Why is not God here in person?

My intent is to help those that ask the question in the title to think. There are those that will believe God does not exist. There are those that acknowledge God, but wonder why He is not walking amongst us right now. Is the response that follows the definitive answer to this question? I doubt it, but it is worth, at least, trying to answer.
What needs to made perfectly understood is that this is about free-will, the ability for each person to make choices. To make these choices though there needs to be an understanding of the facts in these selections. Some would be called common sense while others are reached through research and study, but they are still an act of free-will.
All of humankind are flawed. We all make decisions that hurt ourselves and/or others. It is due to this flaw that there is war, prejudice, neglect and the list goes on and on.
Does this flaw mean there is no God? No.
Free-will is this flaw, but it is a duel-edged blade.
When those with the ability to influence the masses understand that God does exist then things like laws come into being. These laws usually help people to make the right choices. On the opposite side of the coin, when God is removed from these laws horrors can take place. A prime example of this was Adolf Hitler and his inner circle. They did not believe in God, but believed man was the ultimate power on earth. As a result, laws were made that did not include God and as a result nearly 13 million people died horrible and unnecessary deaths.
When humans decide they are god, other humans die as seen not only in World War II Germany, but in ancient Rome as well. Two prime examples are Caligula and Nero. Both thought themselves to be gods. The former killed his mother, wife and slept with a horse as well as killing thousands of Christians for sport in the Coliseum. The latter burned Rome so he could make a new city named after himself, thus killing thousand more when he blamed it upon Christians.
So the very fact that humankind is here today shows there is a God, but why is he not here?
He is not here in person, because if you can believe in something that seems intangible then your belief is stronger than it is in something you can see and touch. If you can see something you can become oblivious to its meanings and purpose.
God is not here in person to allow those that wish to listen to their flawed mind and body to do so. For God is seeking the seeds from the chaff. Therefore, when the seeds are planted, within their faith, they will germinate causing new growth, as they are bathed in the light of God through knowledge and understanding. While the chaff, those that refuse to acknowledge His existence will become what they become. Some to the point of become like those before that placed themselves above God, just because they could not see God.
Humankind causes bad to happen in the world. All because humans have free-will, that is why it was called the forbidden fruit. For from this fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil God knew that only death and destruction would follow, which it has.