Tim Lambesis admits he is an Atheist

Anyone who tries to hire a hit-man to kill his wife is not truly Christian as this confession proves.
For those not in the know. Tim was the front-man of a Christian rock group ‘As I Lay Dying’.
There is a need for this type of music, but folks need to check where they stand in their faith before they pursue careers like this.
Another prime example is Katie Perry who started as a Christian singer and now sings about kissing other girls.


  1. So. . .”Atheist” equals murderer, equals bad musician , equals person who kisses the wrong person? Umm. I think it would be good for you to meet some people who don’t share your faith and listen, and learn.

    1. Those that are truly following the teaching of Christ i.e. Christian don’t commit these sins. Saying you are Christian and not following these teaching make hypocrites. “Atheist” have no defining rules to follow and act like they wish to act. Some act like Christians. Some hire hit-men to kill their wives. It is through following what is right and thinking of others before yourself that makes you Christian. Those that place themselves before anything else are truly not Christan. I know I sin, but I would never consider myself better then anyone. All others are better then me. Can you think like that?

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