A key element that must change in the Christian faith: “Creationism”

This key element is those that stick steadfastly to the believe that this planet is only a few thousand years old. This is believed by those that strictly follow what is called “Creationism.”
Now I want to make this perfectly clear. I still believe and adhere to that fact that God did create this planet and all that is upon it as well as the entire universe. I wholeheartedly agree with the creation story listed in Genesis.
Adhering to strict creationism those that follow it, in my eyes, actually limit God. Now how would I make such a statement?
First and foremost creationist state fervently that only this planet is the only thing in the universe, they have since expanded it to this solar system. The mere fact that they must keep expanding it proves it is a man-made doctrine and does not agree with the Bible and is designed to fit the needs of the people purporting it.
I am one that does believe in a Pre-Adamic race and there have been discoveries of humanoid bones that support this. It is this refusal to accept hard evidence that hurts creationist and in turn hurts all Christians everywhere. They call science evil and something to be ignored as coming from those that wish to discredit and remove the reality of God and to some degree that is a true statement. Here is the kicker though, when science is done correctly and sticks to the facts, as it should be done, it actually supports that there is a God.
Simply mathematical science. When you take a look at the odds that this planet would cause not only life but intelligent life throughout the entire huge universe is astronomical, which as I stated above confirms God is real. The Big Bang theory again confirms God for it is exactly how He did it in that moment and as a result 98% of the entire mass of the universe was created in the few moments.
Does this make me a Theist? Yes it does for I believe that limiting God to one tiny speck of a planet throughout the entire universe makes Him as insignificant as a bed bug.
God created the heavens and the stars this means he created galaxies and within them are solar systems and within them are planets, as science has documented. So why limit God to this planet. Why limit God to a few thousand years when there are bones of ancient animals and people found buried deep within the surface of this planet. Do I think the planet is billions of years old? I honestly do not believe so, for I think there is errors in the methods of carbon dating for they are originally based in comparison to the layers of the planet they had to go through and they theorize it is a set amount of time. Yet it has since been document that some layers that can been up to several feet deep happened in a few days due to a volcanic eruption and also due to meteors hitting the earth. Have they then adjusted the carbon dating scale? No they have not. Do they need to do so? Yes they do.
One of the main reasons I feel that carbon dating needs to be revisited is actually found within the Bible in the book of Job 40: 15-19 whose very description is now full confirmed though science to be an Apatosaurus. So if it is walking in biblical times how can carbon dating be accurate?
It is when people challenge the norm is when there is growth in people, in society, in religion. Did not Martin Luther challenge the norm and did not Christian go through a great growth due to it? Yes it did. Did not Galileo challenge the norm and so we went from thinking the earth was the center of the universe to being just one planet within a solar system. Well it is time again for the norm to be challenged and for there to be growth. Why? Because those that oppose God and wish to remove Him from the minds of all humanity are winning at this time. Only through a willingness to challenge what is thought to be normal will we ever grow. Not only in our believes but in our faith in God and for God. For when doing so we will be able to embarrass the fact that this mere speck of a planet is nothing in comparison to God and that very fact that it is so unimportant and yet He took time to place life upon it of all types speaks of how great and glorious He is.
Yet even to contemplate this causes many to run and hide to what is normal, but as they do so we are losing several generations of humankind to those that wish to say there is no God. This to me is acts of selfishness for when you think only of yourself and not of others and of their salvation and of their ability to share in an eternal life that will allow them to explore all of God’s creation which is the entire universe you not only harm them but yourself.
Yet what was normal? A flat planet. Earth is the center of everything. Buying your way into heaven with Indulgences. This solar system was the only one in the entire universe. The universe has always existed exactly the same, forever. Animal sacrifice.
Are they normal now? No they are not. Why is that? Because they were all formed by humans, not God. What has not changed and is continually reinforced? The Bible and in so doing GOD is proven constant and true and real.

To study nature is to study God.

