Hit a rough patch

Hit a rough patch today. Listening to my Christian music station at the moment trying to get my mind around the events of today. Trying to wrap it all up and hand it over to God. This is one of those things I have not quite figured out how to do though.
Last year I was so overwhelmed with so much turmoil that I nearly never stopped saying the Lord’s pray over and over. The Lord brought me though that and I give Him all glory and praise for that.
Last year is not this year. Today is not yesterday.
Just writing this is allow me to get my mind back on the right track.
Each day is different. Each day has different trials. Some you can face alone due to past trials that God has placed you through. But there are times when the weight of several events in one day just seem to hit you all at once. That is now, that is today.
Again and again I repeat “Praise you Lord God, Praise you Lord Jesus.”
It is a familiar place that I have been to be for and here I sit typing. I survived those past events. I will survive this event until the Lord decides it is time for me not to be here or the rapture occurs.
“All Praise and Glory unto God the Lord Almighty. The creator of the universe.”

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