The reply that was not wanted

Last week I had made a comment on a fellow bloggers posting they had made about self-righteousness. We ended up exchanging a few paragraphs to each other. Then he made some assumptions about me that I know not to be true, maybe he decided I fit into a stereotype that he had come to expect from someone being Christian or not I do not know.
When I make these blogs, I try my best not to sound judgmental in any way. I have no desire to judge anyone, but I know at times that I fail, because I am human. I just want people to start to think. When you allow others to tell you how to think, how to act, how to say things you are surrendering your right as a human being. We are not sheep. It is the sheep mentality that led to World War II as people surrendered their believes and free-will to an extremely charismatic man, which in turn led to the death of approximately thirteen million people that did nothing but have a different point of view or way of life.
Yet he judged me and in a roundabout way said I was being judgmental which I was not and even stated as much to him telling him what I have just typed above. I actual feel sorry for him, yet I know if he reads this that the mere fact that I said I pitied him will upset him.
I had tried to tell him that those that truly follow the teaching of Christ try their best to be servants unto others, but not in a way that makes them someone’s butler or slave. That is not what it means to be selfless, which is one question he asked in his last reply before politely telling me not to bother to reply.
To be selfless you must not think of yourself. The words “I” and “me” need to no longer have full meaning in your life. Can anyone be fully selfless? No. It is something we are taught within the Bible to pursue though. When you are selfless, it is easier to follow the teaching of Jesus, because you are not hindered by the question “How will this affect me?” because you really no longer care if it does affect you. Me posting these blogs are not to glorify myself, that is why I do not place my name upon them. These are not for me; they are for you the person reading them. To help you learn and grow and understand, and maybe, just maybe an acceptance of Jesus into your life. Sure, there are those that do know who I am, due to Facebook links for example, but they have seen me doing post like this for a year or so now.
In addition he accused me of looking down upon others, which again is opposite of being selfless. I look at all my fellow humans as my equals. Sure, I do not like their lifestyle choices, because I know where they are heading with many of these choices. When you care for all others before yourself, you try and help them. That is what Jesus did. He went to where those that needed him the most were these were the sinners. Did he condone their sin? No. Did he go to them shouting you will burn forever if you do not change your ways? VERY MUCH A NO! Jesus stated facts as seen within the Bible.
I am stating facts, when you live your life as designed through the teaching of Christ you are not able to commit extreme sins. Yes, you will sin. We all sin. Are they murder for example? NO!! Because when you are selfless you could never kill a fellow human being. If you had enough food for only one person to live on for a week at which time they would be saved and it was between yourself or your child. The parent would die from starvation then allow their child to die. The Christian would go one-step further. If the two people were strangers, the Christian would allow themselves to die so the other person could live.
Every person has worth to God, even though they deny Him. Christians realize this and know that if they hurt another human being then they are actually hurting God.
Another thing that really got my attention was he had some impression that I was still seeking something. In his comments though he mentioned, Buddha, Moses, Muhammad and Confucius. That struck me as if he were the one seeking to find something. I know that I am willing to die for my fellow man if required. I know that if need I will have the courage to force down my fears and place myself in a position that would allow someone else to live another day if that additional day caused them to come to the realization that God is real. I know that this life we live in today is only for a short time and that the only thing truly important within it is my fellow humans that are here now seeking to find that elusive something that is beyond their reach. It is something I have found. It is something I am attempting to share. It is GOD, and with God will be ALIVE for all eternity.

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