global warming

The Global Warming Conspiracy?

I remember the blizzards that hit the US in the 1960’s, having lived through two of them personally. I remember walking to the school bus stop in ten below zero weather outside of Chicago. I also remember weather forecasters showing historical weather data. Some of which dated back to the middle of the 1800s. Yet today I went searching for this data on the internet and it was not there. I also find it curious that you no longer really see them mentioning historic lows and highs for some as much as they use to. What I found was shocking. Famers Almanac whose data goes back to the early 1800’s can only provide data back to 1960. Other weather services that provided info back to 1945 had for example an extremely accurate detail of how rain had fallen but nothing on temperatures. Now I know that the weather was of extreme importance throughout World War II. Two prime examples is the weather for D-Day and the three days of bad weather the Germans needed for the Battle of the Bulge. So why isn’t this data quickly accessible?
Now I am not one to go around screaming “conspiracy” at the drop of a hat, but I find this highly suspicious. Why is this data not available to John Q. Public? This is something that has no real meaning on any average day, but would help some young adults get through college. Yet there is nothing. It makes me wonder if there will be no data available at the libraries now. It also makes me wonder what other information is being hidden or white washed.