Month: June 2014

The Global Warming Conspiracy?

I remember the blizzards that hit the US in the 1960’s, having lived through two of them personally. I remember walking to the school bus stop in ten below zero weather outside of Chicago. I also remember weather forecasters showing historical weather data. Some of which dated back to the middle of the 1800s. Yet today I went searching for this data on the internet and it was not there. I also find it curious that you no longer really see them mentioning historic lows and highs for some as much as they use to. What I found was shocking. Famers Almanac whose data goes back to the early 1800’s can only provide data back to 1960. Other weather services that provided info back to 1945 had for example an extremely accurate detail of how rain had fallen but nothing on temperatures. Now I know that the weather was of extreme importance throughout World War II. Two prime examples is the weather for D-Day and the three days of bad weather the Germans needed for the Battle of the Bulge. So why isn’t this data quickly accessible?
Now I am not one to go around screaming “conspiracy” at the drop of a hat, but I find this highly suspicious. Why is this data not available to John Q. Public? This is something that has no real meaning on any average day, but would help some young adults get through college. Yet there is nothing. It makes me wonder if there will be no data available at the libraries now. It also makes me wonder what other information is being hidden or white washed.

Rice Christians

One of my all-time favorite movies is the 1944 film “The Keys to the Kingdom” starting Gregory Peck. Even though it is about a Catholic priest made missionary, I find that he is one of the few within the film I would call Christian.

One of the most poignant contrasts of this was when he encounters a couple that came to greet him as he arrived in the town where his mission was placed. They stated they would gladly serve him and even perform mass if he restored the money they had been paid by the previous priest. He then asked what happened to the four hundred people that were listed as members of the congregation. They told him that when the rice ran out they left, but that there were some that did not accept the rice and they has moved away to a Christian village.

I wonder how many people are “Rice Christians”? Those that are just there for the show and the pretense, but once this is gone they leave. Another way to look at it is “Sunday Christians”. They are only “Christian” on Sunday and the rest of the week they do and act like whatever they wish. Well this is not truly being Christian. (Rev. 3: 15 & 16)

That is not what being Christian means though. Now I know we are not perfect. I know we make mistakes, but that is called being human. Let me give you a prime example from my own life. I work where folks curse, smoke and have a lot of disregard for many things. They are shocked and surprised when I curse, because it is a rarity. There are many other things I do that I feel are the acts of being a Christian that they do not. Do I talk to them and suggest they change their ways? Yes, does it work? Sometimes. I also have a better work ethic then many I work with and they know it full well. They see me working while others sit around and talk.

That is living your faith. It is a daily journey, not just something you do on Sunday. It is 24/7/365.

One of the ways I am living my faith is by writing this Blog and posting it. Hoping it will give people something to think about. Allowing them to see that Christianity means you can be a human too and you can make mistakes, but at the same time, you can help.

It is said that where even someone who does not believe in Jesus teaches Jesus; Jesus will turn that into something good that will help others to God.

The flicker of life left his eyes

I remember watching a documentary about the Falklands War. They had an embedded reported and film crew with a Special Forces team that were scouting to take the main town where most of the British citizens were known to live. I remember they were using a night vision camera because they were maneuvering at night.
I do not remember the full details, but I know they got into a firefight. One member of the team was hit and was pulled out to where the camera operator was. He recorded what transpired in the minutes that followed. He kept his camera mostly on the man’s face. You could hear the medic trying to patch him up as well, but I soon was zoned in upon the face of the young man on the screen before me.
I was not able to join the military due to trying to be a good son. My eldest brother joined the Navy, and my father had opened a family business a couple of years later while I was still in High School so when it came time to make the choice. I decided to be the dutiful son and honor my father’s wishes and stay in the out of the military and in the family business.
So this was the closest I have ever came to a real combat situation. I wished I could have been there with them. Standing and fighting beside them, but instead I set thousands of miles and months after the fact, watching the face of a young man in the green light of a low light camera lens.
I watched his eyes. His eyes that moved, reacted, and flickered with the life within him. Soon though they become unresponsive, but still the flicker of life was present. Then it happened. The flicker left and I knew that his soul was gone and all that was left was an empty body.
This was the first time I had ever witnessed the death of a body. It was the first time I knew that without a doubt we had souls that are just using a body to get around from place to place and converse with other souls. It was here that I knew we were children of creation, not an act of chance or nature. It was here that I realized those that had never had to make such a sacrifice as this young man did or been his comrade, or as I learned by watching a documentary. That these men, these soldiers sacrifice so much so we can have freedom. Therefore, we can have the indulgence of not having to see things like this. Then I see what people do with this freedom. They take from men that have died like this man. They take the symbols of God from where those like him are buried. They steal money from those like him so they can live in luxury while they suffer physically and mentally from the wounds of war, and they refuse them care that was promised to them. This is just wrong.
What follows is sermon given at the Naval Academy a few short hours before Pearl Harbor was attacked:

On Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, Peter Marshall preached to the regiment of midshipmen in the Naval Academy at Annapolis. A strange feeling which he couldn’t shake off led him to change his announced topic to an entirely different homiletical theme based on James 4:14: For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away. In the chapel before him was the December graduating class, young men who in a few days would receive their commissions and go on active duty. In that sermon titled Go Down Death, Peter Marshall used this illustration.
In a home of which I know, a little boy—the only son—was ill with an incurable disease. Month after month the mother had tenderly nursed him, read to him, and played with him, hoping to keep him from realizing the dreadful finality of the doctor’s diagnosis. But as the weeks went on and he grew no better, the little fellow gradually began to understand that he would never be like the other boys he saw playing outside his window and, small as he was, he began to understand the meaning of the term death, and he, too, knew that he was to die.
One day his mother had been reading to him the stirring tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table: of Lancelot and Guinevere and Elaine, the lily maid of Astolat, and of that last glorious battle in which so many fair knights met their death.
As she closed the book, the boy sat silent for an instant as though deeply stirred with the trumpet call of the old English tale, and then asked the question that had been weighing on his childish heart: “Mother, what is it like to die? Mother, does it hurt?” Quick tears sprang to her eyes and she fled to the kitchen supposedly to tend to something on the stove. She knew it was a question with deep significance. She knew it must be answered satisfactorily. So she leaned for an instant against the kitchen cabinet, her knuckles pressed white against the smooth surface, and breathed a hurried prayer that the Lord would keep her from breaking down before the boy and would tell her how to answer him.
And the Lord did tell her. Immediately she knew how to explain it to him.
“Kenneth,” she said as she returned to the next room, “you remember when you were a tiny boy how you used to play so hard all day that when night came you would be too tired even to undress, and you would tumble into mother’s bed and fall asleep? That was not your bed…it was not where you belonged. And you stayed there only a little while. In the morning, much to your surprise, you would wake up and find yourself in your own bed in your own room. You were there because someone had loved you and taken care of you. Your father had come—with big strong arms—and carried you away. Kenneth, death is just like that. We just wake up some morning to find ourselves in the other room—our own room where we belong—because the Lord Jesus loved us.”
The lad’s shining, trusting face looking up into hers told her that the point had gone home and that there would be no more fear … only love and trust in his little heart as he went to meet the Father in Heaven.
After Peter Marshall had finished the service at Annapolis and as he and his wife Catherine were driving back to Washington that afternoon, suddenly the program on the car radio was interrupted. The announcer’s voice was grave: “Ladies and Gentlemen. Stand by for an important announcement. This morning the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor was bombed…..”
Within a month many of the boys to whom Peter Marshall had just preached would go down to hero’s graves in strange waters. Soon all of them would be exposed to the risks and dangers of war, and Peter Marshall, under God’s direction, that very morning had offered them the defining metaphor about the reality of eternal life.
—Catherine Marshall, A Man Called Peter, pp. 230-231, 272-273

Are we puppets without strings?

