There can be no peace

Due to the effects of the previous administration the races and cultures have been fractured. This was another element that helps fulfill the prophecies set forth within the Bible. Yet again allowing the ability to call the former person that lived in the white house to be labeled a precursor of the little horn.
The actions of the minority that form the elitist in Hollywood, the universities and the news media strife with vigor to defame, mislead and verbally if not physically those that are the majority of this nation. To them there can be no compromise, no negotiations. They must and have gone to war against God. They make no excuses, they are not afraid to show their hate and distain to the common people of this nation, as well as to God Himself. They will not end this war until they are victorious. They have made that very evident.
Do not assume that just because we have a new and more conservative acting president that they will at some point become silent. This will never happen even again. A war fueled by hate is festering to a boiling point. All we can do is pray and hope for the soon return of Jesus Christ. However there are still things that prophecy says must occur, but as of yet has not. So pray for strength to endure the torments that are still to come, for the final beast is in play.

Wake up………………… WE ARE AT WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This war came to America on 9/11. The then President said we are at war. He also said it would be a long war.
The current president said we are not at war. He also said you can keep your doctor. Yet yesterday twelve French citizens died in this war. It is here and it will not go away as long as those in power deny it exists.
To me these deaths are at the door step of the White House and any further deaths until the man in that building accepts and acknowledges that truth. Unfortunately I seriously doubt it will happen. He is so entrenched into his leftist dogma that he is blinded to the real truth.
This is the true sadness. People on the left politically are so unwilling to open discussion. They entrench themselves behind words that have been drilled into their heads over and over. I have noticed that when someone is open to a discussion they are able to work for what is good. When you lock yourself behind words and refuse to move all you cause is destruction.
To have faith and true believe in God is something that is every changing. It is not the same as it was yesterday, last year or when you were younger. Christians, true Christians have the ability to adapt. It does not change their core believes, but it helps them to understand the world about them. They adjust to the world, and when possible change it for good. While those that do not believe in God try to adjust the world to them not realizing that when they do this they end up destroying themselves.
What is the biggest irony of all is that those men killed yesterday hated all religions. It was a believe in a religion that caused their death and it will take a true understanding of God and religion that ultimately call them martyrs.

I just had to shake my head

I was heading into work and I saw a pumper sticker that said: “I’m ready for Hilary.” I just had to shake my head.
Simple logic; the current president is religiously following the Democratic Party agenda. As a result, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The United States has adopted the stereotype of the fat cop eating donuts while hundreds of thousands are murdered and says: “I’ll wait to hear about it on the news.”
As Israel is under attack from terrorist, while Russian soldiers pretend to be separatist and invaded a sovereign nation. The United States sits back as Islamic militants slaughter thousands and openly attack Christians.
All of this is what the Democratic Party wants and so you place a sticker on the pumper of a car implying Hilary Clinton (a Democrat) will be better. Did she switch parties and I wasn’t aware of it? Did she start a new party? The answer to both these questions is no. So as a result, you are ready for the exact same thing.
The changes promised to this nation of a better future by the Democratic Party has resulted in a war on the middle class and poor and all people can say is: “Oh it will get better it is Bush’s fault.”
HOW? The first year in a new president’s term is a result of the previous president. All other years are the result of the current president. You can only blame one person for the state of this nation; the man in the White House today.
This nation is falling apart.
As a result, the world is falling apart.
I still see in my mind a picture of the current person in the White House holding a book that was called “The Post-American World”
Well here we are in that world now all due to him.
Go ahead and vote for a Democrat and get what you deserve, but understand this. Every man, woman and child that has and will die due to this parties actions of pulling the conscious of the world away from doing what God has made it to do; will be placed upon every person’s soul that supports them.
When you stand before God and they read the book of your life and He says you allowed 10 million people to die and you say “How?” and He replies “By causing a few men to remove Me from doing what I made the United States of America to be. A place where I am worshiped. A place where My first children could count upon you to help them. A place that showed the rest of the world that I, God am real and something to be feared. It is due to this that you allowed these people to die.”
And all you will be able to do is cry, for a VERY long time.

The flicker of life left his eyes

I remember watching a documentary about the Falklands War. They had an embedded reported and film crew with a Special Forces team that were scouting to take the main town where most of the British citizens were known to live. I remember they were using a night vision camera because they were maneuvering at night.
I do not remember the full details, but I know they got into a firefight. One member of the team was hit and was pulled out to where the camera operator was. He recorded what transpired in the minutes that followed. He kept his camera mostly on the man’s face. You could hear the medic trying to patch him up as well, but I soon was zoned in upon the face of the young man on the screen before me.
I was not able to join the military due to trying to be a good son. My eldest brother joined the Navy, and my father had opened a family business a couple of years later while I was still in High School so when it came time to make the choice. I decided to be the dutiful son and honor my father’s wishes and stay in the out of the military and in the family business.
So this was the closest I have ever came to a real combat situation. I wished I could have been there with them. Standing and fighting beside them, but instead I set thousands of miles and months after the fact, watching the face of a young man in the green light of a low light camera lens.
I watched his eyes. His eyes that moved, reacted, and flickered with the life within him. Soon though they become unresponsive, but still the flicker of life was present. Then it happened. The flicker left and I knew that his soul was gone and all that was left was an empty body.
This was the first time I had ever witnessed the death of a body. It was the first time I knew that without a doubt we had souls that are just using a body to get around from place to place and converse with other souls. It was here that I knew we were children of creation, not an act of chance or nature. It was here that I realized those that had never had to make such a sacrifice as this young man did or been his comrade, or as I learned by watching a documentary. That these men, these soldiers sacrifice so much so we can have freedom. Therefore, we can have the indulgence of not having to see things like this. Then I see what people do with this freedom. They take from men that have died like this man. They take the symbols of God from where those like him are buried. They steal money from those like him so they can live in luxury while they suffer physically and mentally from the wounds of war, and they refuse them care that was promised to them. This is just wrong.
What follows is sermon given at the Naval Academy a few short hours before Pearl Harbor was attacked:

On Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, Peter Marshall preached to the regiment of midshipmen in the Naval Academy at Annapolis. A strange feeling which he couldn’t shake off led him to change his announced topic to an entirely different homiletical theme based on James 4:14: For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away. In the chapel before him was the December graduating class, young men who in a few days would receive their commissions and go on active duty. In that sermon titled Go Down Death, Peter Marshall used this illustration.
In a home of which I know, a little boy—the only son—was ill with an incurable disease. Month after month the mother had tenderly nursed him, read to him, and played with him, hoping to keep him from realizing the dreadful finality of the doctor’s diagnosis. But as the weeks went on and he grew no better, the little fellow gradually began to understand that he would never be like the other boys he saw playing outside his window and, small as he was, he began to understand the meaning of the term death, and he, too, knew that he was to die.
One day his mother had been reading to him the stirring tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table: of Lancelot and Guinevere and Elaine, the lily maid of Astolat, and of that last glorious battle in which so many fair knights met their death.
As she closed the book, the boy sat silent for an instant as though deeply stirred with the trumpet call of the old English tale, and then asked the question that had been weighing on his childish heart: “Mother, what is it like to die? Mother, does it hurt?” Quick tears sprang to her eyes and she fled to the kitchen supposedly to tend to something on the stove. She knew it was a question with deep significance. She knew it must be answered satisfactorily. So she leaned for an instant against the kitchen cabinet, her knuckles pressed white against the smooth surface, and breathed a hurried prayer that the Lord would keep her from breaking down before the boy and would tell her how to answer him.
And the Lord did tell her. Immediately she knew how to explain it to him.
“Kenneth,” she said as she returned to the next room, “you remember when you were a tiny boy how you used to play so hard all day that when night came you would be too tired even to undress, and you would tumble into mother’s bed and fall asleep? That was not your bed…it was not where you belonged. And you stayed there only a little while. In the morning, much to your surprise, you would wake up and find yourself in your own bed in your own room. You were there because someone had loved you and taken care of you. Your father had come—with big strong arms—and carried you away. Kenneth, death is just like that. We just wake up some morning to find ourselves in the other room—our own room where we belong—because the Lord Jesus loved us.”
The lad’s shining, trusting face looking up into hers told her that the point had gone home and that there would be no more fear … only love and trust in his little heart as he went to meet the Father in Heaven.
After Peter Marshall had finished the service at Annapolis and as he and his wife Catherine were driving back to Washington that afternoon, suddenly the program on the car radio was interrupted. The announcer’s voice was grave: “Ladies and Gentlemen. Stand by for an important announcement. This morning the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor was bombed…..”
Within a month many of the boys to whom Peter Marshall had just preached would go down to hero’s graves in strange waters. Soon all of them would be exposed to the risks and dangers of war, and Peter Marshall, under God’s direction, that very morning had offered them the defining metaphor about the reality of eternal life.
—Catherine Marshall, A Man Called Peter, pp. 230-231, 272-273

Why is not God here in person?

My intent is to help those that ask the question in the title to think. There are those that will believe God does not exist. There are those that acknowledge God, but wonder why He is not walking amongst us right now. Is the response that follows the definitive answer to this question? I doubt it, but it is worth, at least, trying to answer.
What needs to made perfectly understood is that this is about free-will, the ability for each person to make choices. To make these choices though there needs to be an understanding of the facts in these selections. Some would be called common sense while others are reached through research and study, but they are still an act of free-will.
All of humankind are flawed. We all make decisions that hurt ourselves and/or others. It is due to this flaw that there is war, prejudice, neglect and the list goes on and on.
Does this flaw mean there is no God? No.
Free-will is this flaw, but it is a duel-edged blade.
When those with the ability to influence the masses understand that God does exist then things like laws come into being. These laws usually help people to make the right choices. On the opposite side of the coin, when God is removed from these laws horrors can take place. A prime example of this was Adolf Hitler and his inner circle. They did not believe in God, but believed man was the ultimate power on earth. As a result, laws were made that did not include God and as a result nearly 13 million people died horrible and unnecessary deaths.
When humans decide they are god, other humans die as seen not only in World War II Germany, but in ancient Rome as well. Two prime examples are Caligula and Nero. Both thought themselves to be gods. The former killed his mother, wife and slept with a horse as well as killing thousands of Christians for sport in the Coliseum. The latter burned Rome so he could make a new city named after himself, thus killing thousand more when he blamed it upon Christians.
So the very fact that humankind is here today shows there is a God, but why is he not here?
He is not here in person, because if you can believe in something that seems intangible then your belief is stronger than it is in something you can see and touch. If you can see something you can become oblivious to its meanings and purpose.
God is not here in person to allow those that wish to listen to their flawed mind and body to do so. For God is seeking the seeds from the chaff. Therefore, when the seeds are planted, within their faith, they will germinate causing new growth, as they are bathed in the light of God through knowledge and understanding. While the chaff, those that refuse to acknowledge His existence will become what they become. Some to the point of become like those before that placed themselves above God, just because they could not see God.
Humankind causes bad to happen in the world. All because humans have free-will, that is why it was called the forbidden fruit. For from this fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil God knew that only death and destruction would follow, which it has.