tribes of Israel

Daniel 12:2: my personal view

In chapter twelve of the book of Daniel we are given insight into what is to occur to the people of Israel just before the second coming of Jesus Christ. In verse two it speak specifically of a type or resurrection.
If they believe in a resurrection there differing views on this particular verse. I actually find that mine differs from what I have read. You see I believe in the specialness of the Jewish people. They have a special place in God’s heart and a special purpose in His ultimate plan for all of creation.
To me I see that there is a full resurrection of every single Jew ever born upon the day that Christ set foot upon the Mount of Olives. Both righteous and unrighteous. Nowhere in the Bible does it state when the pit of fire was made or where it will be. The Bible does say that both good and bad of the Israeli nation will be resurrected and by the way the wording is done in way that it will be at the same time. It does say the righteous will be rewarded and that those that turned their back on God will receive their due.
This resurrection is separate from the Rapture and is separate from the resurrection at the end of the Thousand Year Reign of Jesus Christ.

Lucky Thirteen

To be called an apostle you must be personally chosen by Jesus. When Jesus walked amongst us in the world, he chose twelve, each symbolizing the tribes of Israel. One day though there was a man that was prosecuting members of the early church, his name was Saul. He had an encounter though that would change his life. One day Jesus appeared to him in person and called him to be his apostle to the gentiles. He took a new name that day, and became known to all as Paul the thirteenth disciple of Jesus.
This to me, made those gentiles that embraced Christianity, the thirteenth tribe of Israel. Thus making the number thirteen a lucky number.