A puppet is something that has no will of its own. It has no control over its actions. It cannot make choices nor can it change what is happening to it. There are those that think that this is how Christianity is at time. A group that mindlessly people that go about following rules not thinking, not changing our minds.
This is the furthest thing from the truth in most cases. Sure there are always those that go about in this world needing to have their hand held and to be told exactly what to do and how to act. In my personal experiences with people of all believes, faiths and lack thereof I have found that we are all exactly the same. There are those that think. Those that over think. Those that refuse to think, and those that do need to be led around like dog on a leash. Now don’t get me wrong dog lovers. I know for a fact having been a dog own that there are smart dogs and some downright stupid dogs. It is this latter version I am referring.
I believe all have the ability to learn and make an inform choice. I also believe that there are those that are religious and non-religious that wish to make it where no one can get all the facts. Note I did not say Christian and non-Christian. To me there are many in religion that are not Christian. To me they are closer to puppets or even someone that wants to be the puppet master.
Those that wish to be the puppet masters live for and within power. A true leader according to the Bible is someone that places all others before themselves. Puppet masters think only of themselves and how to increase their power by making it so those they wish to have as their puppets loss more and the ability to make an inform decision.
A prime example is those that are making it so that the symbols of Christianity and other religions are removed from public places. Their desire to remove God from the United States, the second nation to be form under God. The foundations of the laws for this nation were created by William Penn, a Quaker, for the Pennsylvania colony and then used to make the Constitution. What they do not realize is as they remove God from the U.S. they are removing their ability to be free. They strife to make themselves the puppet masters but in reality they are turning themselves into puppets.
All people must be given insight into all knowledge. The must have the ability to read religious material as well as material that counters it, but they must also be taught how to analyze what they learn.
I believe in God, but I am not a Creationist because I have studied the sciences. I don’t believe in Darwinism because I have read the Bible. To me the science that is presented to the world is flawed and corrupted by those that wish to remove God from all equations. Doing so makes some scientific theories look like the biggest joke I have ever been told and makes those that follow it blindly into puppets.
The main thing about scientific theory is the word “theory.” Global warming is nothing but a theory. There is no scientific facts to support it. In fact if they truly use fact they will look back throughout history and see that the weather goes through cycles of several warm years then several cold years. I remember be taught in school of the SECOND ice age. This states clearly that there was a first ice age and then there was a warm time in-between. All this was taught as proven scientific fact not theory, because it was fact and proven. Now they wish the world to believe without question that a theory is fact which is totally opposite what science is meant to do. To me those that go around screaming ”the world is burning, the world is burning!” Are in reality saying “the world is flat, the world is flat!”
To me science proves there is a God and that God created the entire universe. A universe that is so vast that the earth is less than a grain of sand within it. In fact I recently read an article in which they have identified the shock waves of the Big Bang, which to me is the moment when God did create the universe.
I have found that science is flawed, while the Bible is not flawed. My example is the Grand Canyon. Most scientist state it was formed over time by the Colorado River. More recently I watched a Nova episode where it stated it was formed by an ice dam that broke and formed it quickly. This is something I have felt was truer since it never made any logical sense to me since it eroded centuries of built up layers of earth in the exact some amount of time they state it took to erode this earth that should have been forming at the exact same time. So to me the ice dam theory is more factual.
Therefore all should be given an education that will allow them to make an inform decision. One that has all the facts not a select group of facts for when you remove facts all that is left is a lie. This then can cause people to become puppets without strings.

The dream that changed my life

I was eighteen or nineteen at the time I had the dream that would change my life. It started me back down the right path in me even though I would not fully regain that path for another seven or eight years.
For the first time, since I was nine I had picked up the Bible and started to read it once again. When I finally fell asleep that night I encountered events I did not expect. I appeared before the throne of God that was so bright all I can say is that God sat upon it, but I could not get any details due to the extreme light. What words were said here are beyond my now to remember, but I do know that an angel appeared in front of God and was looking at myself and all the others that were with me. He was large and glowed but nowhere near the intensity coming from the throne, also no wings.
What I can say is that those with me and myself were given a task and in a blink I was gone from the presence of the Almighty and was floating in space above a planet. Darkness was all about save for the light coming from a sun. I leaned forward and began to fly down to the planet then over its barren surface as those that were just with me a few moments before God were downing the same.
With just a thought and an action from my hands the surface of the world changed into that of a living and habitable world.
Then I heard words, but these words I do remember unlike the ones from before the throne of God.
“Serve Me and this you can do as My servant.”
After I returned to God and accepted His Son Jesus as my Savior, I had other dreams as well, but none placed me before the throne of God ever again.

Is your church a place to glorify God or those within it?

