The Realization

I have been upon this world for fifty-four years. I remember the assassination of JFK. I remember sitting in the school auditorium to watch the launch of Apollo 9 as it headed off to the moon (by the way, yes man actually walked on the moon). I remember telling my first wife the day before the event actually happened that the Challenger would explode upon take off, and her waking me from a nap due to a migraine telling me that is exactly what happened. There is much I have encountered, there is much I have seen and heard, but that pales in what is to come when this corrupted body finally gives out.
A few days ago, while I was writing another post I finally came to the full acceptance that this life we live is only temporary. Now I know I have been writing as such, but for some reason it was not those posts that gave me the full and complete realization.
What did it for me was when I knew without question I could sacrifice myself for someone else. Now I have asked this of myself more than once in the five plus decades, but this was the first time I actually had the answer. When I got this answer, I knew that I was ready to fully accept moving on from this existence into the next one. The only thing that I would wish for is that it took me straight into my new, perfect and immortal body. Will this happen? I do not know, but I do know without question that I feel I can overcome my fears that are a part of my corrupted body and stand and face whatever would cause me to sacrifice myself for another fellow human being.


  1. That is called escapism. You can sacrifice yourself for someone willingly, but wishing you go into a perfect, important body? You don’t see anything wrong with that? It is when you can willingly sacrifice your self under the possibility that there is nothing, or that you may be going to the worse nightmare imaginable, but you still do it. That is real sacrifice.

    Most parents can do this easily, so since you have been around for 5 decades and are just now coming to this conclusion, I must assume you are not a parent. But, I am happy that you have come to this conclusion finally. To add, it is arrogant to assume that God may even want you in a perfect, immortal body. We are also not suppose to wish but we are to hope and humble ourselves. To “wish” for what you want is not being humble. You are halfway there but not there yet. It appears you have selfishness and self-vanity to conquer still.

    1. Please read “Life — the free trial at eternity” “Live life like there is a tomorrow (because there is)” “immortal continued” in my blog. They all explain that even you are promised an Eternal body that will live on for millions of years. It is promised to us in the Bible by God.
      It is apparent that you 1) have not read my blog & 2) the Bible. I also have not bothered reading past your first question since you feel you are greater then who the Bible is written about. I honestly pity you at this very moment. If you do decide to look into what is promised us by God and accept God into your life through Christ then I now invite you to my millionth birthday

      1. I accept your prayers of pity, because we are lowly, vile beings that should be pittied. It is only through pity and love that God can bring us home. Humility, true sacrifice, and removal of vanity, you must read and pray upon these to remove them, and I will pray for you that you will see your way through. Not understanding, blinds you from the truth. God owes us nothing becauese we are dirt, but we owe him everything. Until you become humble you can never shed your faults and weakness, and until you can shed those faults and weakness, you cannot begin to repay your debt to him. To assume you have already achieved enough for this gift is folly and without humility. One who is filled with his light is surprised when he is accepted inside God’s home, only foolish assume they are adequate…for who are they to deem themselves worthy? If you say that you have met the requirements, then left me be the first to congratulate you on such an accomplishment, but then one who is truly humble would never claim such a thing and unfortunately, humility is a requirement. I see that you are honestly trying to find the way, I will continue to pray that you will find it, but it may require that you face some dark truths about yourself before reaching it.

      2. I have never said it anyway shape or form that I have met any “requirements” I strive everyday to meet His goals He has set for us. You know you really need to read EVERY single one of my blog posts to come to that understanding. I do not make these blogs for me. I do them for God and for those that read them to help them grow in their faith and even find that faith if they are searching. The immortal body we are promised by God Himself is something that has not been mentioned enough and has led many down paths they most likely would not have followed if it was taught. As for this posting it was a personal realization that through humility I was willing to sacrifice life to allow someone else time to come to realize that God is real and the only way to achieve that eternal body. That type of realization is something that is not reached easily. Can you honestly say that you would be willing die to for a stranger? I know I couldn’t, but now I can. You really do worry me because you are confrontational in your posting which is not the way someone secure in their faith acts. So again I do truly pity you because you are a lost lamb that has lost his way

      3. Quoted “The only thing that I would wish for is that it took me straight into my new, perfect and immortal body. Will this happen? I do not know” End Quote.

        It appears you edited your post and added, “I don’t know.”

        This was not how you worded it in the beginning.

        I am sorry that you have taken my post as “hostile,” but I can assure you that they are not. I am simply trying help someone who seems to be asking for it. As we all do from time to time.

        Quoted “If you do decide to look into what is promised us by God and accept God into your life through Christ then I now invite you to my millionth birthday.” End Quote

        You speak with certainty here, just as you did in your pre-edited post. Certainty, is not humility, my dear friend. You make a great deal of assumptions as well. In my humble opinion, it appears that you have a weakness for those who may disagree with you. I hear anger and pain in your writing. Well, I can assure you there is nothing to be angry at. I love you as a brother under our God. There are no ill feelings here. Humility, is important because only when we are humble we can truly learn. We can shed ourselves of pride that we can let go of what we think we know and begin to learn what is. It is the way of facing our demons, becoming strong from it, and find peace. The first step is admitting that we know nothing, the second is deep self reflection and prayer.

        I hope that you will find the answers you are trying to seek. I forgive you, not because it is my belief to do so, but because I know you are in pain…I was there myself once, long ago. I will continue to pray for you and read your blog from time to time.

        God be with you.

      4. The first quote has not been edited it is as was originally posted.
        I know that my name is in the Book of Life. So yes I am certain and yes you are invited to my millionth birthday party. I am a dreamer of dreams as told to me by Jesus Himself in a dream for Biblical foundation see Acts 2:17, thus the name “dreamwalker”
        I have no anger in my words. None.
        I had someone else read your posting and they say exactly what I have stated. It is you that needs to do some kneeling at this time.

  2. Oh Dreamwalker… sadly, here is where the religious zealots (aka nutjobs) come out to play. I loved what you said and took it to mean no more than what it actually meant. I, too, would lay down my life for another… for my own children for certain. This body is a “temporary home”, and I have been promised a beautiful and everlasting life in the presence of my maker. Having this body as a temporary home does not give me permission to mistreat it. I honor the gifts given by my God, as I’m sure you do too. My body and this life are gifts.
    In my opinion, anyone who writes in judgment of you has not fully accepted what Jesus taught us. Cast not the first stone… Quit pointing fingers, Hallpass, and stop pretending to be pious in saying, “I will pray for you, my friend.” That’s a load of crap… sorry.

    1. Thanks Patti for seeing my words for what they were. I now there are time when I get close to being a nutjob myself. So I hold no cruge against HallPass.
      Once again thanks for your understanding of my post

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