate their children then the USA does? Do you know that they have YEAR AROUND SCHOOLING?
Yet you say that we need this for our school to a teacher and they scoff at you and say “That’s not going to happen.” I can use quotes there because I actually heard that from a group of teachers when I suggested it to them.
We need year around schooling, ESPECIALLY in urban environments. I totally understand how the schools systems is now. Three summer months off for those that live in rural communities, because once the main livelihood of this nation was rural.
Now that is not the case. We need year around schooling. Four weeks on, two weeks off. This is still three months off. Just split up. It has been documented that when done in this fashion knowledge retention is increased so the children learn more and faster. This alone would do wonders for this nation. Yet I hear nothing on it. ANYWHERE. Why?
Also I did not like several of Mr. Obama’s suggestions:
Free community college at the expense of those that took advantage of the 529 college tuition savings fund. So taking from those that have saved for college and giving to those that did not. I don’t get it.
Saying he caused fuel prices to drop when all Liberals including him have been again fragging. Private sector oil production increased 61% while government production reduced 6%. Who is it that really help the gas prices to go down? It was the private sector. This is how this nation was originally designed to work. This is what those on the left wish to destroy. So how can you take credit for something you wish to destroy? You cannot. Free enterprise is who did it not the man in the White House.
No mention of a balanced budget amendment, WHICH is needed. He says the greatest threat to our children is “global warming” I say the greatest threat is the deficit. A deficit HE doubled and refuse to address.
We need across the board tax reform. One flat rate for everyone or one that increases form 5% to 30% with NO exemptions. No loopholes. Everyone and every company pays this tax. We do not need more “Obamacare” economics. It has destroyed the healthcare system. We have lost several businesses that have moved offshore and it is all due to taxing the rich and corporations. The state of this nation all lies at the door step of those that follow the teaching of Socialism not Republicism.
Return this nation to the people and return this nation to God.

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