One thing I hated about High School was what they called “Clicks” in my time. I do not know what they are called nowadays, but a “click” was a group of teens that only associate with those of the same group. The “jocks” with the “jocks;” the smokers with the smokers; the druggies with the druggies.
I never fit into any of these and so was an outsider. This allowed me a unique perspective on things though. Sometimes I thought on it sometimes I did not.
This look from the outside view has allowed me to look upon religious organizations in the same light. It is a light I feel most of these groups would not like if more had such insight.
What I find most interesting is that Christianity has survived so long. However, I can say this without doubt, the very fact that it has is prove of God, for if it was something made of man it would have fallen long ago like many countries; for example Rome and the Soviet Union.
Religious organizations in my eyes take advantage of those that find God. In the time of Jesus, what made him the most upset was the religious organization of the time. He scolded the Pharisees and in the letters of the apostles there is references to rituals being made by men and not by God.
Jesus only gave us one ceremony, which was done on Passover, the taking of bread as a symbol of His Body and wine a symbol of His Blood. Men make all other ceremonies and rituals. So why do them?
Jesus did state that when two or more gather in His name, he will be there, but that does not say gather and perform ceremonies. Why? Because to Him this gave way for men to attempt to glorify themselves, be they at the front of the church or sitting in the pews.
That is why when I look at some “churches” especially the larger ones I have been to I see the “click” system in full swing.
I come into a church as an outsider seeking a place to call home in the sight of God and I am ignored. After several visits, I try to become a part of the “church” and since I do not dress a certain way or say the right things I am politely pushed aside, so I leave in search of a new place.
This is how many of those in today’s churches behave.
It is this behavior why many especially the youth seek other places to find that hole in the soul. It is a hole that is in all of us since we can only be whole through Jesus, but is Jesus present in these “churches” I have described? Maybe, to a degree, but I personally doubt it.
The church I attend now is small. At the max, there are thirty people in the Sunday service. Do I feel the presents of God there? Yes. Do I feel welcomed? Yes. Do I feel I can be a part of this church? Yes.
Why? Because all are there to worship God and His Son Jesus.
We are not there to be in a social club. We are not there to make ourselves feel that we are better than those outside. Many “click churches” say all the right things to make those that sit in the pews feel that they are better and separate from the world. Nevertheless, we are not. We still sin; we will always sin until we are dead or taken into the sky and given our immortal and incorruptible body. Until then we are corrupt. The only true difference in us is that we know this. We accept it and try to change it, but we know we cannot change it by ourselves. We turn to Jesus who died for our sins upon the cross. To be hung upon a tree or cross is considered a simple of the most deplorable of crimes. This was why Jesus was amongst us. To learn what it was to be human. To know what goes through our minds, but He being the Son of God did not give into the temptations that we go through every single day of our lives. We falter, we fall, and we give in, because we are human. Through Jesus’ actions, we can overcome this. When we fall, He is there to pick us up, brush away the dirt, and call us clean once again until we falter once more. Hopefully not for the same sin, and He is there once again. He wants us to learn and grow in our faith and believes. To honor Him by doing what He taught us while He was amongst us.
Therefore, the next time you are at church. Look about you. Is there a woman saying to another woman “I like your hat.” Is there a group that stands in the center of the entry not allowing other to get by? Is there a group of people talking about others within the church in a derogatory manner with their head turned in such a way that they are trying not to be heard yet eye the person they a talking bad about? Then this is not a church, but a social club.
We are to meet together to praise, worship and give glory unto God. How can those that call themselves Christian be able to spread the glory and love of God if all they care about is their own little world. The church is to be for the entire community, not just those that attend their particular social club.
We are to serve the community in whole. We are to honor God through service to others. Acts of selfishness and self-glorification does nothing for God and show those that do act in this fashion for what they truly are. Someone who has lost his or her way from God if they ever truly found Him.

Revelation Chapter 3
16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:
18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.
19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.
20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

Life— the free trail at eternity.

We are promised in the Bible that when the time comes we will be called up to be with the Lord forever. We will have the body that is corruptible to be replaced with an incorruptible and immortal body.
This life is nothing more than a trial period to see how we handle the use of our Life. Like any trial offers you look to see if the product is to your liking.
It is also to see if you will care for the product.
Like all products there are certain rules and stipulations that need to be followed. If you do not follow them than when you return the product damaged you will have to pay for the damage caused to it.
This is what we are told will take place. In Revelation chapter 20 the user’s manual of our life will be examined and if damage was done and occurred to our life then we have to pay for the damage done to it at that time.
For those that took good care of their life they shall be rewarded with a life that will last for billions of years.
Do the laws laid down in Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy apply as the “rules and stipulations”. I would say yes. Since Jesus stated he was not there to replace the law, but to fulfill it.
Throughout the centuries certain acts were open and exposed to the world. In the last one hundred or so years many of these behaviors have been covered and hidden away. Now these deeds are returning to being exposed once again. Many decry their return from behind locked doors and whispers. I do not. I feel that if you wish to choose the fate of your life. Do so in the light of day. Allow all to know what you choose.
We are also told not to judge, for by the very standard we judge others so shall we be judged. What we are told to do is to pray for those that choose the life of sin. Teach them what is right. Allow them the opportunity to repent if they so choose. Love them as a brother or sister, for that is what they are.
As long as we try to instruct them, our fellow humans, on how to use the user’s manual then some will decide to treat their life correctly. Then when the time comes they will be able to get their new life. A life that will last beyond all time. A life that will allow them to witness all the wonders of the universe. A universe created by God.

