Jon Stewart’s dilemma

Mr. Stewart has stated that the conservative view point is “killing him”(
Here is something that many don’t understand even those that call themselves “conservative;” spiritually he is. Those that truly follow the teachings of Christ will look to people like Mr. Stewart and wish to have a nice conversation with them. Not condemning or attacking but just conversing. That is how Jesus did it.
Many don’t even realize that there is only one party in this nation that still recognizes that God is an important part of this country. The party that Mr. Stewart belongs to is not this party. In the preamble of the platform for both parties you can read this for yourself. You will find that the word “God” is present in the Republican Party but it is missing from the Democratic Party.
Since these documents are voted upon before they are placed into the public venue this means that Mr. Stewart’s group has turned its back on God. Does that mean he personally has done so? I cannot say for I personally do not know him, but I would like to and have a nice talk with him.
I have seen the strain written upon his face in the last year in the four times I have seen him and it is telling.
Could it be other issues than those stated by him? Again I do not know.
Here is one thing that many liberals do not wish to know or accept. They call conservative narrow minded. In a way that is true, for when someone follows the teaching of Christ is it a narrow road that we must follow. Do we stumble and fall? By all means yes we do. Are we perfect? No we are not.
I see more haughtiness and self-righteousness from those on the left more than those on the right. Could this be something that is pulling him down and placing a strain upon him? Again I do not know. What I do know is what causes haughtiness and self-righteousness. It comes from a believe that you are better than others. This is something I mainly see from those on the left, but it is also seen on the right, by many that think they are “Christian” when in reality they are not.
To be “Christian” is to have an attitude that places all others before yourself. This is something that I never see on the left. They may say they do, but when you actually break down each element of their life you find hypocrisy. Is there hypocrisy for conservatives? Yes, but it is more obvious from those on the left.
Here is another thing that people need to think on. Basic meanings of words. Like “left” and “right.” These terms were coined decades ago. They have true basic meanings. Meanings many choose to ignore. The term “right” means you are going in the “right” direction and that you are “right” with God. Since it is documented that the Democratic Party has removed “God” from their platform that plainly shows they are not “right” with God nor do they ever wish to be. So they are “left.”
This in itself could be an issue to many on that side. Could they be upset by the fact that they may be “left” behind? Yes it could. Could it mean they wish to be “left” to live their life’s as they see fit? That is a definite yes.
Those that truly follow the teaching of Jesus wish to reach out and help them understand what their life choices mean. To help them not be “left” but to be “right” with God. Most do not listen nor do they ever wish to listen and that is their choice. Could this be something that is bothering Mr. Stewart in some way? Again I cannot answer.
It is obvious that he is in turmoil and my heart reaches out and wishes to comfort his spirit, but to be able to accomplish this he must allow his heart to be open to what is true. That those on the left wish man to dominate other men. That those on the left wish to shove their life choices into all places. Why? Because they feel “left” out, but why is this? Because they wish for God to take them as they choose to be and not by what He has told them they need to do to be able to stand clean before Him.
They refuse to accept that they are in the wrong or “left” of the issue. They refuse to see that what is “right” is called “right” for a reason and is supported to a degree by God since many still honor God as the creator of all. Where are these people found? In the conservative point of view. A view that honors the teaching of the Bible the very Bible those in the liberal party wish to reject and remove from all.
They wish to impose their believes that there is no God on all that say there is. This is a violation of all that wish to be free. Those that call themselves conservative do not wish to remove Liberals rights to live their live as they wish too, but that is what they wish to do to those that do honor God.
So who is the real group that is narrow minded and wishes to impose their values on others? It is the Liberals that are doing this. They do not believe this because they think all think as they do. Since they wish to impose their way of life on all they think all wish to do that as well, which is the furthest thing from the truth. That is how corrupted their way of thinking is.
If you state you are a “Christian” and you are a “Liberal.” I state how can you serve two masters. You must choose who you wish to serve. You cannot serve God and support a group that denies His existence. You cannot be for a group that wishes to live gloriously in sin and proud of it, when God says we are to avoid sin.
Understand we are not saying you cannot live without sinning, we ourselves sin. All sin, but to condone sin you deny God. Christians ask you not to sin. To turn from this sin, but if you do not we say fine that is your choice. Yet you support a group that states accept sin or you will be reviled. This is selfish behavior, which is opposite that of Christian believes. So again I ask who is it that you serve? God or a group that denies there is a God?
Could this be a factor that is tearing at the insides of Jon Stewart? Again I do not know.
As we embark upon this critical mission, we are not without guidance. We possess an owner’s manual: the Constitution of the United States, the greatest political document ever written. That sacred document shows us the path forward. Trust the people. Limit government. Respect federalism. Guarantee opportunity, not outcomes. Adhere to the rule of law. Reaffirm that our rights come from God, are protected by government, and that the only just government is one that truly governs with the consent of the governed.
Faith. Faith has always been a central part of the American story, and it has been a driving force of progress and justice throughout our history. We know that our nation, our communities, and our lives are made vastly stronger and richer by faith and the countless acts of justice and mercy it inspires. Faith- based organizations will always be critical allies in meeting the challenges that face our nation and our world—from domestic and global poverty, to climate change and human trafficking. People of faith and religious organizations do amazing work in communities across this country and the world, and we believe in lifting up and valuing that good work, and finding ways to support it where possible. We believe in constitutionally sound, evidence-based partnerships with faith-based and other non-profit organizations to serve those in need and advance our shared interests. There is no conflict between supporting faith-based institutions and respecting our Constitution, and a full commitment to both principles is essential for the continued flourishing of both faith and country.

