Once again

Today the news was filled with foiled terrorist attacks and anarchist trying to disrupt the normal lives of the common person. As I have stated before both of these elements within the world’s society have only one goal in mind. Chaos which will allow their way of thinking to win. Also as I stated before they serve the same purpose, destruction of the way you live your life.
Yet most go about living this life like it will not affect them. It is sad that it takes events like that of 9/11 to cause the average person to actually turn their head and make them think for a moment. Then they just go back and live their life like they have before. Some may do so a little more carefully though.
The thing is there truly is a cure to all this disharmony. It is the teaching of Jesus Christ. If people would read them, understand them and then practice them they would soon have a better world to live within. It is a world that we had for a short time in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s in the United States.
True it was not perfect. But when dealing with humans nothing can ever be perfect. In this time frame God was known. God was celebrated. God was honored. God rewarded us with some peace.
Then those that do not honor God started to rear their heads. Slowly God has been taken from this country, and in return this nation as fallen upon hard times. Why? Because people do not honor or respect each other as they are taught to do in the Bible. Who is to blame? Those that have been removing God. Those that have been dishonoring God.
This nation was founded as a nation to worship God. Was it perfect? No. For nothing made of man can ever be perfect. But as long as this nation honored and respected God it was rewarded with some type of peace and prosperity. Now we are in hard times and it is all due to not honoring or respecting God.
It is time to return to the Bible. It is time to return God to His place within this nation. It is time to place God first and to love our neighbors as ourselves and then and only then will God reward us once again.

Wake up………………… WE ARE AT WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This war came to America on 9/11. The then President said we are at war. He also said it would be a long war.
The current president said we are not at war. He also said you can keep your doctor. Yet yesterday twelve French citizens died in this war. It is here and it will not go away as long as those in power deny it exists.
To me these deaths are at the door step of the White House and any further deaths until the man in that building accepts and acknowledges that truth. Unfortunately I seriously doubt it will happen. He is so entrenched into his leftist dogma that he is blinded to the real truth.
This is the true sadness. People on the left politically are so unwilling to open discussion. They entrench themselves behind words that have been drilled into their heads over and over. I have noticed that when someone is open to a discussion they are able to work for what is good. When you lock yourself behind words and refuse to move all you cause is destruction.
To have faith and true believe in God is something that is every changing. It is not the same as it was yesterday, last year or when you were younger. Christians, true Christians have the ability to adapt. It does not change their core believes, but it helps them to understand the world about them. They adjust to the world, and when possible change it for good. While those that do not believe in God try to adjust the world to them not realizing that when they do this they end up destroying themselves.
What is the biggest irony of all is that those men killed yesterday hated all religions. It was a believe in a religion that caused their death and it will take a true understanding of God and religion that ultimately call them martyrs.