Why are you voting for them again?

I just watched an interesting campaign ad for Louisiana. In it an elderly black man talks about how the neighborhood he grew up in has not changed. It was poor run down and looked terrible.
He explained that eighteen years ago Ms. Landrieu promised to help the Black community. Yet the place had not changed. This exact same commercial can be run throughout this nation for every black community and every democrat running for office that represents these poor neighborhoods. These Democrats promise the world and deliver nothing. They talk the big talk then use the Republican Party as a scapegoat while they sit in luxury not caring for those that placed them in office.
I am not saying all Republicans are good either. Those of both parties that have been in Washington over twelve years need to be removed from office.
Many do not realize that the reason Congress has not done much is due solely to Harry Reid, a Democrat. Due to an idiotic rule that places the senior most member of the majority party in control of the Senate. A rule that needs to be changes so Congress can act and help those that truly need it.
Nevertheless, it will never happen unless everyone wakes up and kicks all those out of office that have been there too long. They must also replace them with people that truly seek to do good and truly seek to help the people that voted them into the that positions they will hold.
But I must add that most if not all Democrats need to be removed from office more than any other party at this time due to the way the nation is now and it is all due to that party and their believes

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