Out of insignificance God causes greatness.

Now why such a title?
This is why: Nazareth is the town Jesus was raised within when Joseph returned them to Israel from Egypt. It was such an insignificant town that there are skeptics that doubt it existed during the young year of Christ. In comparison it is like a going through the countryside on a two lane road, suddenly the speed limit reduces for forty-fire to twenty-five. You see a stoplight that is green for you, as soon as you pass through the intersection the speed limit returns to forty-five. That was a town, you didn’t give it a second thought and it was gone. That was Nazareth. As mentioned above this is where Christ came from and he is the greatest thing to have happened for this planet, which brings me to my next topic: this planet.
It is on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. One galaxy out of millions, maybe even billions. Yet is this solar system even close to anything? It is not even close to the center of its own galaxy, a galaxy that is off in the woods so to speak when compared to other galaxies as seen through astronomy.
So it is easy to say that this little planet of ours could be considered “insignificant.” Yet it is here that God chose to place Adam and eve upon. Yet it is here that He spoke to Abraham. Yet it is here upon an insignificant mountain in that a burning bush drew Moses to look upon it and hear the words of God.
So what greatness and wonders are there that we can look forward to in our eternal lives that we are promised to partake of? Just how great and wondrous will it be since we are in such an insignificant planet on the edge of nowhere.
The only way to find out is to accept Jesus as your Savior and to repent of your sins and never do them again.

The dream that changed my life

I was eighteen or nineteen at the time I had the dream that would change my life. It started me back down the right path in me even though I would not fully regain that path for another seven or eight years.
For the first time, since I was nine I had picked up the Bible and started to read it once again. When I finally fell asleep that night I encountered events I did not expect. I appeared before the throne of God that was so bright all I can say is that God sat upon it, but I could not get any details due to the extreme light. What words were said here are beyond me now to remember, but I do know that an angel appeared in front of God and was looking at myself and all the others that were with me. He was large and glowed but nowhere near the intensity coming from the throne, also no wings.
What I can say is that those with me and myself were given a task and in a blink I was gone from the presence of the Almighty and was floating in space above a planet. Darkness was all about save for the light coming from a sun. I leaned forward and began to fly down to the planet then over its barren surface as those that were just with me a few moments before God were doing the same.
With just a thought and an action from my hands the surface of the world changed into that of a living and habitable world.
Then I heard words, but these words I do remember unlike the ones from before the throne of God.
“Serve Me and this you can do as My servant.”
After I returned to God and accepted His Son Jesus as my Savior, I had other dreams as well, but none placed me before the throne of God ever again.