Rice Christians

One of my all-time favorite movies is the 1944 film “The Keys to the Kingdom” starting Gregory Peck. Even though it is about a Catholic priest made missionary, I find that he is one of the few within the film I would call Christian.

One of the most poignant contrasts of this was when he encounters a couple that came to greet him as he arrived in the town where his mission was placed. They stated they would gladly serve him and even perform mass if he restored the money they had been paid by the previous priest. He then asked what happened to the four hundred people that were listed as members of the congregation. They told him that when the rice ran out they left, but that there were some that did not accept the rice and they has moved away to a Christian village.

I wonder how many people are “Rice Christians”? Those that are just there for the show and the pretense, but once this is gone they leave. Another way to look at it is “Sunday Christians”. They are only “Christian” on Sunday and the rest of the week they do and act like whatever they wish. Well this is not truly being Christian. (Rev. 3: 15 & 16)

That is not what being Christian means though. Now I know we are not perfect. I know we make mistakes, but that is called being human. Let me give you a prime example from my own life. I work where folks curse, smoke and have a lot of disregard for many things. They are shocked and surprised when I curse, because it is a rarity. There are many other things I do that I feel are the acts of being a Christian that they do not. Do I talk to them and suggest they change their ways? Yes, does it work? Sometimes. I also have a better work ethic then many I work with and they know it full well. They see me working while others sit around and talk.

That is living your faith. It is a daily journey, not just something you do on Sunday. It is 24/7/365.

One of the ways I am living my faith is by writing this Blog and posting it. Hoping it will give people something to think about. Allowing them to see that Christianity means you can be a human too and you can make mistakes, but at the same time, you can help.

It is said that where even someone who does not believe in Jesus teaches Jesus; Jesus will turn that into something good that will help others to God.

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