Life— the free trail at eternity.

We are promised in the Bible that when the time comes we will be called up to be with the Lord forever. We will have the body that is corruptible to be replaced with an incorruptible and immortal body.
This life is nothing more than a trial period to see how we handle the use of our Life. Like any trial offers you look to see if the product is to your liking.
It is also to see if you will care for the product.
Like all products there are certain rules and stipulations that need to be followed. If you do not follow them than when you return the product damaged you will have to pay for the damage caused to it.
This is what we are told will take place. In Revelation chapter 20 the user’s manual of our life will be examined and if damage was done and occurred to our life then we have to pay for the damage done to it at that time.
For those that took good care of their life they shall be rewarded with a life that will last for billions of years.
Do the laws laid down in Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy apply as the “rules and stipulations”. I would say yes. Since Jesus stated he was not there to replace the law, but to fulfill it.
Throughout the centuries certain acts were open and exposed to the world. In the last one hundred or so years many of these behaviors have been covered and hidden away. Now these deeds are returning to being exposed once again. Many decry their return from behind locked doors and whispers. I do not. I feel that if you wish to choose the fate of your life. Do so in the light of day. Allow all to know what you choose.
We are also told not to judge, for by the very standard we judge others so shall we be judged. What we are told to do is to pray for those that choose the life of sin. Teach them what is right. Allow them the opportunity to repent if they so choose. Love them as a brother or sister, for that is what they are.
As long as we try to instruct them, our fellow humans, on how to use the user’s manual then some will decide to treat their life correctly. Then when the time comes they will be able to get their new life. A life that will last beyond all time. A life that will allow them to witness all the wonders of the universe. A universe created by God.


  1. Very nice post, but I would like to point out that, while we are told not to judge, we are told to keep each other accountable. So yes, love your brother and pray for him, but that doesn’t mean you can’t confront him about his sin kindly and out of love. Because if you really love your brothers and sisters in Christ, you want them to repent from their sins, and I think the Christian community today has strayed very far from this concept, which is sad. We’ve taken the “love each other” thing entirely too far, to the point where we accept everything and even support it.

    1. Oh I 100% agree that Christian are too complacent. I also fully agree we as Chistian need to be less protest and more witness. Meaning instead of holding up signs and yelling which only drives those we wish to help away. We go to where they are and talk to them as Jesus did. He was criticized by the the Jewish church leaders for doing so. His reply was the sinners need him more. That is stil true today. Those in the church need to be missionaries and go to the places where the sinner is and start a dialogue. Not shouting fire and brimstone, but of the facts like this above post. to show the glories and wonders that will be seen throughout the universe will take an eternity. An eternity we are promised through Jesus

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