Are we puppets without strings?

A puppet is something that has no will of its own. It has no control over its actions. It cannot make choices nor can it change what is happening to it. There are those that think that this is how Christianity is at time. A group that mindlessly people that go about following rules not thinking, not changing our minds.
This is the furthest thing from the truth in most cases. Sure there are always those that go about in this world needing to have their hand held and to be told exactly what to do and how to act. In my personal experiences with people of all believes, faiths and lack thereof I have found that we are all exactly the same. There are those that think. Those that over think. Those that refuse to think, and those that do need to be led around like dog on a leash. Now don’t get me wrong dog lovers. I know for a fact having been a dog own that there are smart dogs and some downright stupid dogs. It is this latter version I am referring.
I believe all have the ability to learn and make an inform choice. I also believe that there are those that are religious and non-religious that wish to make it where no one can get all the facts. Note I did not say Christian and non-Christian. To me there are many in religion that are not Christian. To me they are closer to puppets or even someone that wants to be the puppet master.
Those that wish to be the puppet masters live for and within power. A true leader according to the Bible is someone that places all others before themselves. Puppet masters think only of themselves and how to increase their power by making it so those they wish to have as their puppets loss more and the ability to make an inform decision.
A prime example is those that are making it so that the symbols of Christianity and other religions are removed from public places. Their desire to remove God from the United States, the second nation to be form under God. The foundations of the laws for this nation were created by William Penn, a Quaker, for the Pennsylvania colony and then used to make the Constitution. What they do not realize is as they remove God from the U.S. they are removing their ability to be free. They strife to make themselves the puppet masters but in reality they are turning themselves into puppets.
All people must be given insight into all knowledge. The must have the ability to read religious material as well as material that counters it, but they must also be taught how to analyze what they learn.
I believe in God, but I am not a Creationist because I have studied the sciences. I don’t believe in Darwinism because I have read the Bible. To me the science that is presented to the world is flawed and corrupted by those that wish to remove God from all equations. Doing so makes some scientific theories look like the biggest joke I have ever been told and makes those that follow it blindly into puppets.
The main thing about scientific theory is the word “theory.” Global warming is nothing but a theory. There is no scientific facts to support it. In fact if they truly use fact they will look back throughout history and see that the weather goes through cycles of several warm years then several cold years. I remember be taught in school of the SECOND ice age. This states clearly that there was a first ice age and then there was a warm time in-between. All this was taught as proven scientific fact not theory, because it was fact and proven. Now they wish the world to believe without question that a theory is fact which is totally opposite what science is meant to do. To me those that go around screaming ”the world is burning, the world is burning!” Are in reality saying “the world is flat, the world is flat!”
To me science proves there is a God and that God created the entire universe. A universe that is so vast that the earth is less than a grain of sand within it. In fact I recently read an article in which they have identified the shock waves of the Big Bang, which to me is the moment when God did create the universe.
I have found that science is flawed, while the Bible is not flawed. My example is the Grand Canyon. Most scientist state it was formed over time by the Colorado River. More recently I watched a Nova episode where it stated it was formed by an ice dam that broke and formed it quickly. This is something I have felt was truer since it never made any logical sense to me since it eroded centuries of built up layers of earth in the exact some amount of time they state it took to erode this earth that should have been forming at the exact same time. So to me the ice dam theory is more factual.
Therefore all should be given an education that will allow them to make an inform decision. One that has all the facts not a select group of facts for when you remove facts all that is left is a lie. This then can cause people to become puppets without strings.


  1. I notice your blog on a friends link and decided to read it. First, I want to say that I am a Godly person, so you don’t misinterpret my comment. I am a firm and upheld believer in God and I can understand your perspective, but there are a lot of holes in it. You are only looking at it from one perspective, but true wisdom, as we all know, is from many.

    Quoting you here:

    “A true leader according to the Bible is someone that places all others before themselves. Puppet masters think only of themselves and how to increase their power by making it so those they wish to have as their puppets loss more and the ability to make an inform decision.”

    As, I said I am a Godly man, but I am not a religious man and this is the very reason as to why. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is a historical fact that men in power over the past two thousand years have influenced religion (all religion) for political power. Even the teachings of the bible, more importantly the bible itself, have been edited to suit the needs of who was in power at the time. Religion itself has evolved with the times. During Abrahams day his teaching and his practice of sacrifice were already in use by other pagan religions, so it made the transition of converts easier, because it was the air of the times.

