Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: commonalities

I know that if you really pay attention you can learn something new every day of you life. I have been upon this planet for over 54 years. Recently I learned the most amazing thing. There really is someone that can enjoy doing most of the things you like to do yourself. For decades, I had thought that you would meet someone and you would have differences, but you would come to share in things they liked and they would do the same for you. I have found that not to work out well, too many a sorrow.
Very recently though I have encountered someone that truly enjoys what I do. Shares interest in doing things I wish to do. I find we both think and have the same ideas of how things are and should be. I must say I truly learned something when I met this lady.
Now do not get me wrong. There are some differences, but these differences actually help the commonalities to function together. Like two cogs in the wheel of the machine of life. They complement each other and make the other work, but they seek to reach the same goal. It just amazes me that I have never encountered this type of relationship before. I really never knew it was even possible until now.
One day she sent me a picture and said “Don’t you want to experience that?” and my answer was yes, because it truly was something I would truly enjoy doing.
What is more amazing is because we had both turned over all to the Lord our God. We both had been through some tough times; mainly due to previous relationships. Now we found each other and we know it was and still is God leading us and guiding us on our journey. A journey that we both wish to share and explore together.
All praise and glory unto God, for He is truly worthy of the praise.

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