Conceptions of reality

It is interesting when you think upon how others have come to a completely different understanding of something then you came to on the same topic. It all boils down to how they were taught and their personal experiences. It is also interesting on how the total opposite can occur even with these different influences throughout someone’s life.
One of the main such occurrences happens when someone turns to Christ.
In this one moment all are equal. In this one second a person can totally change into someone different and yet in some aspects the same. Yet once this moment is past then new branches begin to grow from each person, once again influenced by different elements. The one thing that does not change is their believe is Jesus and God are real.
Yet still due to events and the words of those about them they can suffer setback or experience spurts of growth in their faith.
One thing that is needed in Christendom is those that wish to teach the Bible. I don’t mean preachers I mean teachers. Those that have a fairly solid foundation in the Bible and the concepts within it that teach humans to go beyond being human into something that God finds pleasing to His eyes.
I know I am one of these. I try to cause people to think. I try to get them to stop and ponder where and if they stand with Jesus or are they merely acting a part filling a pew but not wanting to be there at all.
This is why true servants of God need to step up to the plate and try and pass on God’s knowledge. For is not God worth it?

How the USA was designed to work

Many including Americans have a misconception of how the United States of America is supposed to work. My intent here is to shed some light on these false impressions.
Primarily the USA is in actuality 50 separate countries that have decided to work together in some aspects, but in others, they do not.
Each state or nation taxes those that live within its borders in the way that state see fit. They also established their own traffic laws, their own education systems as well as many other things. Due to the fact they have chosen to work together they have open borders within most of the lower forty-eight states. The only exception is California, which requires that you stop and have your vehicle inspected before you are allowed to enter their state/nation. So thinking that the USA is one huge nation is the biggest fallacy even propagated by the federal government.
The federal government was design to interact with foreign powers acting as a central focal point instead of each state having to deal with these foreign nations on their own. Originally, each states had their own currency. This led to problems so the states asked the federal government to make a common currency. In addition, each state has their own armies. These are the reserves, as they are known by today. They answer to the governor of that states, but there is also a federal army. It again was designed to deal with foreign powers.
Those that go to the Senate and Congress were not meant to be career politician. When the nation was younger, people had to take care of their own affairs in the states they came from. The government did not pay them; they lived off their own money. Therefore, they stayed in Washington for one maybe two terms and then had to return to their homes to keep their income going.
Since this has now changed due to industrialization and due to the fact they, someone, decided to allow the federal government to pay them they have turned into career politicians. Term limits need to be imposed upon those that go to DC since they are no longer thinking correctly. This can be and should be done on the state level, but requires those that live in these states to take action and speak up to their state representatives.
Anyway, I hope this gives some insight to those that read this on how the USA was designed to work and in some aspects still is. While in other ways it is not working as originally designed which is causing problems