    If you study the bible carefully you will notice this trend. The rough harshness of the beginning continue to soften as the years go by, leading to the time of John the Baptist. John was of a seperate denomination than the norm at the time. My believed them radicals because of their belief that a babtisim in water was enough to cleanse your sins…no sacrifice required. John went on to preach his new found belief to locals including Jesus and a few of the apostles, before he became the Jesus that we are all well versed on today.

    So here falls the first issue with Judism and Christianity…God is perfect. A perfect, unchangable being. A perfect being would know his mind in the very beginning. God is as he has always been. God does not change, God does not alter himself. God has no need. To believe God old alter or change is to deny his perfection. However, human beings grow, human beings change with the times. As Judism and Christianity have. They change to appeal to the people of the age. What does that tell us about religion…what does that tell us about the bible and the contradictions when compared to one author of a book to another author of another book in the bible?

    Or the contradictions from one age compared to the next? If it is divine and delivered from perfection than it would be unchanging. God gets it right the first time around, it is people who don’t. Many would say that their religions and holy writings are based upon Godly inspiration…well, this may be true, but they forget the small details…God gave man free will and men are imperfect and men are sinners. Who is to say that one was inspired was lost, edited, or tweaked to more benefit the man who it was inspired upon, or to benefit the ruler in power at the time? To deny that as an impossibility is to raise man to the level of God, perfect and infalliable, which would be blasphemy. And it would deny the fact that God gave man free will, s you would be denying God’s word at he did so.

    So, where does that leave us? The choices are hypocritical, arrogant, nieve, or gullible…or perhaps a combination of each. They fact is all religions are wrong, Manmade, and self serving to those in power. All of us, though some deny it, sense the presence of God. To those who taught and wrote the original stories it was their way of trying to capture God or trying to connect with the presence they felt but could not see nor touch. It may be fact that many of the men and women whose stories are in the bible actually lved, they are simply people. Charismatic, loving, with the best intentions of man at heart, but the were mere men. But God is real. He is the only truth.

    Also, your comments about removing religion in schools…well, we live in America, which supposedly upholds freedom and equality. How would you feel if your children’s teachers were forcing Islam or some other religion not your own down their throats? It would make you feel angry and would make you feel like your freedom has been violated. Freedom works on all sides, not just from a single point of view, right or wrong, that’s why it is called freedom. Claiming your ideals are right and someone else’s are wrong, is just as bad as what many Liberals do today, just they are on the opposite side of the field. It is hypocrisy at its best. The key to a true peaceful coexistence is through wisdom and unbiased eyes.

    Remember, judge not lest you be judged yourselves, right? Wise words. If people would only learn to uphold their beliefs, not allow someone to take them away, but not force their beliefs on others the world would be able to function together. The freedoms of Christians are not being taken away from schools, remember people have the freedom to choose to put their children in private school. If that option did not exist then it would be a problem. Not denying the fact that in other places they are loosing freedoms, but this is due to those with the same narrow view that they are only ones right. Don’t fall in that trap and become what you are fighting.

    The real issue with America right now is the government is not being equal to all parties because they are stuck in that very trap, It is that simple.

    1. Additional comment since I have some time now. Yes I feel we are at a threshold of change within Christianity. Just as happened in the time of Martin Luther, there is a need to adapt and change as you stated very well. God and change are the only true constants. Will this happen overnight? No, but it is needed. As I stated science proves God. Does this mean become Scientologist? No. I means as you said humans need to change in a way that allows them to imbrace God through knowledge and faith. Even though faith is the stronger of those two.

    2. One of my 2 comments didn’t post.
      It was about our children be taught.
      They are being taught about Islam. The most documented case of this is in Florida.
      They should be taught all equally so they can learn. no one religion should be placed higher then any other. That way an informed desision can be made.
      I may be prejudices about it, but Judaism and Christianity will rise to the top.

      1. Or. They should be equally removed from schools and taught by their parents. Parents need to take the responsibility to teach them character, right, wrong, and religion. That is one of the problems of this day in age. Too many children are raised by society instead of their parents. America is filled with irresponsible, weak parents who simply throw toys, games, or TV in front of their kids then ignore them. This is the core of the issue. It is the parents responsibility. The government and schools need to stay out of it as they should. It is always easier for parents to shift blame from themselves. It is a shame.

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