God created the universe. God created the planet Earth. God created the animals upon this planet. God created humans. Now I am one that does not follow the thinking of creationist. To me that limits God. Too many times humans limit God.
There will be those that say the plagues that the Egyptians suffered was due to a nature disaster. I will say since God created the earth He can control the earth and so made the natural disaster in the first place.
God created all the animals upon the earth and so how they behave is due to His plan. Therefore, when you look at a pride of lions, a herd of elephants and a flock of geese flying in a “V” formation you are looking at God.
The universe is too vast to state that by random chance life formed upon this planet. It is also too vast to state that this is the only planet in the universe to have life.
We are promised upon the return of Christ upon the earth that we will receive an eternal body. Why would you need an eternal body if it were meant to stay solely here upon this planet? It is this very reason that as you look upon nature you will see the hand of God. The mere diversity and complexity of each life form be it a planet or an animal speaks of a divine purpose.
Many animals have gone extinct mostly due to humans. The Moa, the Dodo, and yes even the so-called mythical dragon were killed off by man, known as a Behemoth in the book of Job within the Bible. Trolls of myth could have been Neanderthals, and yet they were still killed off by man as well.
All cultures speak of the flood, even the Aztecs and Maya in murals upon the walls of their pyramids, and yet there are those that deny God is real. If you were to truly watch a hummingbird fly, you could never make such an assumption. For God is so great that He thought of even the most basic things as the very atoms that compose everything within a universe that is so vast it is immeasurable.

Are we puppets without strings?

A puppet is something that has no will of its own. It has no control over its actions. It cannot make choices nor can it change what is happening to it. There are those that think that this is how Christianity is at time. A group that mindlessly people that go about following rules not thinking, not changing our minds.
This is the furthest thing from the truth in most cases. Sure there are always those that go about in this world needing to have their hand held and to be told exactly what to do and how to act. In my personal experiences with people of all believes, faiths and lack thereof I have found that we are all exactly the same. There are those that think. Those that over think. Those that refuse to think, and those that do need to be led around like dog on a leash. Now don’t get me wrong dog lovers. I know for a fact having been a dog own that there are smart dogs and some downright stupid dogs. It is this latter version I am referring.
I believe all have the ability to learn and make an inform choice. I also believe that there are those that are religious and non-religious that wish to make it where no one can get all the facts. Note I did not say Christian and non-Christian. To me there are many in religion that are not Christian. To me they are closer to puppets or even someone that wants to be the puppet master.
Those that wish to be the puppet masters live for and within power. A true leader according to the Bible is someone that places all others before themselves. Puppet masters think only of themselves and how to increase their power by making it so those they wish to have as their puppets loss more and the ability to make an inform decision.
A prime example is those that are making it so that the symbols of Christianity and other religions are removed from public places. Their desire to remove God from the United States, the second nation to be form under God. The foundations of the laws for this nation were created by William Penn, a Quaker, for the Pennsylvania colony and then used to make the Constitution. What they do not realize is as they remove God from the U.S. they are removing their ability to be free. They strife to make themselves the puppet masters but in reality they are turning themselves into puppets.
All people must be given insight into all knowledge. The must have the ability to read religious material as well as material that counters it, but they must also be taught how to analyze what they learn.
I believe in God, but I am not a Creationist because I have studied the sciences. I don’t believe in Darwinism because I have read the Bible. To me the science that is presented to the world is flawed and corrupted by those that wish to remove God from all equations. Doing so makes some scientific theories look like the biggest joke I have ever been told and makes those that follow it blindly into puppets.
The main thing about scientific theory is the word “theory.” Global warming is nothing but a theory. There is no scientific facts to support it. In fact if they truly use fact they will look back throughout history and see that the weather goes through cycles of several warm years then several cold years. I remember be taught in school of the SECOND ice age. This states clearly that there was a first ice age and then there was a warm time in-between. All this was taught as proven scientific fact not theory, because it was fact and proven. Now they wish the world to believe without question that a theory is fact which is totally opposite what science is meant to do. To me those that go around screaming ”the world is burning, the world is burning!” Are in reality saying “the world is flat, the world is flat!”
To me science proves there is a God and that God created the entire universe. A universe that is so vast that the earth is less than a grain of sand within it. In fact I recently read an article in which they have identified the shock waves of the Big Bang, which to me is the moment when God did create the universe.
I have found that science is flawed, while the Bible is not flawed. My example is the Grand Canyon. Most scientist state it was formed over time by the Colorado River. More recently I watched a Nova episode where it stated it was formed by an ice dam that broke and formed it quickly. This is something I have felt was truer since it never made any logical sense to me since it eroded centuries of built up layers of earth in the exact some amount of time they state it took to erode this earth that should have been forming at the exact same time. So to me the ice dam theory is more factual.
Therefore all should be given an education that will allow them to make an inform decision. One that has all the facts not a select group of facts for when you remove facts all that is left is a lie. This then can cause people to become puppets without strings.