Why are you voting for them again?

I just watched an interesting campaign ad for Louisiana. In it an elderly black man talks about how the neighborhood he grew up in has not changed. It was poor run down and looked terrible.
He explained that eighteen years ago Ms. Landrieu promised to help the Black community. Yet the place had not changed. This exact same commercial can be run throughout this nation for every black community and every democrat running for office that represents these poor neighborhoods. These Democrats promise the world and deliver nothing. They talk the big talk then use the Republican Party as a scapegoat while they sit in luxury not caring for those that placed them in office.
I am not saying all Republicans are good either. Those of both parties that have been in Washington over twelve years need to be removed from office.
Many do not realize that the reason Congress has not done much is due solely to Harry Reid, a Democrat. Due to an idiotic rule that places the senior most member of the majority party in control of the Senate. A rule that needs to be changes so Congress can act and help those that truly need it.
Nevertheless, it will never happen unless everyone wakes up and kicks all those out of office that have been there too long. They must also replace them with people that truly seek to do good and truly seek to help the people that voted them into the that positions they will hold.
But I must add that most if not all Democrats need to be removed from office more than any other party at this time due to the way the nation is now and it is all due to that party and their believes

The fall of the United States (when Christians support those that defy the teaching of the Bible or do not bother to vote at all)

All you need do is look back into history and you will see that history truly does repeat itself. In Roman, the senate was originally formed but those who represent groups with the society. This in time changed to those that had the most power and influence. Then ultimately to an emperor or as we would call it today a dictatorship. This was one problem.
Then we had the common people fall into decadence and hedonism. Those things, which the Bible call a sin, became the common place and accepted within Roman society.
Then there was the Coliseum. A place where gladiators fought to entertain and distract the populous. This then led to complacency, which allowed the Roman Army, once the best in the world, to degrade and fall apart.
This allowed outside powers to become emboldened to act to the point that they captured the city of Roman itself. Then the once great nation splintered and fell apart and the world entered into the dark-ages.
If you look about you. You will see the nation of the United States following the exact same pattern. It is something that does not need to take place. It is something that those with true power can be address. By the way, I do not mean the government.
This nation was formed for the people, and BY THE PEOPLE. It is those about you that have the power to fix this issue.
The main place that it is done is in the ballet box. You must vote your believes, not what someone says they can do. If they do not support that which is right in the Bible then they do not represent what is good for this nation.
Look not only at the person but also at the group the person ally themselves with.
To me, it is impossible to place the words “Christian” and “Democrat” together. The Democratic party support homosexuality, murder of unborn child, the removal of God from society. All this is opposite what is taught within the Bible.
Therefore, if you support a democrat you are supporting that which is against God. So to me, you really are not Christian.
I will not argue that many that are in office are not worth being there, but who keeps voting for them?
If you say no one is running against that is worth voting for. Run yourself. Trust me I have looked into it, but I am learning that you need to start at the local levels and be young. I am nearing the end of my working years. I do not have the money required to run for office on my own, nor can I get the Republican Party to give me the time of day. If I could get support, trust me I would run, in a heartbeat.
People need to start voting on how a person votes and acts and where they are in their faith. No matter the faith. For if they are closer to God then they are more worthy to run then those that deny Him.

I just had to shake my head

I was heading into work and I saw a pumper sticker that said: “I’m ready for Hilary.” I just had to shake my head.
Simple logic; the current president is religiously following the Democratic Party agenda. As a result, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The United States has adopted the stereotype of the fat cop eating donuts while hundreds of thousands are murdered and says: “I’ll wait to hear about it on the news.”
As Israel is under attack from terrorist, while Russian soldiers pretend to be separatist and invaded a sovereign nation. The United States sits back as Islamic militants slaughter thousands and openly attack Christians.
All of this is what the Democratic Party wants and so you place a sticker on the pumper of a car implying Hilary Clinton (a Democrat) will be better. Did she switch parties and I wasn’t aware of it? Did she start a new party? The answer to both these questions is no. So as a result, you are ready for the exact same thing.
The changes promised to this nation of a better future by the Democratic Party has resulted in a war on the middle class and poor and all people can say is: “Oh it will get better it is Bush’s fault.”
HOW? The first year in a new president’s term is a result of the previous president. All other years are the result of the current president. You can only blame one person for the state of this nation; the man in the White House today.
This nation is falling apart.
As a result, the world is falling apart.
I still see in my mind a picture of the current person in the White House holding a book that was called “The Post-American World”
Well here we are in that world now all due to him.
Go ahead and vote for a Democrat and get what you deserve, but understand this. Every man, woman and child that has and will die due to this parties actions of pulling the conscious of the world away from doing what God has made it to do; will be placed upon every person’s soul that supports them.
When you stand before God and they read the book of your life and He says you allowed 10 million people to die and you say “How?” and He replies “By causing a few men to remove Me from doing what I made the United States of America to be. A place where I am worshiped. A place where My first children could count upon you to help them. A place that showed the rest of the world that I, God am real and something to be feared. It is due to this that you allowed these people to die.”
And all you will be able to do is cry, for a VERY long time.