Hit a rough patch

Hit a rough patch today. Listening to my Christian music station at the moment trying to get my mind around the events of today. Trying to wrap it all up and hand it over to God. This is one of those things I have not quite figured out how to do though.
Last year I was so overwhelmed with so much turmoil that I nearly never stopped saying the Lord’s pray over and over. The Lord brought me though that and I give Him all glory and praise for that.
Last year is not this year. Today is not yesterday.
Just writing this is allow me to get my mind back on the right track.
Each day is different. Each day has different trials. Some you can face alone due to past trials that God has placed you through. But there are times when the weight of several events in one day just seem to hit you all at once. That is now, that is today.
Again and again I repeat “Praise you Lord God, Praise you Lord Jesus.”
It is a familiar place that I have been to be for and here I sit typing. I survived those past events. I will survive this event until the Lord decides it is time for me not to be here or the rapture occurs.
“All Praise and Glory unto God the Lord Almighty. The creator of the universe.”

Confessions of a screwed up middle-aged man

What is it to love a woman? What are the factors that cause you to choose one person from another? I have cared for several girls and women since I first realized I liked the opposite sex. How old was I? Four?
The first girl I cared for was in Great Falls, Montana. Her name was Wendy. She was a brunette and she had blue eyes. She was rather beautiful to a five your old boy, but then she was five herself.
My first full-blown crush was when I was fourteen. Her name was Sue. I was extremely awkward. I did not know how to act at all at that age. I was shy beyond all measure because of my gawkiness. I do remember dancing with her. She had long brown hair and dark brown eyes. She had one of the sweetest personalities, but due to my ungainliness, possibly I was not her type. Therefore, it was an unrequited encounter.
As I look back on my relationships, I come to the uncomfortable realization. I have loved the women in my live more than they have loved me. How can I say this? My first wife chose to look for older men then stay married to me. My second wife admitted to me that she tricked me into marrying her and that she did not love me. Was I naive? I guess so.
In a way, I feel I deserve to be without a woman in my life. My first wife I met in my years when God was not in my life. That did not happen until six years later. Of all the women in my life, I miss her the most. Mainly because she left me not the other way around like in my second marriage.
One thing I need to learn to do, and apparently have not is place this in God’s hand. I know due to free-will we must make some effort in relationships on our own, but still I feel I should be praying more before I act.
Only time will tell. One thing is for sure. I do not want to spend the next billion years without someone by my side. There will be so many adventures in that time. So many wonders to see and I want to be able to share them.

Growing faith

A recurring theme throughout my life has been the desire to respect others. Sure, some parts of my personality can be a thorn to some, but who amongst us can say that is not true for any person. In my early teens, I allowed my peers to turn my heart to hardness. This lasted until I was in my mid-twenties. One thing that I know marked these years was the mere fact that I had become selfish and self-serving.
When I became born again at twenty-six the man, what I should have been came back into existence. A man that God knew and recognized. (See my post “Overwhelming sin” to understand what I meant by this statement). The man returned to what the boy I had been before I allowed my peers to turn me into what I had become in the dark years.
I learned to give into my desires and wants in those years. I allowed myself to listen to only myself. Not caring if I hurt people. Many of these people were girls and women, especially when I turned eighteen.
Regret is one thing that has crossed my mind more than once over the last quarter of a century plus. Sometimes this regret causes me to do things that help others. Then there are times this regret has made me avoid situations out of fear they may be a repeat of something from my past that I do not wish to go through again. I feel these regrets are due to me trying to think of others before myself.
Too many times in the Bible we are told be humble, placing others before ourselves. The emphasis is too poignant that true faith requires humility, thus selflessness. When you are selfish, you are not acting for God. When thinking of your own desires no matter how little or big you have placed yourself before others.
I really think it is in all of us to be humble. I know I was humble when I was a child and had forgotten it due to pain and humiliation. How I returned to it is where free-will comes into play. I felt wrong from my behavior. I felt more guilt as I became more selfish. I do not know if others experience this and hide it, but it allowed me to face myself and realize this is not what God wanted for me or us for that matter. So I chose through the act of free-will to return to what I was taught in my youth.
I know I am not perfect. No human can ever be perfect. I know I have overcome sins that would have turned me into someone other then what I am. I know not only that it was God, but an inner strength that has allowed me to grow into the man I am today. Where did I get this inner strength? From my trials I have face throughout my life. Without these trials, I feel I would in no way be the man I am today.
All I do know is that the man that types these words today is in fact someone who deserves to be call a man, since there is a difference between being male and being a man. It is by God and for God that I am here, and I praise Him for that.