Live life like there is a tomorrow (because there is)

Some understanding of the Bible has been lost over time and never truly understood and may not have been taught correctly. It is something I have tried to explain before, but few understood (Life— the free trail at eternity). Many go around both in religion and outside of it seeking through themselves a way to have immortality. If not through some type of scientific discovery through changing how the world exist through some type of cultural change. Now I do understand how this can come about. As of yet only two people have risen from the dead. The first was Lazarus who then again died and then Jesus, who then ascended into heaven so He is not here in person to see. There is also two others that have yet to experience death, they are Ezekiel and Elijah, but again it is not the time to see these two.
So people think there is only a short period in which they can be important to the world as a whole. This is one of the biggest misconceptions ever.
Our lives are being recorded in a book, each person their own book. Within it is every single action, thought and non-action we have ever done or not done as the case may be. This is being done for every single person that lived, is alive or will live. This has been done even if you never heard of God. For those that have not heard of God how they behaved will be how they make it through the next part of our immortal live. For those that have heard of God it is going to be tougher on which way you spend your immortal life. It is said it is better for those that never heard of God, and this is why it was said.
No matter what occurs every single person is promised an immortal life. So how we live our lives now IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
Living like there is no tomorrow is not the correct mentality anyone should have. Living to only please yourself is actually the worst idea ever put out there.
Live in preparation for tomorrow. A tomorrow that will allow you to see things of such wonder that they are beyond the ability of a mere mortal to even attempt to put words too.
Live not for yourself, because we are not promised any rewards in this life, but in the immortal life to come, we are promised rewards.
Live today for God and for his Son Jesus Christ who died for you upon a cross so you would not have to live an immortal life in a place no one should ever want to live in.
Understand that all that love God wants everyone to love Him as well and to join in the promised immortal reward yet to come. Do not be stuck behind in a place you do not want to be in. Turn to God and accept Him through His Son Jesus.

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