The Suicide of Hollywood

Yesterday I watched “Son of God” with my youngest son. I found several things to type about. Possibly a review, some of the things that the writers decided to place into the movie, amongst other things. What stuck out the most for me though was the lack of Hollywood. The last time Hollywood was truly present for a Biblical film was The Bible: The beginning in 1966 and even then it was not fully Hollywood. Hollywood had turned its back on God. It had embraced sensationalism, sex, scandal and drugs.
In previous decades, they gave us movies like “The Ten Commandments”, “Ben Hur”, “King of Kings”, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. In previous decades, Hollywood prospered and made producer, actor and companies rich. As a result, the money corrupted the industry and the people within it.
It return God is now showing Hollywood what is the result when humans place themselves before God. Yet they are blind to see it. They have campaigned to improve the world for humans as a result laws have been made. Laws they must follow which are making it impossible for them to make profitable motion pictures. As a result, Hollywood is dying a slow self-imposed death through laws they helped to create by placing themselves ahead of God.

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