It is not a license to sin

Accepting God into your life is something that changes you. I know the term has been used but it is fitting, you are born again. You shed off the way you were before you accepted God. Yes, there are times you are tempted by things you did in the old life, but if you know they are wrong you do your best not to partake of them. Sure, you will fail time to time, but as long as you realize you are not doing right and make an effort to avoid doing it again then you are on the right track.
There are those that do not believe this or feel that saying they accept God they are free to behave exactly as they always have. Well I am sorry to tell you this, but that is not true. If this is how you think, then most likely you really have not accepted God into your life.
To be born again most of who you were is gone. That person was the dead you. I am reminded of a t-shirt that was offered from the folks of “Duck Dynasty” It had a flat line that met the cross and then after that it was a heartbeat.
Being Christian is to live in the world but not be part of it. In the world people commit sins that are told to us in the Bible as being wrong. I see people and even religious organizations saying you can keep your sin and God will embrace you. Yes, God loves us all, but not the sin. As long as you continue to sin you are telling God you do not care what He wants for you. This is selfishness.
Once you have truly accepted God into your heart most of you will not want to sin, but since we are human we still will but we will become remorseful and repentant. Then we will turn to our Father and plead for his forgiveness and He will accept this because He sees that we are sincere.
What God calls sin has not changed. What human calls a sin has. God is right and humans are wrong. Turn to God and be born again.


  1. Good read.

    I personally think that Grace is the essence of Christianity. Without there would be way anyone could do it.

    Christianity is more receiving than it is achieving.

  2. Actually it is more giving then receiving. Our rewards are promised to us beyond this current life. Sure there are those that do well financial, but Jesus as stated they are actual poor, while the poor are actually rich.
    I actually look forward to celebrating my millionth birthday. I feel that will be something worth receiving, if that means I have to do without now, I have no problem with that. So achieving selflessness is something we are told we should seek out and do, and that is what Christianity is really about.

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